10 Best reel songs for art and design

Best reel songs for art and design short videos background music. Àrt and design is one of the greatest professionals across the globe. Though it’s not something that you’ll wake up and be a perfect artist. Besides talent, art and design needs creativity, practice, and focus. You may find a hard time focusing in this lucrative job. Apparently, you can kickstart your productivity by using music as you share your tutorials or videos. Tiktok, or Instagram reels are some of the best ways to share your work to the public.

Taking the best background songs in your art and design videos will make you succeed. Normally, people love art and design, therefore using great music in the background will catch the hearts of many. We have made your work easier by selecting the best reel a songs for art and design.

10 Best reel songs for art and design
10 Best reel songs for art and design

10 Best reel songs for art and design

1- Mirror on the wall by Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars

This is a superb reel song that’ll bring the best output when incorporated in those art and design videos. It will catch the hearts of your viewers the way those beautiful artwork captures their attention. This song was released by a great American rapper, Lil Wayne with songwriter Bruno Mars.

Though it was released back in 2011 but it is still outstanding even in social media platforms. The beats of this song is excellent, topped up with those brilliant lyrics. When came across this song for the first time, I repeatedly listened to it. The song is addictive for sure, and i can’t imagine it singing at the background of an appealing design. Even the video of the song itself, you’ll witness Lil Wayne painting in the wall to come up with a design.

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2- Vincent by Don McLean

This song itself has a nature of painting and art. It talks about a renowned painter called Vincent Van Gogh. It talks about his relationship with family, friends, and the struggles he had with mental health. McLean made a painting of a talented artist who was however misunderstood in his life. Unfortunately, Van Gogh only sold a single painting in his lifetime. However, his work is one of the most valuable currently. You can also inspire people on your reels with those unique vision, the way Vincent did.

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3- Andy Warhol by Bowie

This is a wonderful song reel song to incorporate in your art and design work. This art song talks about Warhol’s work of enigmatic nature. The lyrics of the talks about his art work and also has one of Warhol’s famous work. Singer Bowie is proud of Warhol’s work and sees him as an important person in the world of art. You can also be important just like Warhol, therefore needs this song in your videos background.

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4- Picasso baby by Jay Z

Jay Z is one of the top musician in the world. He’s songs are outstanding, including picasso baby. The song really deserves to be in our list since it’s one of the best reel songs for art and design. In Picasso baby, Jay Z pays tribute to some great artists like Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Michel Basquiat. This song talks about the importance of art in human life. This song tells us the beauty of arts and can be great in your art and design reels.

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5- The Writings on the wall by Ok GO

Ok go are very creative when it comes to giving their fans nice videos. One of their lovely videos is the one on “Writings on the wall” song. The video directed by the bands Aaron Duffy, Bob Partington, alongside Kulash takes the cake. The video was shot by Lumix DMC-GH4 camera fixed in a fixed fig frame. Thank to their mind trickery and optical illusion. You can also play the song alongside those creative designs in your reels.

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6- Reflektor by Arcade fire

This song by Arcade fire is also a great option to use in your art and design reels. One of the best part from the song is it’s outstanding video that will see and also not see some aspects. The video of the song has more other aspects, therefore a clear evidence that they have pushed the limit. It’s a great option when in need of the best background song for your art and design reels.

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7- Easy way out by Gotye

This song focuses on our daily lives in it’s video. The video mostly follows gotye life from the time he wakes up. It follows him when making breakfast, thereafter we get to his typewriter job via the video. They were very creative enough, the choreography, colour is very captivating. You can also use this masterpiece as the background music in your art work and share.

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8- Picasso’s Last word by Wings and Paul McCartney

This is another wonderful art and design song for making reels. This song was released in the year 1973 but art and design never gets old. Therefore, you can still use this song even in our current world. In 1964, McCarthy came across picasso and he loved his work. McCarthy sings through imagination on Picasso’s last words. He sings in Picasso’s perspective “paint your own picture/any old way you want.” The creative song is one of the best for McCartney and Wings. You can also make the best art and design reels from ‘Picasso’s Last word.”

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9- Virginia plane by Roxy Music

Roxy music is a great band that was formed back in 1970. The band have done incredible well when it comes to entertaining the public with catchy Songs. Bryan Ferry, one of the group singers as well as a songwriter is the leader of the band. Virginia plane was released back in 1972, thereafter it became one of Roxy music most successful song. Moreover, this song also contributed to the band’s success, leading it to one of the most successful band in 1970s.

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10- Art for arts sake by 10cc

This is also a great art and design reel song. The song was released in the year 1975. Thereafter, it has become a great success in several countries including UK. The masterpiece picked position 7 in United kingdom, hence clear evidence it’s a creative song. The song has catchy chorus, and uplifting lyrics to use in your videos background. This song is also a great choice for making art and design reels.

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