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Top 10 Best songs on friendship for TikTok/Reels/YT Shorts

Top 10 Best songs on friendship for TikTok/insta Reels/YouTube shorts/Facebook reels. Healthy friendships are very vital. Indeed, we were never meant to live a solitude life, friends spice everything up in the current society, they make a small heaven on Earth. You can have numerous friends or a small circle of friends depending with your nature.

Extroverted people tend to have many friends while on the other end, introverted people tend to have a countable number of friends. All in all, what really matters is the quality of friends one has as compared to the quantity. At the end of the day, all you need to know is, can the people you call friends show up for you when you are at your worst?

Top 10 Best songs on friendship for TikTok/Reels/YT Shorts
Top 10 Best songs on friendship for TikTok/Reels/YT Shorts

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Top 10 Best songs on friendship for TikTok/Insta Reels/YT Shorts

Tiktok/Insta Reels/YT shorts, is among the most ranked app by many, tiktok facilitates a variety of services, through tiktok one can be able to record themselves whether, having fun, dancing, singing, eating, giving advice among others for a specified period of time. Moreover, there are challenges that are usually given from time to time which everyone is encouraged to participate in so that they can have a good time.

Prizes are usually placed and the winners take them home. Now that we have a good background check on friendships and tiktoks, how about we intertwine them! Tiktok/reels/shorts makes friendships better, since it allows you, to add a background song in your videos or pictures so that the view can be more appealing. Here is a list of the best tiktok songs for friendships:

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1 – “Long live” by Tailor swift – Best song for friendship short video.

There’s no doubt, that Taylor swift is a talented musician! The song tittled “ long live” is a perfect one to make use of, when you are with your friends. It brings in, positive vibes that everyone will enjoy more so, it passes a message where it says that long live, in that your friends should live long. Ain’t that impressive? So this popular background song for friendship videos you can post on TikTok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, Moj etc.

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Lizzo, is an amazing musician, in this song, she encourages people to be good as hell, however this, often is for girls, she tells them that, they need to do their hair, check their nails and be good as hell! This is the go to song for the girls squad. It will be perfect if maybe one of the girls has just encountered a heartbreak. This is the real remedy!

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3. “The Great Escape” by boys like girls – Best friendship background song in english.

In this song, both boys and girls are just empowered with the in vibe to go out and have a good time together, I mean we are all too young to be stressing. It’s very essential to just go out and enjoy the best that life can offer. The Great Escape, is good for friendship vibes. So its one of English friendship songs for Instagram reels.

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4- “can’t hold us” by Ryan Lewis and Ray Dalton – Famous song for friendship short video background.

In this magical song, the trio urge people, to always be at the top of their game, be it education wise, social or any form of life, they need to show up being at the top, and the easiest way to reach there is definitely through the help of friends. Thus, meaningful friendships are very essential, we all should embrace it!

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5- “burn this city” by cartel – English friendship songs for short videos background.

All that the cartel, pass in their song “ burn this city” is that , irregardless of third parties opinions, friends should, ensure they have a good time , celebrate each other and live life. After all, we only live once, do people’s opinion about us doesn’t matter at all.

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Top 10 Best songs on friendship for TikTok/Reels/YT Shorts
Top 10 Best songs on friendship for TikTok/Reels/YT Shorts

6- “making the most of the night” by Carly Rae and Jepsen – Reels background music for best friends.

The introduction of this song, has already sold itself out, bad days are normal, thus irregardless of what the day has served you,you should be happy. Sometimes our friends, go through a lot and the least we can do is to make them feel better and happy. That’s what we are supposed to do to our favorite people anyway, so, in this song Carly says we should make the most out of the night by forgetting our hectic days and basically just living life to it’s fullest. Which is very incredible! So it is best friendship reel song for enjoyment short videos.

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7- “You need to calm down” by Taylor swift – Friendship BG song for Instagram reels, Tiktok, YT shorts etc

Taylor Swift, is really doing the most out here! We are getting her again in this article for the second time. Which is pretty awesome. Let’s give credit where it’s due. Taylor, passes a message to the haters who are coming against her and her friends, she tells them that they need to come down because they are really coming out loud.” You need to just stop.” She says. This can be a really good song during a friends hangout time, to notify the haters to back off!

8- “brown skin girl” by Beyonce – Short videos background song on friendship.

I can’t even emphasize this enough. Mehn, this is my best song! Irregardless of the years brown skin girl by Beyonce never fades, it encourages people to appreciate themselves, they are beautiful the way they are. Nobody should ever belittle you, your skin is just like pearls, so pretty and amazing. This incredible song, can be used during the girls hangout day, to notify each member of the squad that they are amazing and they should appreciate themselves. They are worth it!

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9- “Mi Gente” by J Balvin and Willy William – Background song for Friends videos.

This is basically a feel good song! This song will get you in the mood, here’s where the ladies will have to put their heels aside, because the energy that comes with this song is super crazy! It gets everyone in the dancing mood and being jovial. When you are out with friends, try out Mi Gente you’ll definitely like it, trust me on this. This song is super lit!! This is Friendship reels song for dance short videos/reels.

10- “Graduation (Friends forever) by Vitamin C. – best friends songs for TikTok, Insta Reels.

The goal is to not only to be, best of friends but to be ,smart upstairs, this song is often used in cases that the squad is graduating, during those moments the squad needs to celebrate wins of being mentally attractive. During the graduation ceremony, it’s evident that you all don’t clearly know, where life will take you. But this song clears all doubt , by stating that the friendship will last irregardless of the placement in various places! Such an awesome song! So it is trending friendship reels song for Graduation friends short videos.

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Best Friendship reels songs – Bonus Content.

Here are some popular songs that can be used for friendship reels:

  1. “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers
  2. “That’s What Friends Are For” this song is by Dionne Warwick and Friends
  3. “I’ll Be There for You” This song is by The Rembrandts
  4. “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars
  5. “You’ve Got a Friend” by James Taylor
  6. “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler
  7. “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King
  8. “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth
  9. “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts
  10. “We’re All in This Together” by High School Musical cast

These are just a few suggestions, and there are many other great songs that can be used for friendship reels depending on your taste in music and the tone of your reel.

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