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What is digital marketing and its 5 types?

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Information – In today’s world everything is online. The Internet has improved our life and we can enjoy many facilities just by phone or laptop. We can do many things through the Internet like online shopping, ticket booking, recharge, bill payment, online transactions, etc. Businesses are adopting digital marketing due to this craze of users towards the internet.

According to market statistics, almost 80% of buyers research online before purchasing a product or service. digital marketing is very important for companies or businesses.

What is Digital Marketing

Years ago, people used to market their products through various methods like posters, templates, advertisements, and newspapers to sell their products and reach customers. But all these activities (tools) could attract very few customers, so traders changed how they market their goods. Nowadays everyone can do online shopping, send or receive money, various education-related courses, etc. on their phone. you can do It can be easily done from a laptop.

Marketing on the Internet, the term started to gain popularity after 2000. This term became common among people when the internet developed search engine marketing, social media, apps, etc. Digital marketing is where we can advertise our product globally through digital devices like our mobiles and computers. In the 1980s, some attempts were made to establish the first digital market but failed.

Digital marketing is in demand these days

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We can establish a relationship between all businessmen and consumers through the Internet. The demand for Marketing on the Internet is huge at present. This is giving a boost to digital business.

Previously used to take help of advertisements. beacuse people likes and then think to buy. But now the goods can be sent directly to the customers. Everyone is using Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. This business is within everyone’s reach – traders as well as consumers.

Everyone gets every utility comfortably without any effort. The businessman does not even think about whether to take the help of newspapers, posters, advertisements or not. This demand has been made keeping in mind the convenience of all. People’s trust is also moving toward the digital market. This is a happy thing for a professional. There is a saying “What is seen sells” – the digital market is a perfect example of this.

What are the types of digital marketing?

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First of all, we tell you that ‘The Internet’ is the only tool to do digital marketing. we can use differnt way in internet now days. We are going to tell you some of its types –

1. Social Media

Social media is made up of many websites – like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Through social media, a person can express his opinion in front of thousands of people. You know social media well. advertising is the best way to social media.

2.YouTube Channel

Manufacturers must sell their products directly to the public via social media. People can also voice their feelings on it. It is a medium where many people congregate or simply put, a huge number of users/viewers live on YouTube. Making videos is a simple and popular approach to showing off your product to the general audience.

3.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the way to use website and links, blogs etc This is where you build your link and place your merchandise. You get paid when a customer clicks on that link and buys your product.

4.Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

A Pay-per-click ad is one that asks you to pay to view it. Its name implies that money gets deducted as soon as you click on it. This applies to all forms of advertising. These advertisements keep coming. The money is taken out if anyone sees these advertisements. this is second way.

5.Apps Marketing

Creating different apps on the internet to reach people and promote your product is called app marketing. this is the best way , Smartphones are now widely used by quite a few people. strong companies make their app to know people.

How to do a digital marketing course?
Internet and home digital marketing courses are available. In the online medium, you can do Google-certified courses and in the offline medium, you can do courses from any good institute in your city. You can learn this course at home from Google for free. For this you need to visit these two websites-

  • Google Digital Unlocked
  • Google Skill Shop

Both these are Google websites from where you can easily learn from home, below are some important points-

You can learn this course free of charge through these two websites of Google.
When you complete the course from here, you are also given a certificate from Google. This certificate has more importance than others.
With Google Digital Unlocked, you can learn the basics of digital marketing in both text and video format. From here you can better understand the nuances of digital marketing.

Popular Courses –

There are many courses in digital marketing, with different specializations. the list of courses are there:

Email Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Growth Hacking
Web Analytical
Mobile Marketing

How many months is the digital marketing course?
The certificate course in Marketing on the Internet is of 3 to 6 months duration. Bachelor courses like BBA are of 3-4 years duration. The graduate course in Digital Marketing is of 2 years duration.

Why Digital Marketing is Necessary

This is the age of modernity and in this modern age, everything has become modern. internet is also the part of this marketing. Digital marketing is able to work through the internet.

Now people avoid going to the market, in such situations Marketing on the Internet helps the business to reach its products and services to the people. Digital marketing allows multiple variants of the same product to be displayed in a short period of time and the consumer can immediately consume what they like. This saves the time required for the customer to go to the market, to like the goods, to and fro.

Marketing on the Internet has become essential in the current times. Traders are also getting help in business. thid is the way which can go more people in minimun time.


Conclusion of information about what is digital marketing
Digital marketing has evolved into a means for increasing marketing (company). Its application benefits everyone. Customers and traders work well together. This harmony can be created through digital marketing. Digital marketing is a one-of-a-kind modern quote. I hope you gain from digital marketing as well.

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FAQs –

Questions and Answers on What is Digital Marketing?

What is the digital marketing course fee?
To do a Marketing on the Internet course you will have to pay an annual fee ranging from INR 10,000-60,000.

How many types of digital marketing are there?
Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Social Media, Email Marketing, YouTube Channel, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

How many months is the digital marketing course?
The certificate course in Marketing on the Internet is of 3 to 6 months duration. Bachelor courses like BBA are of 3-4 years duration. The graduate course in Digital Marketing is of 2 years duration.



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