September 28, 2023

Cricket vs Football – which is the best sport?

A common debate among all sports lovers in India and all over the world is on this topic, Cricket vs Football: Which one is the best sport? Another hotly debated topic is the popularity of Cricket vs Football. Cricket and FootballFootball are extremely popular and well-followed worldwide, with large franchises and massive fan bases.

This article will analyze numerous aspects of both to understand what makes them so exciting and which Indian Cricket or Football is the best.

Cricket vs Football which one is best sport?
Cricket vs Football which one is best sport?
Football vs Cricket which one is best sport?
Football vs cricket which one is best sport?

A Little History Behind Cricket & Football sports.

The British introduced Football alongside Cricket in India, and it is without a doubt perhaps the best thing they have accomplished for our country. Cricket was first played in India in 1721 when introduced in the early 1700s. On the other hand, Football was brought to India by British soldiers in the mid-nineteenth century. Even though these sports are not indigenous to the country, they have piqued the interest of every sports fan.

Despite being India’s national sport, Hockey does not enjoy the same level of popularity as Cricket or Football.
Arguments about Football Vs Cricket in India is more conspicuous than Hockey. Let’s look at the various parts of both sports and conclude which one is the best sport.

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Cricket vs Football – which is the best sport?

Time Duration
The timing of Cricket and Football is very different. The time duration of Cricket and Football varies from each other. They are as follows:

Test Match
A test match is played in 5 days.
Except on the last day, each team bowls a minimum of 90 overs.

As the name suggests, an ODI (One Day International) is played over one day. It has a duration of approximately 8 hours. A 50-over contest is played.


The shortest of the three cricket variants, this is the most popular.
It lasts for about 3 hours. It includes two innings, and each group bowls a limit of 20 overs.

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When it comes to Football, there is just one set of rules.
It’s a 90-minute game with two 45-minute halves. If a knockout match ends in a tie, both sides play for an additional 30 minutes, cut into two halves of 15 minutes each. Short versions of Cricket are longer than any football game, which means they provide more fun for longer.

Football has a much less complex rule system when compared with Cricket. Then again, Cricket has many terms and rules. THE GUIDELINES CAN GET SOMEWHAT SCARY from LBW to No ball, wide ball, etc. This can get a little twisted for a watcher from the outset. Some should seriously mull over the mind complex rules to be fascinating, while some may very well think it is confusing.

Fan Support Cricket Vs Football
Suppose You take a look at the fan following of Football Vs Cricket in India then it is massive for Cricket. The fans go crazy for this game, and their support for their groups should be visible through the shouting and painted faces across the stadium.

Football has also been building a fan base of its own in recent years with the introduction of the Indian Super League. However, Indian Football was not effectively upheld as it currently appears with the Super League.

Indian Football is still acing and has not yet reached its actual capacity. Cricket is undeniably out there. So in terms of fan support and fame of Cricket Vs Football in India, Cricket is in the number one spot but not that Football is that distant. On a global scale, Football has a more excellent fan base.

An exciting element to bring to the discussion of Football vs. Cricket in India is that although both sports are incredibly demanding to be healthy, Cricket does not request its players to be in fine shape. Many cricketers have a big waist.

On the other hand, Footballers are expected to be running all through the game and maintain tip-top shape. They are very fit and have immense stamina. Cricket doesn’t request determined running from its players as FootballFootball does.

Football Vs. Cricket tournaments in India are another factor to consider, while it is more intriguing to choose which of the two. There are a few active and happening competitions in the country for Cricket and Football. ISL, I-League, and The Santosh Trophy are the most famous football competitions in the country. The Indian Football crew partakes in different International competitions like the AFC Cup, AFC Champions League, and esteemed Nehru Cup.

Cricket has the IPL, Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, etc. On a worldwide scale, there is the World Cup, Asia Cup, ICC T20 World Cup, and Champions prize that the Indian national team actively takes an interest in.

Football Vs. Cricket Legends In India

India has delivered some of the best athletes in the world in Cricket. Various legends like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Rahul Dravid, and Sourav Ganguly have graced the game for a long time. He has gained popularity in the cricket fraternity around the world. Cricket fans and everyone familiar with the game is in awe of these legends.

Similarly, the legends of Indian Football have won the hearts of millions across the country. Our previous Indian Commander Bhaichung Bhutia has impressed his fans on and off the pitch. Current captain Sunil Chhetri has also started to work steadily in FootballFootball and is the second most notable international goalscorer after the world-famous Cristiano Ronaldo.

ISL vs. IPL.

Football vs. Cricket in India eventually comes down to exciting premier leagues like the Indian Super League and Indian Premier League.
The Board of Control for Cricket In India[BCCI] founded the IPL in 2008.

Since its beginning, it has been the talk of the town and has drawn in players from anywhere globally to be a part of the team contesting in this incomparable association league. The IPL follows the Twenty20 arrangement, and it is full of power, excessively excited fans, and an exhilarating climate.

Founded in 2013, ISL follows a comparative idea to IPL. The super association has also attracted players spread across borders to come and participate. It has gigantically affected the football situation in India and has set out various open doors for aspiring players of the sport.

Both the money-driven competitions are considerable successes in their fields. They highlight local ability at the highest level, and watching those players showcase their abilities is a pleasant moment for each Indian.

So after so much discussion on this topic, we have concluded that Cricket is the best sport.

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  1. There are many football tournaments arranged at the regional levels that help to search for the budding talents of football. Sometimes the tournaments are arranged in the school level so that the possible footballer can be trained from the young age. These local tournaments often play a crucial role in a person career. Most of the leading Indian footballers today have come through from the local leagues. Indian Regional Football Tournaments include Durand Cup, IFA Shield, Subroto Cup, Santosh Trophy, Indian Super Cup and Federation Cup.

  2. Indian Football Players have gradually surfaced as iconic figures in the Indian sporting scene. Nowadays, the game of football is counted among the most popular sports in India. The country has produced many talented and legendary Football Players over the past several years. The Indian Football Players have shown brilliant performances on the home ground and in various international tournaments as well. They have also earned recognition from the people of many countries for their dexterity.

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