September 28, 2023

Top tech skills in Demand 2021

Top 10 tech Skills in Demand in IT/Tech Industry.

Here we are with the list of top tech skills in demand to get a better, Faster Job and high salary. The world is growing rapidly when it comes to technological growth. In 2020, the pandemic greatly affected the tech industry; hence, several companies encountered economic challenges. Today, many companies are demanding some tech skills that you should know as an aspiring tech expert.

This article will guide you through the tech skills that are highly on-demand in 2021. I hereby present to you the top 10 tech skills which have very good demand in the industry.

Top Tech skills in demand in IT/Tech Industry in 2021

1 – Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are tech roles that have begun revolutionizing. This sector now requires individuals across the globe. This is evident in some job sites, for example LinkedIn reported AI specialized to be top ranked job in 2020. AI and machine learning mainly demanded the following skills in particular, for instance TensorFlow, java, python, R, and natural language processing. Therefore, if you are an IT professional equipped with the mentioned skills, you can be sure to secure a chance in 2021.

top skills on demand for IT & Tech Industry 01 AI & Machine learning
top tech skills in demand for IT & Tech Industry AI & Machine learning

2- Mobile development

Developers can be sure of something incredible since the use of smartphones, tablets, and apps increases each year. Studies show that mobile app development accounts up to 28% of tech related skills. Moreover, according to indeed job site, full stack Developer was ranked the 2nd and the best in terms of growth.

 top skills on demand for IT & Tech Industry 02 Mobile development skills
top skills on demand for IT & Tech Industry Mobile development skills

3- SEO/SEM marketing

The search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) skills are useful for those who need to specialize in web development. This tools also cover a wide variety like web marketing, content strategy planning, keyword strategy, link building and web analytics. This tech skills are highly on demand in 2021 since they benefit businesses online.

Best tech skills in demand  for better Jobs opportunities 03 SEO & SEM
Best tech skills in demand for better Jobs opportunities SEO & SEM

4- Data visualization

Data visualization is a very important tech skill. Visualization is required to identify trends and patterns unlike going through thousands of rows on spreadsheets. The visualization displays a positive trend on the market and it’s a highly demanded skill in 2021.

High demand tech skills in 2021 for IT & Computer industries.
High demand tech skills in 2021 for IT & Computer industries Data Visualization

5- Data engineering

Surprisingly, data engineering is one of the fast growing jobs in the tech industry. In 2019, a job site called Dice reported a 50% growth in this job. Data engineering being a popular job, there is high demand of this job in 2021.

Most in demand skills 2021 05-Data Engineering
Most in demand skills 2021 Data Engineering

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Top 5 Most in demand skills for Future

6 – UI/UX Design

The demand for UI/UX skills have increased worldwide, especially in places like United States, Europe, Australia and Canada. In LinkedIn job site, it was reported that UI design is among the top five skills on demand. Moreover, UI/UX design is cited as the most demanded product design job. Industry leaders forecast that UX and digital skills will increasingly be on demand as time goes. With those skills, you can secure a job and get paid a good income as the demand for the skills is rising rapidly.

Top tech skills in demand 6-UI/UX design
Top tech skills in demand UI/UX design

7 – Cyber-security

Cyber-security is incredibly a very useful skill especially to businesses that operates online. The current world has progressed in tech and cybercrime has elevated. Companies are working tirelessly to set strong security measures to avoid being fined millions when they fail. According to research statistics, it is predicted that up to 3.5 million job vacancies of cyber-security will be demanded in UK by end of 2021. In case you are looking forward to take on tech role, then consider cyber-security.

Top tech skills in demand for better jobs in future
Top tech skills in demand for better jobs in future – Cyber security

8 – Cloud computing

Cloud computing is relatively new though its demand set to increase in tech industry. Many companies are now relying on cloud computing, for example amazon web services, Google cloud, and azure. Businesses also need cloud solutions because of its benefits like security and cost-effectiveness, hence the demand for this role is likely to rise in 2021. From 2016-2019, cloud engineer recorded vacancy growth of up to 100%; therefore, it can be used to predict its future demand.

Top tech skills in demand 2021 8-Cloud computing
Top tech skills in demand 2021 Cloud computing

9 – Blockchain

However, the popularity of crypto-currencies seem to have declined where blockchain is normally works. Though it is also used in peer-to-peer payments, identity management, crowdfunding, banking and file storage. As blockchain engineers are on high demand with good salaries to be offered. Hopefully, this tech role will remain on top in 2021 and the coming years.

IMG 20210321 084100 163 Top tech skills in Demand 2021
Top tech skills in demand 2021 – Blockchain

10 – IOT skills

IOT is still growing and therefore more opportunities are expected. Since the number of connected device is rising, organizations are required to gather and analyze data. Unfortunately, there are less individuals with the required skills, hence the demand for IOT jobs is expected to rise. According to research, it is believed that the potential of IOT will show throughout in 2021.

Top tech skills in demand 2021 Internet of things
Top tech skills in demand 2021 Internet of things

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Last word
In 2021, there is limited time hence no time to waste. The good thing is that, if you master any of the mentioned tech skills. You can probably land in some exciting, challenging as well as high paying job this year and beyond.

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