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Rottweiler Vs German shepherd; Which one is a better dog

Rottweiler Vs German Shepherd; Which one is a better dog, details here. We have ordinary dogs in the world and on the other hand, we have dogs like Rottweiler and German shepherd. The two dogs are not just ordinary dogs that you can find in any household. The two dogs require proper training, socialization, and hard work. If you won’t be able to dedicate yourself on this dog breeds, maybe you can look for something else. Provided you’ll give your best to those dog breeds, you won’t regret keeping either of them.

The rottweiler and German shepherd have different characteristics, including their appearance. Here we are going to compare some the two breeds of dogs. We will compare the two dogs in some interesting topics to help you in decision making. When selecting the best dog for your home, you can go those characteristics that you really need. We will compare them in characteristics such as life span, intelligence, friendliness, size, and more. Without further ado, Below is a comparison of Rottweiler Vs German shepherd.

Rottweiler Vs German shepherd
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Rottweiler Vs German shepherd; Size differences

This topic deserves to open this article of Rottweiler Vs German shepherd comparison. We can look at the sizes of the two dogs where many will consider when selecting the best. In terms of size, a Rottweiler is a massive dog with an adult male dog can easily weigh about 135 pounds. That doesn’t mean it’s a fat one we’ve selected, the breed is generally huge with broad chest, broad chest, and plenty of power.

On the other hand, the German shepherd appear longer and leaner. A mature male German shepherd can weigh about 90 pounds. This dog breed normally appear bigger than their actual weight due to their massive coat. You can see for yourself the rottweiler is bigger than the German shepherd.

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Rottweiler Vs German shepherd; Life span and Health issues

In terms of lifespan, a Rottweiler have a slightly shorter lifespan compared to the German shepherd. A Rottweiler have a lifespan of about 10 to 12 years. One the other hand, a German shepherd have a lifespan of about 9 to 13 years.

Both dogs are generally healthy but may still be affected on late ages. On a Rottweiler, obesity is the main problem which may lead to heart issues, hip dysplasia, and spinal problems. The German shepherd may be affected by arthritis, or degenerative disc disease due to it’s raised front and slope at the back.
However, the health problems won’t be common with those two breeds. You can still take the two dogs for check ups to nip some of the issues that may arise.

Rottweiler Vs German shepherd

Rottweiler Vs German shepherd; Intelligence

Both the rottweiler and the German shepherd are some of the most intelligent dogs in the planet. According to the research of neuropsychologist Stanley Coren who it the author of “The intelligence of dogs.” The German shepherd holds the third position, while the rottweiler is considered as the 9th intelligent dog.

That means that both dogs can learn quickly on what you intend to teach. Many might be interested in having intelligent dogs but you should know that this options will require one to be dedicated in training them. They may also be messy at some point due to high intelligent. For instance, you might wake up to find an empty jar of peanut butter when you might have thought that you kept everything in order.

Image of a German shepherd

Rottweiler Vs German shepherd; Friendliness

This is a great topic that should be put in consideration in rottweiler Vs German shepherd comparison. Both the rottweiler and German shepherd are naturally good dogs.

The dogs are meant to be guide dogs which is not bad, however you should train them. With proper socialization and training, those dogs can be loving and friendly to everyone. When we consider a dog to be friendly does not mean they are safe. You have seen above how this two dog breeds are very massive, therefore they may harm elderly person or a child easily. It is important to teach the dogs proper manners.

Rottweiler Vs German shepherd. Image of a Rottweiler dog

Rottweiler Vs German shepherd; Grooming requirements

This is also an important point in rottweiler Vs German shepherd comparison. The rottweiler have short coat hence they just require low maintenance. On the others hand, the German shepherd have dense, and long coats.

The dog is covered with a lot of fur, and many may not want to be covered by dog fur. You can brush the dog at least once in every week.
Both dogs can still be fine if you give them a couple bath every year. You can also keep their ears clean to avoid since both dogs are prone to ear infections.

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Rottweiler Vs German shepherd; Training styles

With high level of intelligent, these dogs can be trained well if you’ll use the best technique. You can use positive reinforcement to get the best response. They both won’t respond well to negative discipline technique such as yelling, physical aggression, and more.

With the German shepherd being big, goofy breed, you can motivate them more with play. They can learn a lot of commands through play, or you can still reward them with play after completing the training successfully. It’s a crucial topic when dealing with rottweiler Vs German shepherd comparison.

Image showing a group of German shepherd and rottweiler dogs.

Rottweiler Vs German shepherd; Compatibility with other animals

The main thing is how you train and socialize both the German shepherd and rottweiler. In the past, both breeds have once been used as fighting animals. Moreover, the two may have a strong prey drive, therefore not recommended to introduce a cat alongside them in your house. Once you socialize them with cats at a very young age, they’ll absolutely learn to tolerate them. Apparently, the rottweiler is more tolerant to cats compared to other dogs.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the questions many people ask on the topic rottweiler Vs German shepherd. We’ve got some answers to help you in decision making.

Rottweiler Vs German shepherd

Which one is better for family and kids.

Once again, the issue of proper training and socialization comes here. Both breeds can be good to kids and they may also be a disaster. Training is not limited to dogs, you can also train your kids behaviour when they interact with canines.

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Which one makes a better therapy dog?

Both of them can be good therapy dogs, since they are both discipline as well as intelligent.

Which dog is more expensive to own?

The rottweiler are a bit costly compared to the German shepherd. This cost comes from primary factors like health, such that they are prone to health problems hence you might be required to visit the vet regularly. Rottweiler will also require more dog food, a German shepherd might forget to eat in case they are distracted by playtime.

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