December 3, 2023

Best reels songs for trekking videos.

Many travel lovers like hiking so here are the suggestions for Best reels songs for trekking videos. Trekking, is a concept that should be embraced in the current society, it’s not only fun but also it is a form of exercise, you can be able to loose a lot of pounds just by walking. In most occasions when trekking it’s good to listen to the nature, because nature has music for those who listen, the chirping of birds, to the flowing of a river, among others. We will suggest Best travel reels for Instagram and Tiktok short videos.

Best reels songs for trekking videos.
Best reels songs for trekking videos.

However,, in some occasions one may want to connect with other songs, in such circumstances we’ve decided to compile a list of a remarkable playlist that you will always use when going for trekking activities with no difficulties. Below is a list of the best songs that can be used for your TikTok and Instagram reels during the making of your trekking videos: Best travel reels songs Instagram.

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Top 5 Best reels songs for trekking videos.


This is one of those songs, that should be added in the book of those songs that will never get old. “These boots were meant for walking,” was released ten years ago, it has upto twenty million views on YouTube, this clearly shows it’s position in terms of it being liked. Its greate reels songs for trekking.

Therefore, during your trekking moments, you can use this song in your TikTok and Instagram reels, as it will give you the ideal mood that you are looking for. Just as the name states ‘ These boots were meant for walking,’ thus when you add it in your reels it can show that the shoes that you are putting on for the trek were meant for exactly that. Hope you like this English travel or trek songs for Instagram reels. Use this song on Instagram to create short video.

Popular trekking reels songs for Instagram, YT shorts and Tiktok


Despite, this song being released seven years ago, it still has the best tunes, and is embraced by many. It has upto sixty three million views on YouTube, so you can clearly tell it’s popularity when using it. Most often when trekking you might feel tired, this is normal, so to ensure that you conquer such moments, music will come in handy. You will love this reels songs for trekking videos.

You can listen to this masterpiece that will encourage you that, there’s no music that is high enough, so challenges will always be there and you have to conquer them. The lyrics are, “ Cause baby, there ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough…” Thus, if you incorporate this masterpiece into your TikTok and Instagram reels for trekking videos it will deliver. This another trending travel reels songs. Use Aint no mountain high enough on Instareels.

Instagram and Tiktok reels songs for trekking


This, is the perfect song, for your trekking most especially on a sunny day, the tittle of the song, already gives you the vibe for trekking. This is the go to song which you should embrace as with this, you can walk for miles, without realizing it. Its trending reels songs for trekking short videos on YT shorts, Tiktok and Instagram

It not only ensures that you are having fun, but also it will ensure that you have covered the miles that you had targeted for without straining, and that’s exactly what we are looking for, aren’t we? The old adage, old is gold hit the head on this one, it was released almost thirteen years ago, yet it’s still fresh, it has upto sixty nine million views on YouTube.

When you want to add a song in your TikTok and Instagram reels, most especially if it’s trekking on a sunny day then consider it. Walking on the sunshine by Katrina and the waves, the guitar chords on the background won’t disappoint! As they create a musical tune to be admired by all and sundry. With this song in your reel, trust me you will never go wrong. Use walking on Sunshine on Instagram reels.

evergreen old travel reels songs

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Walk this way, was released thirteen years ago, it has up to seven million views on YouTube, it is one of those hits that you wouldn’t want it, to miss in your playlist, as it creates the atmosphere for trekking. The beauty of this masterpiece is it’s guitar instrumentals, the guitarists understood the assignment, they produced one of the best background moods, that will give you the energy to trek without checking for a companion.

Even if you are solo this track will make you feel as if you are in group, thus providing maximum psyche for trekking. Therefore, you should consider picking, walk this way by D.M.C for your TikTok and Instagram reels in your trekking videos as the beats of this art will constantly get you in the mood. So its is one of the trending reels songs for trekking videos. Use walk this way to maek trekking reels

trekking reels songs


I’m gonna be, still remains a legendary song to date, the proclaimers did an outstanding job, it was released almost thirteen years ago, it has upto ninety five million views on YouTube. It’s message is in another level, a love song in it’s own league, it’s lyrics state that, “ But I would walk five hundred miles, and I would walk five hundred more, just to be the man who walked five hundred miles, to fall down your door..” So this is great choice for reels songs for trekking shorts.

Ain’t that impressive? This is clearly someone, who is in love with you, and one who is willing to do anything just to be with you. Despite the fact that it’s a love song it can still be used for trekking, most especially if you are doing it with your other half. Where you both get to trek and to enjoy your love, as nothing can separate the two of you. This song will energize both of you during the activity, trust me you will establish a remarkable memory. Its one of the best reels songs for trekking short videos on Instagram reels, YT shorts and Tiktok.

Therefore, you can use the song,’ I’m gonna be,’ by the proclaimers for your TikTok and Instagram reels, as it will display the love notion most especially if you are creating a reel video with your lover. Consequently, individuals who are watching your reel can be motivated to start trekking through your reel. Use this song for trek Instareels.

Reels songs for trekking videos

To wrap it all up, exercises don’t have to be boring, you can always spice it up using songs, to do that, we’ve sampled the above songs. Hopefully, you will enjoy as you create your reels without any inconveniences, all the best !

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