December 3, 2023

10 things you must know about your partner. happy relationship

An insightful guide to know your soulmate & things you must know about your partner Love is fragile as a feather yet powerful as a pile of boulders faded across the terrain of emotions. Love can arise out of unknown portals of attraction, even without our knowledge. You can fall in love with someone who just pierced his rays of magical light while you were grasping the feather-lite hat amidst the tall blades of green grass spreading across the realm.

10 things you must know about your partner.
10 things you must know about your partner.

Do you know your partner well enough? Why its important to know your partner thoroughly.

When it comes to a beautiful relationship, there are so many factors that can make or break a deal. Are you both compatible? Do you understand each other? Do you wish to stay together in the long run? Well, nothing is guaranteed, but you can certainly try. Not only will you understand each other better and find that edge in your relationship, but you also find a better insight into each other’s personalities. so lets discuss things you must know about your partner.

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10 things you must know about your partner for happy relationship lifetime?

1-Do they believe in eternal love?

Not everybody defines love the same way. To make sure you find the sweetness of love and not heartbreak, you may want to have a conversation about it and make sure you are on the same page.
Everyone has their own dimensions of expressing their viewpoints on this topic of infinite emotions called love; maybe your partner might be someone who has the habit of fantasizing about concepts of love, which might blend with the scenarios, but may hinder the real connection you have with your partner, so spitting your minute valuable words to your partner and helping them understand your viewpoint can be graceful in the long run. So its most important things you must know about your partner

2-How do they feel about your beautiful relationship?

Are you casually dating, in a relationship, or looking forward to a future together. No matter what, you need to be clear on the expectations you can hold for your partner in the relationship.
Not everyone is really stubborn about maintaining a perfect relationship; many just seek a little bit of comfort to ease their pain of breakdowns and commit to the relationship.
Asking your partner how they feel about the relationship can open up few unturned crevices and can mend any cracks in your webbed relationship. If you are looking for lifetime relationship then its important things you must know about your partner

3-What are their aspirations or goals in their life?

Everyone has something they wish to do with their lives, and to make sure you both ate compatible, you need to know each other’s goals and career dreams.
The relationship is not only about sharing a common space or hanging out in the dark woods; comparing or analyzing each other’s aspirations in their life makes things much easier for
both of you, the more you understand about each other’s goals, and better you can escalate as a couple together. So better you know each other better you will be helpful to fullfill each others dreams socomes at number 3 in our list of 10 things you must know about your partner

4-What is their solid life mantra?

What are the morals they live their life by? After all, everybody believes in something or the other, don’t they?
Life principles are like pre-lingual structures located in your brain, which might not be significant all the time but play a pivotal role in setting up your life goals.
So a little bit of joyful investigation in your partner’s life Mantras can let you unwind the beautiful mysteries and mischievous they think of all the time.

5- What is something they can never compromise?

Relationships often require compromise, and as such, you should be aware of the things your partner shall not be willing to compromise for.
A partner, after all, cannot be a robotic software who nods his/her head all the time or someone who completely ignores your ways of living and lets you compromise on things; after all, a relationship is like a perfectly balanced see-saw with strong screws fixed underneath to support your life.

6-What is their family like?

Suppose you are looking for a future together. In that case, you need to make sure you are compatible with your partner and their family. As Indian families go, you should make sure you are comfortable with them and spending your life in their vicinity.
Understanding your partner is not the only thing you need to be good at; you have to blend with their family because somehow, you are indirectly affected by how they will treat you in the foreground.

7-What is their passion in their life?

Besides career, everyone has something which makes their hearts sing and their feet skip. What is that for your partner?
Passion is like an extra cushion we carry while we are on a summer trip to the countryside; it somehow ignites and connects us to reality; learning about your partner’s passions might ignite your interests in him/her and can bond you over this arcade of passions

8-What are their insecurities?

Nobody is perfect, and everybody carries some trauma from their insecurities. You need to be aware of that so that you do not act as their trigger but rather help them overcome it.
Insecurities, fears are like some solid setbacks if you don’t try to decode them as soon as possible, exchanging each other’s insecurities can make you both grow together as a strong couple amidst the strange problems lingering around in your life

9-What cheers them up?

After a long tiring day, what is it that brings a smile to their face? What is it that can always make them happy, no matter what?
Maybe someone loves to watch football over the widescreen or watch a boring drama with his old friends; everyone has their own ways of treating their tired souls
Learning their strange treats can help you also look over how you can bind your relationship hassle-free

10-How do they treat people?

Everybody puts their arc of possibilities forward when trying to impress somebody, but what kind of a person are they when you’re not looking? Do they treat people kindly, or are they wearing a mask in your presence?
Love is an eternal piece of perpetual magic. It is as tiny as a pebble in the faded sand, but something omnipresent, which makes it the only way to survive this immortal life; a partner is not some colleague or some superior officer; a partner is another half of your epithermal soul, In a world, we’re breaking up has been straightforward, holding onto a relationship is eternal, it’s the only way you complete yourself by holding each other’s souls together.

So these were 10 things you must know about your partner for peaceful & happy relationship.

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