December 3, 2023

How to earn money by writing stories and poems?

Every story has its origin of getting knitted by a profound soul using words to enhance the beauty of the closing world. Levels range from theoretical mystery illusionary to tales of impregnable pure love; it can be as essential as a high school student peeping out of his windowpane of a bus and getting excited at kids smiling while playing at the time of twilight or an international Spy who was just handed over a case full of flaws and troublesome sci-fi theories.

How to earn money by writing stories and poems?

Whereas on the other side of these beautiful pale stories, we have poems that act as a binding metaphor to tangle around those beautiful words and generating a visionary elegance; both stories and poems have their destiny yet United by the beauty of terms used in it.

Earning something out of your passion for writing stories and poems is a kickstart to your journey, and when you live in a world enclosed with virtual portals, it’s straightforward to showcase your talents to the people who require them.

Here are a few ingenious ideas on how you can earn money by penning down your stories and poems.

How to earn money by writing stories and poems?
How to earn money by writing stories and poems?

5 ways to Gain money by crafting stories & Poems.

1-Writing a book

Penning down your words in a beautiful story and crafting a book is an excellent boost for your confidence and an option of exposing you to a thriving market.

We’ll we are not living in any medieval period where getting your book published might be difficult. Today in this generation, you can post your text without any fear of

 rejection from any local publishing houses, who

 just scan your stories and decide whether your account is profitable to their market value or not

Amazon KDP – Publish your books and make money.

A feature where you can directly publish your book, whether it’s an e-book or a paperback, is all based on your convenience.

With an inbuilt software attached to the Amazon KDP where you can edit your draft material, it sets a revolutionary breakthrough for writers who have waited for years for someone who could publish their book.  

You can choose your price and features on Amazon KDP and eventually call yourself an emerging entrepreneur. You can select your genre; whether you want to write a storybook or a book of poems is all on you.

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2-Setting up a Facebook or an Instagram page

A social platform like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other popular social portal, helps you bond with people who love stories and poems worldwide.

This way of earning money might not be a piece of cake, but once you engrave your status as a passionate story or poem writer globally, you can make a lot based on the insights your page receives from your followers.

Using popular hashtags can encase your page on the popular sections, thereby ranking your page to another level.

Conducting live sessions or posting insightful IGTV videos on Instagram about your write-ups can help create a strong bond with your followers, which can grow your level as a passionate writer and help you earn lots of income. So its is popular way to earn money by writing stories & Poems.

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3-Working as a writer on popular social websites

Writing stories and poems need not be confined to a corner page of your book; it can be transparently sold out to people who are luring for it

Websites like fiverr, upwork, contina,, and many more websites provide you a virtual portal through which you can submit a proposal to a particular client based on the objectives encased by the client regarding his work/project.

To convince a polished client, you have to set up a proper resume of your previous work to cover up all the crevices lingering around in the client’s head.

A perfect resume can always be handy when submitting proposals to different clients; what you have to intend is to go with the flow of the work requirements and get paid handsomely paid for your work.

Getting paid on these popular websites might be a prick in the beginning as a new writer, we’ll they are infinite ways of earning money.

You can contact different writing groups on Facebook or any other social platforms and make a deal of working as a ghostwriter or a pioneering poet and earning gigs through them. Beware not to not webbed by scammers lingering around the virtual websites; you can check the transparency by inquiring about your client’s profile for your safety purposes.

4-Creation of a personal blog on the global platform elected for a particular project/work 

Getting rises from ashes of fear is intriguing and exciting at the same time. Do you want to be closer to a renowned blog story writer? Do you want to pursue your career in a niche you are bound to? Then set up a blog page can be creatively profitable in the long run as you escalate your progress.

For instance, if you are nurturing a book based on outlooks of different ways of explaining ancient Indian spiritualism, your blog can communicate on spiritualism by encasing live examples or miracles of this concept which creates a realm closer to reality.

You can also set up workshops on the concept of storytelling by introducing the new era concept of human libraries, where profound speakers are set up to deliver perfectly tuned stories through their beautiful voices.

Such types of variant and fantastic ideas add a new flavor to your food of visionary words; through this, you can create a loyal base of readers who can generate you passive income through their interest in sharing your write-ups on a global face.

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5-Writing your soul stories for global magazines

 LBBBPBWhat’s up LifeBuzzfeedScrollHuffington Post etc. has very high writing demands so you can try there to work.

AARP, The Magazine This magazine holds a fun fact of content published for readers over the age of 50.

On average, if your solid story pitch gets selected, you will be paid an average of 1 USD per word or a total of 1000 USD for an entire project/assignment. Intelligent ways of networking and great stories can help you start your journey with them.

There are several global magazines worldwide, and here are a few to amass your success stories.

The Atlantic, Chatelaine magazine are some other names of magazines who accepts pitches and pays you commission if your story or article qualifies to make money.

Knitting beautiful words into insightful stories and poems is immortal and stays still; our souls get torn apart, making it the way of enlightenment for humankind. So this is best way to earn money by writing stories for magazines.


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