November 28, 2023

Rajgad Fort Pune – Information & Awesome Trekking experience

Rajgad mobile photography - shot by oneplus smartphone
Rajgad mobile photography – shot by oneplus smartphone

Rajgad Trekking experience and photography.

On the independence day of 2017 we visited Rajgad for trekking to enjoy the auspicious day on Royal Rajgad Fort. So here i am sharing detailed overview of Rajgad fort.

Rajgad Fort : Places to visit near Pune in Mansoon.
Hope most of us planning what to do list after lockdown, so here one option as mansoon is on the way.

Historical Importance of Rajgad Fort?

As name suggests Rajgad is King of Forts, Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj spent Most of time of his life cycle almost he spent 25 Years on Rajgad, It is called Balekilla. It is further divided into 4 parts includes 3 Machees starts with Padmavati Machee (Temple), There shelter can be found. Don’t forget to visit Rajsadar at Padmavati machi. Antique construction of sanjivani Machi, Nedhe and falling experience (ghasargundi) of duba at Suvela Machee and at the end most important part and highest peak of Rajgad Fort i.e. Balekilla.

All Pictures in this Post shot using Nikon D3300 DSLR camera by Ketan P. below is picture of mine with beautiful nature of Rajgad.

Portrait Photography on Rajgad Fort.

Rajgad fort portrait photography
Rajgad fort portrait photographs

How to reach Rajgad fort (Geographical Location).

Rajgad is located in Southwest of Pune, It lies 1,376 m (4,514 ft) above the sea level. Please click on below map to get route to Rajgad from your current location and to see distance of Rajgad fort from your location.

Rajgad from Pune station – It is around 40KM from pune railway station, The best travel method to reach Rajgad fort is by own car or bike , If u can’t manage own vehicle Go to Swargate Bus stop (4KM from pune station) and find Bus for Gunjawane village once you reach the village you can start your trek from there as it is 2KM from Fort.

How much time required for Rajgad trekking?(Top-Balekilla).

The total trek time depend on from where you start, If you start from Pali it will take around 2 and half hours, and if you start from Ganjawane it will take more i.e. around 3 and half hours, So try to come early within time.

Rajgad Fort Trekk Way difficulty photos(credit-Pratik Shaha)

Important Things to consider while trekking Rajgad.

We have made some mistakes while starting trekk so as per our experience Take below care to avoid difficulties in trekking.

  • As it is very long fort for trekking and also sharp for climbing mainly at Balekilla trek & Steep while returning, So wear Shoes with better grip to avoid sliding/Skidding specially in mansoon. Attached image will explain difficulty level of trekking.
  • Take Plenty of water with you as it is medium difficult and long trekking you will get tired, Taking some energy drinks with you will be added advantage.
  • Try to avoid children’s of age below 10 years with you for safety. If you took them always be with them and take care.
  • In Mansoon trek way becomes very slippery due to mud so be careful at every step.
Rajgad trekking difficulties and tips
Rajgad trekking difficulties and tips

Rajgad Photo Gallery and Our Experience.

Rajgad Fort Birds, flowers and nature Photography.

These photos are shot by me using Nikon D3300 DSLR camera.

Rajgad Fort: Beautiful trees and greenery Photography.

When you visit Rajgad in mansoon means rain season you will experience great and beautiful nature you may seen never before, Its more than 2 years visiting Rajgad but still i can feel beauty of nature at Rajgad its just inexpressible in words.below are some images of greenery in Rajgad shot by Nikon DSLR camera.

Rajgad Fort Instagram Photos from my account do follow, for photography updates.

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Best Places to visit in pune in Mansoon/Rainy season

Best Places to visit in Pune: Rajgad Fort

Here are some last photos from Nature of Rajgad.

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