December 3, 2023

how to Train your Cat? 5 Easy ways to train cats.

cat training is very important if you want your cat to live in harmony with its owner, cat should be trained from the age of 3 weeks. cat cannot be trained after this period of time. cat have short memory span and for cat training it need to learn new things daily. cat also needs more exercise than dog so that it can utilize energy which burden it by keeping cats at home alone or confining them without enough activity leads to cat illness, because cat are not indoor-outdoor animal like dogs but they need constant companionship, cat health will deteriorate when they do not get proper attention and care from their owners on regular bases.

how to train your cat?
how to train your cat?

cat plays an important role as a hunter in managing pest populations; cat hunting superior to any other cat species. because cat are not domestic animals they should be trained by cat owners and cat owners will only get cat’s attention when it is hunting or eating. cat training will only occur when cat owners take cat outside in cat toys, cat should be trained to play cat games. cat also needs cat stimulus. cats are less responsive breeds and they need precise planning for each aspect of cat ownership. cat needs to be stimulated with cat toys; the role of a cat toy is that it can engage your cat in playing activity so that it does not get bored and create destruction or dirt on home, this also helps in relieving stress from the cats which are living indoors alone without enough activity everyday.

seating area for eat  One of the first things you need to do as a new cat owner is train your kitty how to use your toilet as its primary bathroom. Cats naturally want privacy when they go to the bathroom, and this is where cat litter boxes come in. You can make cat toilet training a positive experience for your kitty with cat tricks like cat treat rewards and cat praise . If you have an older cat that isn’t showing any interest in using the cat toilet, try getting them used to it again with cat games  and cat toys . Once your cat has grown accustomed to using a box instead of going all over your house, it’s time to start training them how to avoid contamination.

how to Train your Cat? 5 Easy ways to train cats.

#1-This step is most important because by not cleaning paws properly cat can bring bacteria into home which will cause infections in human. First step when teaching cats about hygiene: Catch Your Cat In The Act

Like we mentioned earlier, cat aren’t the most responsive pets you can have. They will only listen to cat owners when cat are in cat games or cat plays . So if you want cat to learn something new, you must give cat a reason to do it. That’s why it is important for cat owners to catch cat in the act of doing wrong so they can correct them on time.

#2-Placing litter box near cat food area is easier way because cats will find the area where their food and water are placed and they will use this particular toilet more often than others; place special cat toys  near cat litter boxes also help in bonding between your kitty and its toilet area which make litter training easy.

(placing litter box near cat food area)  

#3– cat litter train kitty to use cat wide bathroom , make sure that cat are using them properly, cat owners should place little cat sand and cat treats  in cat litter box and wait for cat to eat it then you can start praising your cats; also before placing cat sand in cat toilet place some sand outside of cat toilet so that when your cats will come out they will see the sand and become habituated to using a proper bath room.

#4– Quickly grab the fur from under your kitty’s paws and rub it on the sand. After a little resistance, your cats will quickly learn to paw at their box before getting close to you or anything else in the house. Not only is this a form of training, but it also gets rid of potential dirt and bacteria brought into the home by your cats .

#5– Always praise your cat whenever they do something right with either food treats or petting. This will let them know that what they are doing is good behavior that you want them to repeat. Cats have short attention spans, so if you keep praising them for long enough, they’ll come


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