September 27, 2023

Poor Packaging Design: 10 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be Worried

Poor Packaging Design: A can of beer with limited information about the content of the beer and other important information required.
Courtesy: Matthew Fenton

Poor packaging design can have far-reaching consequences for a brand, impacting its financial performance, reputation, and customer loyalty. In the current competitive market, where every brand aims to leave a lasting impact on consumers, the importance of packaging design must be emphasized more.

This blog explores the detrimental effects of inadequate packaging choices and highlights ten key ways poor packaging design can harm your brand. From lost sales opportunities to negative brand perception, we delve into the critical aspects that underscore the importance of investing in an effective and visually appealing packaging. 

Effects of Poor Packaging on Your Brand

Poor Brand Image

Besides the financial costs associated with product or packaging damage, such as lost sales, refunds, discounts, or compensation, poor packaging design can harm a brand’s reputation. This is especially true for luxury items, where customers expect high-quality packaging (and products) because they pay a premium price. 

If the packaging could be better thought out, it could encourage customers to buy again or recommend the brand to others. If the packaging appears plain or unappealing, it can undermine customer confidence, particularly if it is a product they are unfamiliar with. 

On the other hand, attractive product packaging can be highly appealing. It effectively communicates the product’s value to potential buyers and increases the likelihood of successful sales.

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Market Segment Mismatch

Mismatched marketing segments can negatively impact the overall performance of your product. To achieve success, it is essential to synchronize your packaging with the expectations of your target market. For instance, if you are targeting a younger demographic, incorporating vibrant colors into your packaging can be more effective in attracting their attention. 

On the other hand, if you offer high-end luxury products, classic colors like black or navy can better represent your brand. However, ensuring these color choices remain consistent with your brand’s established color scheme is crucial.

Tons of Returned Products

Failing to meet customer expectations by producing poor packaging design for your products leads to dissatisfaction and disappointment and raises the expectation of receiving a replacement or a refund. Returning products can indirectly impact your business profits as it entails additional expenses for transportation and handling. 

To compensate customers, the company must issue refunds. Moreover, addressing angry callers or responding to negative social media feedback consumes more time for employees in the company.

Reduced Shelf-Life

One crucial aspect of packaging is safeguarding a product from damage or deterioration. This becomes particularly significant when selling beverage products. By employing top-notch packaging, you guarantee that the product maintains its pristine condition over an extended duration, making it well-suited for its intended purpose. 

Any compromise in the quality of the packaging could lead to a higher rate of product returns or unsold items. When products are returned without being used, it incurs additional costs for the company, including wasted retail space, packaging, and transportation expenses.

Production and Shipping Costs

Poor Packaging Design
(Poor Packaging Design) Courtesy: OptimoRoute

The decisions you make concerning your product packaging can substantially influence production expenses and shipping costs. Therefore, it is important to design your packaging while considering shipping. The packaging itself can affect your overall profitability, especially regarding returns. 

A well-packaged order will reach your customers in excellent condition, ensuring their satisfaction. Conversely, if the packaging is done poorly, the goods are more likely to be damaged during delivery, resulting in dissatisfied customers. Inadequate packaging may also occupy unnecessary space or require additional shock protection, increasing shipping expenses. 

Trying available choices and making informed decisions, which strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and upholding product quality, is important. Overspending on packaging can erode your profit margins and potentially raise prices unnecessarily.

Poor Customer Leads

Due to limited time and an overwhelming array of choices, people often need more opportunities to examine every product detail thoroughly. As a result, their purchasing decisions can be affected. This is where packaging design plays a crucial role in captivating potential customers. 

People judge a product based on its packaging. Consequently, even if your products are exceptional, inadequate packaging can deter customers due to their perceived low quality. This aspect significantly influences an individual’s perception and buying decision, particularly when purchasing the product from a physical retail store.

Damaged Packages and Products

Bad Packaging Design: Damaged good in a shipping box.
Courtesy: Crown Packaging Corp.

The most noticeable consequence of inadequate packaging is product damage. Suppose the primary or secondary packaging lacks the durability to endure the challenges along the supply chain, the products will be damaged. This can be costly for manufacturers, as they may need to provide compensation, refunds, or offer discounts to sell the damaged product. 

Moreover, damaged packaging itself can have a negative impact. According to a recent survey by Smithers, 58% of consumers indicated that packaging damage would discourage them from purchasing a product. This highlights how poor packaging choices can increase the risk of sales loss.

Items Exposed To Water or Humid Conditions

Are you considering using a simple paper bag to wrap your items? It’s crucial to understand that paper bags have a higher risk of tearing or sustaining damage, especially during shipping, especially if they come into contact with moisture. 

If you pack your products in a worn-out or weak box with holes, you will likely face similar problems. Insufficient packaging can destroy your package, especially when exposed to water, rain, or humid environments. 

To guarantee the safety of your items, it is advisable to utilize sturdy materials. For certain delicate items, you can further safeguard them by placing them in a sealed plastic bag before placing them inside boxes or poly mailers.

Poor Customer First Impression

If your packaging lacks excitement or appears generic, it won’t capture attention and will struggle to stand out. Regardless of the products you offer, it is crucial to attract potential buyers. A lackluster design can make your product seem inferior compared to others. 

Look for a cost-effective design that will save you on cost and also blend with your brand. This way, your packaging will grab attention when displayed on store shelves. By having an inspiring design, you can transform how prospective customers perceive your product.

Drop on Sales

Understanding your customers’ expectations regarding packaging design quality and branding is crucial. Customers often make judgments based on the appearance and presentation of the packaging, associating it with the overall experience they expect from your brand. 

As a result, allocating resources toward thoughtfully crafted packaging that resonates with your customer’s preferences and fulfills their expectations can positively influence their purchasing decisions. 

By considering the importance of packaging and its impact on customer perception, you can enhance the chances of attracting and retaining loyal customers in a highly competitive industry.


To summarize, Poor packaging design can have severe consequences for a brand. The financial implications, such as lost sales, refunds, discounts, and compensations, are just the beginning. 

The impact on brand reputation should be considered, especially for luxury products with high expectations for quality. Customers who encounter flimsy or poorly designed packaging may be quick to make repeat purchases or recommend the brand to others, hindering business growth. 

By recognizing the significance of packaging and prioritizing its quality, companies can mitigate risks and enhance their brand’s position in the competitive market, avoiding the pitfalls associated with subpar packaging design.


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