Starving to be thin – Advantages & Disadvantages on health

An insight into how our nation is tolling its own health to look thin
The curtains on your right are faded to their edges to expose you to the rays of shiny sunlight to wake you up out of your cozy bed. As soon as you grasp the reality lingering around, you watch out for someone closer to the heavenly body with perfect muscles and a sculpted belly with neatly crafted arms and legs to put him in front of a national magazine cover. You just wonder how to hide your fat belly from exposing your inner best through those gaps made through your shirt buttons due to your fat belly.

Starving to be thin - Advantages & Disadvantages on health
Starving to be thin – Advantages & Disadvantages on health

Starving to be thin – Advantages & Disadvantages on health

Eating disorders-

In a quest of decoding the secret path of dissolving the physical fat, the elite urban men and women forget the essence of how their eating habits are tied to the way their body functions regularly. Analysts and doctors all over the nation have penned down how men and women, especially teenage girls starve themselves every day by not gulping enough food with an illusional conscience of losing weight.
Forget about the statistics of people who really lost weight by their constant irregular eating ideas; today’s insights show that there are so many people around the nation who are trapped with disruptions in their mental health due to the troubles they engage with their fragile physical bodies.

A paradox to be looked upon

In a country of cultures and celebrations, escaping from having a lavish dessert or a hefty meal is something quite common, and stuffing enough food into your chubby cheeks is also highly predictable. With the rise of emphasis being laid by local cultures, families, and society, people start doubting their own eating habits, enclosing themselves amidst the gates of guilt, and trying to vomit everything they eat and try to become like those plastic models prevalent in social media.
This can lead to anorexia and bulimia within a country that always judges people around based on the colors and sizes of their fragile bodies.

The backstory of the life-threatening problem

The concept of perfectionism is a misleading trait amidst the anorexic females; it’s basically involved how these women tend to have huge expectations of themselves, disrupting their mental structure based on criticism laid down by any family member or a close relative. Such complaints or advice forces them to change their eating habits instantly out of closed gates of guilt surrounded by them. According to a hospital in mumbai60, people who are persistent with an eating disorder are chained to an underlying psychological problem and a sort of depressed mentality.
The glamorous yet pale plastic models showcased by the media and upfront magazines and television advertisements add as an underlying factor in worsening the mental stature of anorexic patients or so-called people who are dying to be thin.
Young girls are chained through the rusty social stigmas laced through the never-ending criticism and foolishness exhibited by society. A 2018 Social Oksurvey of 3500 youngsters across 20 national cities popped up a surprising story of how about 45 percent of urban teenagers diet more than three times in seven days. Children even of the tender age of 12 or 13 engage themselves in the usage of fat burners, diet pills, and intentionally induced vomiting to skim out necessary contents and to generate unnecessary setbacks. If a young girl feels a lack of confidence or lower self-esteem, losing few pounds of weight, according to them, is like an outstanding achievement which, in reality, is just a door to suffocation and foolishness.

The solutions for affected people due to starving for being thin

For many anorexic sufferers, the main objective to be encompassed is understanding their problem and surfacing out for some help. In a nation of thriving stigmas attached to meet up a psychiatrist for their mental structures has made these patients susceptible to more torture and tedious works. People are not in favor of discussing such topics openly in front of the world. To build a society of strong and proper ideals, there should be upliftment of inadequate awareness and education among the urban and rural elites who acclaim themselves with many misleading facts available in the market.

Considering few advances or alternative treatment options through mental therapies or just persuading the young generation about the actual reality with the help of a mixed trait structure, it’s basically a simplified version of explaining things through different angles and different subjects to encase a proper view of a perfect perspective.

A dose of maintenance of lower antidepressants can reduce the risk of chances of re-encounter or relapse among the acclaimed high society of anorexic and bulimia patients, as they are psychiatric diseases. Just a little ignition or a little criticism can trigger the whole previous experience. Patients have advised the intake of mild doses of required antidepressants for few years till they get to their own senses and prevent falling back again in those dark woods of guilty and greasy criticisms.

In a nation of developing economic statures, they are more anorexic patients than the critical cases you might visualize in a busy medical center; a bright solution to this by the alternative methods of counseling and excellent family support to pull them out of the webbed atrocities.

Visualizing ourselves based on a two-dimensional image produced in front of your one-sided opaque mirror cannot decide how you look in reality; maybe it’s just an image formed to receive or manipulate your emotions, perhaps it’s just to test you how you can withstand and carve out yourself from the criticisms and misconceptions laid down by the rotten society. In a world where people love to pull the strings of guilt and fears of others, even without acknowledging their own setbacks and suffering cannot decide who they are.

You are what you believe; you are what you see through your eyes; it doesn’t matter what people see through their eyes; after all, the angle isn’t the same for everyone, and the definition of beauty isn’t the same as well. If becoming thin is the only concern for you, then you should first try to ponder on how homeless kids around the world suffer from hunger and pain; instead of trying to set a perfectionist, try to look over the imperfections in this colossal world and just smile till you find your honest answers.

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