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6 Best horror series based on true stories

Best horror series based on true stories, compiled here. You might have heard about some horror stories, maybe from the internet, friends, books, and more. If you find them interesting, why don’t you follow such stories on horror series based from true stories. Today, the world still has some haunted places and you may see them in documentaries.

Movie directors and writers are now borrowing the idea while some make movies from real life horror experiences. In this article, i have compiled a list of best horror series based on true stories. Some of the events in the series are things that happened a long time ago then brought in life through the following movie series. You might also have heard of haunted houses, and mortuary from people or documentaries. Without further ado, here are the best horror series based on true stories.

6 Best horror series based on true stories

1- Haunted 2021

Netflix horror series based on true stories
Netflix horror series based on true stories

People may sit and hear about some terrifying stories about the past from grandparents, or people with knowledge. This 2021 movie was based on a true story from individuals who reveal some of their experiences with paranormal beings. You will discover that each episode has quite a different story.

The movie is about haunting stories that once occurred and people narrating them as they put on screens. The movie has one season which has 5 episodes that have different storyline. The stories are then put down and brought into real life by movie stars. Though there might be some fictional story but the idea was based on true stories.
watch haunted 2021 web series on OTT: Netflix

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2- The haunting of hill House

Real horror movies web series on Netflix
Real horror movies web series on Netflix

This is a great horror series based on true story. This movie is based on novel book of Shirley Jackson back in 1959. The book had also the same name of the film title and it talks about 5 siblings who experience paranormal activities in hill House. If you need some horror moments, you can try this movie.

Shirley Jackson was creative in her novel after getting the idea from a true story. Therefore, she captured the story from a real life situation and then acted in this movie. You might have heard about haunting places in the world. The family was haunted till they flew from the house in 1992. The stories are now brought into action this series movies. This 2018 movie has 10 episodes from one season.
Watch the haunting of hill house real haunting series on OTT: Netflix

3- Ghost hunters A&E (2004- present)

 Ghost hunters A&E (2004- present) - Real horror web series.
Ghost hunters A&E (2004- present) – Real horror web series.

This is another series about haunted stories based on real life paranormal activities. It is not necessarily a movie but can termed as a show with different episodes. The show is about paranormal investigations and this show is one best series about paranormal investigation you can watch.

The series has different episodes where the ‘Ghost Hunters’ travel all over the globe where their are reported haunted activities. Apparently, some parts of the world are believed to be having paranormal beings. The ghost hunters work is to confirm the presence of those beings. We have some most haunted places which have also been abandoned and people believe that the places have some horrifying creatures.

The ghost hunters want to prove if some of those most haunted places in the world are indeed haunted or just myths. The group is well prepared with special equipment which can detect any movement or slight sounds. Surprisingly, some abnormal sounds and movements were captured even on the screen. Though such shows may receive some criticism but it’s great to watch.
Watch ghost hunters on OTT : Amazon Prime.

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4- The Secret of Crickley hall, BBC 2012

image 8 6 Best horror series based on true stories
The Secret of Crickley hall, BBC 2012 – Real horror web series.

Have you ever heard about most haunted homes? If not, you will find some examples on the internet. We even have some houses which were abandoned due to their haunted nature. Most of the haunted houses have a story of deaths behind them. If you like such stories, you’ll enjoy ‘The secret of Crickley hall” which talks about the Titular Home.

This movie has a total of three episodes which were acted according to the book written by a British author called James Herbert. The 2006 novel is full of thriller which is believed to have occurred as the author wrote about those events. The series brought the stories from the novels into screen so that people could understand as they see the actions. The stories involve two timelines containing different stories.

The first story is about the Caleigh family, which relocated to Crickley hall one year after their son called Cam disappeared. The second story is about Crickley hall being an orphanage home back in 1943. It is believed that the place was evacuated during the second world war when a number of tragic events occurred their. You can follow more story on the movie, including the haunting of the Caleighs by ghosts believed to be the homes past.
The Secret of Crickley hall real haunting web series on OTT: Amazon Prime.

5- The haunting of Bly Manor 2020

The haunting of Bly Manor 2020 - Real haunted web series
The haunting of Bly Manor 2020 – Real haunted web series

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This is another wonderful series about horror and paranormal activities. This movie is the second instalment from all time great Mike Flanagan. After releasing the haunting of hill House, he went on to come up with this latest series. The haunting Bly is a love story that was narrated and then put on movie.

The story narrated is believed to have come from a real story. In the movie, you’ll see strange things haunting the estate grounds. It is a great movie if you need some haunting stories, though some fictional part may be included to make it more interesting. This 2020 movie has a total of 9 episodes.
The haunting of Bly Manor 2020 OTT: Netflix

6- SurrealEstate syfy ( 2020 perfect)

Best web series based on horror stories available on OTT
Best web series based on horror stories available on OTT

This is a fantastic horror series about haunted houses. It is unique from other haunting movies we’ve talked about. While other movies focus on one haunted house, this one has a collection of haunted houses. SurrealEstate is about a real estate agent called Luke Roman. He is the CEO of The Roman agency team which handles a number of haunted properties every week. They include, houses, lake cabins, and more. The idea of this movie was derived from real life haunting stories.
SurrealEstate OTT: syfy

Final Word

Those are the best horror series to watch, and they are based on real life stories. Also note that some of them have age restrictions, please comply.

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