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10+ Best Songs for baby reels for Instagram & TikTok.

Best Songs for baby reels – The love of the parent to their child is related to a seed. The love of the parents is seen before the birth of the child as they anticipate to see their baby. As the child grows, the love also grows, indeed blood is thicker than water. Many parents work hard to provide for their children and wouldn’t love to see them surfer.

Music being a key to the soul, a parent can dedicate their love to the child. Thanks to apps like TikTok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, initially it was regarded for teenagers but nowadays it’s used by many, including parents. Parents can now create music videos on tiktok/Instagram to display the love they have to their child. Their are thousands of songs to use, but we’ve sampled the best reel songs for childhood love. Here are the best songs to use.

10+ Best Songs for baby reels for Instagram & TikTok.
10+ Best Songs for baby reels for Instagram & TikTok.

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10+ Best Songs for baby reels for Instagram & TikTok.

1- Tim McGraw- “my little girl”

This song has also been featured in some part of movie “ Flicka.” The song is about the love of the father to his little girl. Like many parents, the father desires for the best from his daughter. He also wishes that the girl will one day grow up and take the world with full confident. The father admits that he’ll always perceive her as his little daughter. So it is one of the best reels song for childhood or Baby reels.

Best songs for baby reels hollywood

Use this song on Instagram – Not Available
Alternative song on Instagram – My little girl by JackJohnson.

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2- Stevie wonder – “isn’t she lovely”

This awesome song about desirable beauty of a baby girl will take your attention and then hold on it. This classic song was written by the living legend Stevie wonder to celebrate his new born girl, Aisha. This song also displays the original recordings of the daughter and his father playing together. Stevie also captures their emotions and feelings of love to their heaven sent girl. The tune can feat well in your short videos on child love. So its one of the Best Songs for baby reels for Instagram & TikTok.

best song for new born baby reels english

Use this song for Instagram Reels

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3- Elton John- “ blessed ”

This song is about a baby that is not yet born. Though on that period Elton John didn’t desire to get children. Bernie Taupin the lyricist, put those words down depicting his desires for a child before getting too old. Taupin had great hopes that the child will be “blessed.” It is great song for new born baby reels.

reels song for new born baby videos

Use this song for baby reels.

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4- Clark Richard- “Red Robin”

This song talks about how trust is built between the father and his daughter, all the way from tender age through college. The smooth voice tells it all, no matter how they’ll be far apart their bond will remain strong. Best reels song for Father & Daughter love videos.

father daughter love reels song

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5- “Beautiful boy (darling boy)” – John Lennon

This song was written to honour Sean, John Lennon’s second son. The hit was released back in 1980 but there are covers from Celine Dion and Harper.

beautiful boy reels song

Use beautiful boy song for Instagram Reels.

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6- “I hope you dance” by Lee Ann Womack

This song was written in early 2000 by Mark Sanders and Tia Sillers, recorded by Ann Womack. The singer performed with her two daughters in the video of this song. She shared to the public how this made her think of the different times in her daughters lives. Best song for Mother & Daughter love reels.

Mother daughter love reels song

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7- “Blue”- Beyoncé (ft blue ivy)

This is another great song for child love to use in your reel. The singer express how her child is a blessing. Looking at her child, that’s a source of joy and happiness. In the music, you’ll hear sounds of Beyonce’s daughter babbling in the end (Blue ivy Carter). The lyrics are “ Each day i feel so blessed to looking at you ‘ cause when you open your eyes, i feel alive.” Those lyrics will undoubtedly show the love you have to your child. The lyrics are also catchy for creating tiktok and Instagram reels to express parents love to child. So its best reels song for Parents & Child love videos. Also Read – 7 Best reels/ Tiktok songs for travel videos

Parental love videos reels song

Use blue by Envy love reel song for child videos

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8- “ Gracie ” – Ben folds

Ben folds is a top songwriter, he once wrote a song called “fighting it” to his son Louie. Thanks for his love and adoration to his children. To be fair enough, Ben folds went on and wrote this song to daughter Gracie. The song talks about the father’s love to his daughter. Ben folds also talked about his feelings to his daughter. Moreover, he informs us the feeling of responsibility and respect towards his growing daughter. A good song to express parental love in tiktok, or Instagram reels about fathers love towards his daughter.

Best english songs for baby reels for Instagram, TikTok.

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9- “Ready, set, don’t go” -Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus

This is another great song a father dedicating to his daughter via music videos. This song was written by Billy Ray when daughter Miley Cyrus was relocating to LA to begin her acting career. The song had a great success in,  peaked at #85 on the billboard hot 100 chart. When Miley was aged 14 years, the song was released once again as she enjoyed her 1st musical success. The second version was at #37 on billboard Hot 100. So this is nice father daughter reels song for Instagram and Tiktok short videos platform.

Daughter reels song

Use ready set don’t go for your daughters reels

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10- “ Lullaby (good night my angel).” By Billy Joel

This lovely lullaby was written by Joel to his daughter, Alexa Ray. This great musician expresses the relationship of a parent to a child. This memorable song sends a message of unconditional love and endless wishes from the parents heart to their child. Unlike other Billy Joel songs, this one not only captures mystical beauty but also finite reality of life. It can be a great option when looking for a lullaby reel song to include in your short videos. One of the Best Songs for baby reels.

best song for baby reels in English

Use Lullaby song for baby reels on Instagram.

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11- “A new day has come” – Celine Dion

This is another great song for childhood love that you can use on your tiktok videos. This song was recorded by Celine Dion to her son Rene-Charles Dion Angelil. Celine shares her wonderful moment of having a new baby. The singer shares her great moment of giving birth to a child to fulfil her dreams of becoming a parent. It’s a great song to use on your reels as you celebrate the birth of your child. You will easily notice the joy Celine has in the lyrics of the song. reels song for Mother & New born baby videos.

English songs for baby videos

Use a new day has come song for new born baby reels.

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12- “In my daughter’s eyes” by Martina McBride

In this song, Martina McBride discovers via her “daughter’s eyes” what life has. Normally, we expect that the parents gives lessons to the child. However, in this song, the parent also learn from the child. They learn about peace, perseverance, strength, and equality. Those are some of the gifts between the child and parent. This song can be fantastic in your short videos when celebrating your love for your child. Child & Parent love reel songs for Instagram & Tiktok short videos.

Best BGM for baby videos in English.

Use this reel song for Daughter short videos

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