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Arambol Beach Goa – Foreigners’ favorite beach

Beautiful and tranquil, Arambol Beach in North Goa is one of the best beaches, and it
is located 55 km from Panaji. Popular with outsiders. With a distance of 2.5 km, the sea is divided into two parts – Arambol and Harmal, and Harmal is the most famous due to its surrounding cliffs.

Arambol Beach Goa - Sea evening view
Arambol Beach Goa – Sea evening view

Compared to the other beaches of Goa, Arambol is less sold. The resistance of the local people has ensured that there is no big hotel on the beach. Arambol Beach Goa is famous for its freshwater lake or lake located at the end of the nearby sea, i.e., Kalacha Beach. It is visitable only on foot, and its shallow waters are remarkably calm to swim in.

Hello again , I have travelled to Goa on my bike Royal Enfield Himalayan I have explored many places in Goa but found Arambol is best beach in Goa . In upcoming Blog posts and Vlogs I will cover different locations in Goa.

Pune to Goa travel on RE Himalayan bike
Pune to Goa travel on RE Himalayan bike

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The cheapest yet busiest route, the only way to get to Arambol Beach from Goa airport is to take a few buses. To reach Arambol Bus Stop, one has to first take a bus from Panjim Airport, Mapusa, and Arambol Bus Stop. One can also take local transit or walk to the beach, which is only a short distance from the bus stop to the town of Arambol. On the other hand, one can take a taxi or taxi to their place, which is at times free; however, for the most part, it costs more than 1500

Arambol Beach goa Vlog in Hindi.

Arambol Beach Goa | Foreigners favourite beach | Goa travel vlog day 1 | Night life in Goa | #Goa

Beach in Goa where most foreigners/Russians come.

Arambol is called foreigners favorite beach because you can see 70% Russians and 30% of Indians there.
The reason is its offbeat place and less crowded and peaceful location. Also its best budget friendly place to live. You can see many hotels run by russians as well as foreigners market there. Also You can enjoy cheap liquors and Hookah Pots on the beach.

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Arambol Beach Goa – Foreigners’ favorite beach in Goa.

A newly developed beach in Goa, Arambol Beach is part of a fishing village and attracts many tourists throughout the year. Arambol Beach is regarded as Goa’s most beautiful beach, and it is bordered on both sides by Mandrem Beach and Keri Beach.
.Arambol Beach is one of Goa’s sandy beaches when given a new and peaceful place and reflects the Goans’ nationality.

Foreigners favorite beach in Goa
Foreigners favorite beach in Goa


One of the major attractions near Arambol Beach in Goa is a freshwater lake. However, the local culture near Arambol beach is also beautiful to foreigners. There are no such recommended hotels near this beach, but those who want to find themselves in and around may prefer to enter apartments or in Goa Arambol Beach Huts.
The bohemian atmosphere of the sea attracts tourists from all over the world.

Arambol Beach goa - Beach party shacks
Arambol Beach goa – Beach party shacks

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Its abundance of coastal slums, open-air events, live music entertainment venues, and healthy nightlife make it possible for people to visit people in all fields and interests. The beach is also a popular location for barbecues and sunset celebrations. The Tribal Dance Festival and the Indian Juggling Convention, both held at Arambol Beach, are two of Goa’s major cultural events.

Russian girl fire dance on arambol beach in Goa
Russian girl fire dance on arambol beach in north Goa

One can enjoy many watersports on goa Arambol Beach and simply dive into the water. Motorcycles and motorcycles can be rented for personal use for a fee. Arambol’s streets are crowded with eateries and street sellers offering wholesale merchandise.
The sea also has drum gatherings, where coastal artists often gather to play music.

Many of the places and tourist attractions are easily accessible from Arambol Beach.
.Just a short walk from here is the beautiful freshwater lake of Palm.

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Its Foreigners favorite beach in Goa because it offers many enthralling and adventurous activities to a visitors:-

  1. Parasailing at Arambol Beach.
    With its long cliffs, Arambol Beach offers excellent Parasailing opportunities. Paragliding starts on the ridge between Arambol and Harlam Beaches, and the feeling lasts for about an hour. The best duration to enjoy paragliding here would be between September and July.
  2. Jet Ski:
    Jet skiing is one of the most mind-blowing water sports opportunities offered in Goa. Jet-skiing takes about 10 minutes and is supervised by a guide accompanying the skier.
  3. Filtering:
    Filtering at Arambol Beach can be done with Surf Wala. Surf Wala is a surfing shop and training center in the southern part of the ocean. Provides beginner surfing lessons and surfing resources for those already trained in the sport.
  4. Bumper Ride:
    Bumper Ride is not for people with weak hearts. Goa beaches are famous for their rides, and Arambol Beach is unique. The ride involves lowering a rubber tube, which will be tied to a speed boat and towed around the ocean.
  5. Banana Boat Ride:
    A banana boat ride is one of Goa’s most accessible water sports and can be tried with family or with a group of exciting friends. The boat is powerless, the air-conditioned entertainment has to be towed, and it can accommodate ten passengers. Banana Boat rides to Arambol Beach are cheap.
  6. Coco Loco Club:
    Cocoloco Club is a rare nightclub near the Arambol Sea. In addition to a variety of drinks and food, the Club hosts various events, including music concerts. The Club is known for its Latin and Reggae Music selection and offers its guests free classes in Salsa and Bachata.
  7. Red Rock Bar Club:
    Red Rock Bar Club, at the same time, is a bar-cafe in the middle of the bar. Offering a beach view, this dish can accommodate many people and provides plenty of food.
  8. Sporting Heroes Club:
    The sports bar near Morjim, Sporting Heroes Club, is a great place to see music lovers and party animals. The Club offers a variety of drinks and specialty food items, a karaoke system, and a pool.
  9. Laughing Buddha:
    Just 50 meters from the shores of Arambol, the Laughing Buddha restaurant is part of the Laughing Buddha Beach Resort. The restaurant is again open to the public domain and feeds on Indian delicacies. Tandoori dishes, made in the restaurant Tandoor oven, are a must-try.
  10. Coconuts Inn:
    21 Coconuts Inn is a recreational activity with the same name. The restaurant is exceptionally budget-friendly and is well known for its snack and breakfast options. Although it offers dinner and lunch, the 21 Coconuts Inn is best known for its variety of cakes among Goan tourists and locals alike.

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This one is considered one of the most attractive beaches in Goa; Arambol beach has a unique Bohemian feel to it. Because of all of its features, it is considered Foreigners’ favorite beach.

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