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Top 20 free guest posting sites for Backlinks & organic traffic.

In this digital era, guest posting is somewhat common to many. Guest posting allows site owners to obtain quality back links, improve SEO results, increase subscribers, and expose their expertise. So lets see Top 20 free guest posting sites for Backlinks & organic traffic with high DA & PA ranking.

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Top 20 free guest posting sites for Backlinks & organic traffic.
Top 20 free guest posting sites for Backlinks & organic traffic.

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Hopefully, you will also benefit from guest posting. There are several sites that allows guest contributors. So, if you are looking for top sites that will benefit you in getting quality back links. Take a look at the following top free guest posting sites.

1- Mashable

This site is popular to the blogger community more than 45 million page viewers per month. It deals with social media, technology, digital media, as well as web culture news. You can select your niche from the 92 categories, including social media, entertainment, business, and technology. Go to mashableSubmit Guest Post.

image 15 Top 20 free guest posting sites for Backlinks & organic traffic.
Mashable – Guest Post submission

2- Copy blogger

This online platform deals with content marketing education. It aims to keep everything on their site well written, relevant, and practically. Provided that you’ll meet their standards, you will be able to contribute on their site. Go to copy bloggerHow to submit guest post to copy blogger?

3- Out brain

 This is a free, highly rated guest posting platform. It is popular in promoting content across the globe, hence discover millions of people. The platform also hosts sponsored content resulting to driving of traffic. The alexa ranking of the platform is at 128. Go to outbrainSubmit guest post to outbrain.

Outbrain-Guest post on high DA/PA website
Outbrain-Guest post on high DA/PA website

4- The Huffington post

This is undoubtedly one of the best sites for guest posting. It is reputable in content related to personal stories, entertainment, style, wellness, trending stories, and technology. It best suits those who write in multiple topics. Go to Huffington postSubmit guest post to Huffpost Now

Submit your Pitch guest post to HuffPost
Submit your Pitch guest post to HuffPost

5 – Medium

This site will best suits individuals who are good in science and technology. If you believe in yourself, you can try this amazing platform. Medium covers topics from cryptocurrency to neuroscience. It has a massive number of readers, approximately 130 million. Therefore, you will be able to drive more traffic to your site. Go to mediumWrite article for Medium & get backlinks. & even you can earn money by being full time guest writer on Medium. So it is one of best free guest posting sites.

Earn money by guest posting on medium
Earn money by guest posting on medium

6- Software world

This is the best platform for software rating and review that allows guest contributors. You can write on software, technology, reviews, small businesses, and start-ups. You can try your luck if you are knowledgeable on the mentioned topics. Go to software worldSubmit guest post to software sites

7 – HubSpot

HubSpot is a platform that is mostly used by online businesses in converting their visitors into customers. It has an incredible number of visitors adding up to 32 million visitors every month. The platform allows bloggers to guest post for free. It deals with content related to marketing, sales, websites, and services. Go to HubSpotWrite guest on Hubspot

image 19 Top 20 free guest posting sites for Backlinks & organic traffic.
Free guest posting sites

8 – Get response

Get response enables marketing to small businesses. You can blog about content marketing, social media, SEO, email, general marketing tips and more. It has 81 categories, hence you can select your best topic. Go to get responseGuest Post on GetResponse so i have listed it in top 10 free guest posting sites.

9 – Content marketing institute

This site enables it’s audience to learn content marketing strategies. The site has an incredible number of subscribers, more than 140,000. Also, it has scooped more than 260,000 follows on social media across different platforms. Therefore, you can scoop a desirable number of visitors if your post will be accepted. Go to content marketing institute – Contribute to & get backlinks.

10 – Entrepreneur

This is another fantastic place where you can contribute about marketing. Also, you can write about social media, business, finance, and leadership. This site will best suit those who are passionate in business. In case you are comfortable in such, try your luck in this platform. Go to entrepreneurWrite guest post on

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Top 10 websites accepting guest post. (Best free guest posting sites)

11 – MOZ

This site was launched in 2004. It’s aim is to build tools that monitors, measures, and also evaluates a website level of SEO. Moreover, they are dedicated on how-to- guides, and knowledge about social media as well as marketing on their blog. The main themes in this great site are marketing, SEO, and search engines. Go to MOZ . It is highly ranked

Best free guest posting sites
Best free guest posting sites

12 – The penny hoarder

This platform works to bring personal finance management and money tips to it’s users. In short, the main goal of this site is to put extra cash in the users pockets. The main topics in this site are money, finance, and blogging. You can contribute in this platform in case it interests you. Go to the penny hoarder you can send guest post to along with your referring links.

13 – Lifehack

The main aim of lifehack is to improve your daily life. It focuses on bringing a positive influence and getting things done around you. The main themes in the platform are productivity and lifestyle. If you find it interesting, don’t be shy to submit your post. Go to lifehackSubmit free guest post to Lifehack

14 –

The site deals with practical advice, tools and services geared towards small businesses. You will come across insightful interviews from a list of experts and useful business articles on the platform. Moreover, they have a popular print magazine in United States. The site allows pitches as they offer simple guidelines to those who are willing to contribute. Go to inc.comSubmit guest post to free

15 – Social media today

Social media has taken over the hearts of many individuals today. If you need any updated social media news, visit social media today. In case you have passion on social media marketing. This is the right place you can guest blog. Apart from social media and marketing, this platform has more other categories adding up to 80. Go to social media todayFree guest post now on

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Top 5 sites to submit guest post for free backlinks.

16 – Creative bloq

Creative bloq allows experts in design to develop and share their ideas. You can send your pitch on their email then you’ll wait for approval. Creative bloq serves more than 3 million readers per month with a DA of 87. Go to creative bloqContribute to & get Backlinks.

17 – Design Milk

This is a platform that is dedicated in modern design. However, it’s not bound in interior decorating. It also deals with fashion, travel, architecture and technology. Your visit on this site will prove you that they are a great site, as they feature fantastic layout. If you are comfortable with this niche, you should definitely try to contribute. Go to design MilkFree guest post now(Design bloggers) on

18 – PandaDoc

This is another great platform that accepts contributors. The site is dedicated to allow individuals sell their stuffs. The audience in this platform range from individuals working in sales, human resource, finance, and marketing. If you’re niche is on sales and marketing, document management, and automation. Definitely, you can try guest posting in this site. Go to PandaDocWrite guest post for Panda Doc & get traffic & Backlinks free

19 – Social media examiner

This platform will enable you to know about social media marketing. You can write about social media marketing and maybe become a frequent contributor. The site has categories adding up to 80 Go to social media examinerguest Posting site for Social media sites

20 -WebAndDesigners

The platform exist as a crowd sourcing forum for designers, web developers, and individuals whose work are in line with such. The main focus here is resource sharing and problem solving. Go to Web and designersSubmit contributed article to web design bloggers & get dofollow backlink.

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