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Best Robotic MIG welding Machine in India – Aluminium, steel etc.

Best Robotic MIG welding Machine in India- All Metals Aluminium, Steel etc.

Hi Welding Experts,

If you are looking for a MIG/MAG welding power source/ machine suitable for Robotic MIG welding with Best weld quality, faster travel speed, less spatters and higher ROI (return on investment) then below is the right choice listed which will fulfill all your current & future requirements with a single machine. So here I am suggesting you intelligent Mig/mag welding system for robotic welding.

Best MIG/MAG welding machine/power source, India, Pune
Best MIG/MAG welding machine/power source, India, Pune

Fronius TPSi MIG/MAG welding machine for Robotic Welding.

Yes, we are talking about Fronius TPS/i – The intelligent Revolution. Fronius TPS/I MIG/MAG power source is suitable for All welding applications. You can use the same welding machine for manual, SPM, and Robotic welding systems.

Comes with a faster communication system ensures high efficiency & Excellent welding results with unalloyed steel, high alloyed steel, SS(Stainless steel), and Aluminium welding.

The synergic function, Synchropulse, Penetration stabilizers etc functions make the power source less dependable on skilled manpower so unskilled man can also weld with super quality using TPSi MIG/MAG welding power source. 

Best Robotic MIG welding Machine - All Metals Aluminium, Steel, brazing
Best Robotic MIG welding Machine in India – All Metals Aluminium, Steel, brazing

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Robotic MIG/MAG Welding Machine/Power Source that can weld all Metals.

Yes, TPS/i is capable of welding all metals with the same power source. Many welding experts asked e about power source that can weld steel and aluminium both I have suggested TPSi only as it is All in one welding machine that welds all kind of weldable metals in the world. That is why we call it best robotic welding machine in India.

Robotic Welding Machine with Industry 4.0 Suitability.

Here again, TPSi is the winner it is industry 4.0 compatible power source, supports data documentation, Backup & Restore of weld settings, Locking of machine and access password so only dedicated person can make changes to parameters so saves time and improves productivity.

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Best Robotic MIG welding Machine in India

Advantages of TPS/i MIG/MAG Welding Power source.

  • Excellent & advanced MIG welding processes like CMT, PMC, LSC, etc.
  • 100% duty cycle up to 500A.
  • Cost & Time saving for through different features and robot assistance systems.
  • Short cycle time due to higher welding speed.
  • power range from 320 – 600 Amps.
  • Stores welding data.
  • Save up to 1000 welding programs.
  • Penetration stabilizer ensures even penetration at all welding points.
  • Advanced MIG/MAG welding technologies like CMT(cold metal transfer{Spatterless welding}) for thin sheet welding. Then LSC – low spatter control and PMC – Pulse multi-control is very much helpful in achieving your production and quality goals.
  • Synchropulse – Ensures ripple kind of appearance for welding without weaving, also controls heat in welding.
  • Industry 4.0 compatibility.
  • Intuitive touch screen display with user-friendliness.

TPSi Assistance system’s for better productivity & fast Teaching.

The use of our WireSense, TeachMode, TouchSensing, and SeamTracking robotic assistance systems results in higher weld seam quality, reducing rework by up to 100%. This minimizes interventions in the automated production process and results in significant efficiency gains.
Teachmode is a very helpful option while teaching it reduces bending of filler wire which we need to cut every time, also helps to maintain uniform stick out at every teach point.
Everything is possible with TPS/i. contact us to get solution.

Best Robotic welding solution Provider in India. (Pune, Maharashtra, South India, Delhi-North India etc).

Yes, Fronius provides support from the start of welding projects like trials, fixing configuration to up to proving your Job like achieving cycle time, meeting test requirements, Quality requirements, and production goal we will help you with free & fast service.
So if you want to plan a MIG/MAG Robotic welding demo free then contact us at or call at +917030925166

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Watch robotic welding videos on YouTube.

MIG like TIG robotic welding using CMT cycle step.
Robotic aluminium welding video

Highlighted features of Fronius Best robotic Mig welding machine.

  • Spatterless – Zero spatters MIG welding with our MIG CMT welding process.
  • Can achieve consistent penetration even with variation in stickout with our MIG PMC & MIG LSC process.
  • Ease of robotic path teaching with fronius teach mode which will help to maintain same stickout at every point & also avoids filler wire bending improves robotic teaching accuracy.
  • Different weld characteristics and synergic lines to achieve best welding quality for any metal, any thickness and any joint configuration.
  • Single power source can do MIG/MAG welding, MIG brazing, cladding, hard facing.
  • Easy integration with any welding robot like KUKA, ABB, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Fanuc, OTC etc.
  • Thin sheets with very less thickness can also be welded. Dedicated Synergic lines for Gap bridging.
  • Integrated industry 4.0 support for simple data documentation.

Fronius Robotic MIG Welding Videos.

TPSI robotic MIG/MAG welding machine INDIA
Fronius Teach mode – Best robotic mig welding machine

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Best MIG welding machine in India.


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