September 27, 2023

What Is Medium Referral Program? Is It A Great Option For Writers?

Medium Referral Program

Medium Referral Program has come to the aid of Medium writers, in the past, writers on Medium could only generate income through the revenue share system. This was based on reading time and claps. However, Medium has recently introduced a referral program as part of its Partner Program. 

This new program enables writers to earn commissions by referring memberships to the platform. Medium helps writers monetize their content and expand their reach to a wider audience. Through the Referral Program, writers can enhance their earnings by referring new members to join Medium.

What Is Medium Referral Program?

The Medium Referral Program (MRP) presents a fresh opportunity to generate income on Medium by referring new members to the platform. By directing individuals to sign up for a Medium membership through your unique referral link, you can earn a percentage of their membership fee. 

This program is an excellent avenue for monetizing your content and expanding your reach on Medium. To participate in the referral program and earn from referrals, a member of the Medium Partner Program (MPP) must be a member. You can apply to Medium’s official referral program page if you still need to enroll in the MPP. 

Once your application is approved, you can begin referring readers and generating additional income through the MRP. The process is straightforward: you will receive a personalized referral landing page to share with your audience. You receive a portion of the membership fee whenever one of your referrals becomes a paying member using your link. 

These earnings are separate from the Partner Program earnings based on reading time.

How Can You Join a Medium Referral Program?

Sign Up for a Medium Account

Medium Referral program
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You will need to go to the MRP website and create a new account. Signing up can be done via a new email address, google account, or Facebook account.

Become a Medium Partner

To participate in the Referral Program, being a member of the Medium Partner Program is necessary. This program allows writers to earn money by publishing on the Medium platform. If you want to join; 

  • Click on your profile icon on the top right corner of your medium homepage
  • “Become a member” or “Upgrade to Medium Partner.” 
  • Follow the provided instructions to complete the sign-up process for the Partner Program.

Access Your Referral Link

You will receive a unique referral link once you have joined the Medium Partner Program. This link is generated specifically for your account and allows you to track the members you refer. To find your referral link, navigate your profile settings or the Partner Program dashboard.

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Share Your Referral Link

Begin promoting your referral link to potential new members by sharing it through various channels, including social media platforms, email, personal websites, or blogs. Use your unique referral link to encourage others to sign up for a paid Medium membership.

Earn Commissions

You will earn a commission when someone clicks on your referral link and becomes a paying Medium member. The exact commission rates and payment details may vary, so refer to the Medium Partner Program documentation or terms for specific information.

Track Your Referrals and Earnings

image 36 What Is Medium Referral Program? Is It A Great Option For Writers?

Medium offers tools and dashboards to help you track your referrals and earnings. You can track the number of referrals you’ve generated and monitor the commissions earned through the Referral Program. Stay informed about your progress and see the results of your promotional efforts by utilizing these tracking features. These tracking features provide valuable insights into the success of your referral efforts.

To qualify for the MRP, you must; 

  • Have at least 100 followers on Medium
  • Reside in a country where Stripe, Medium’s payment processor, operates
  • Publish a new story at least once every six months to keep the partner status
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have at least one published story on Medium

Earnings and Payouts

The payout process for the Medium Referral Program is simple and transparent. As a participant in the Partner Program, you will receive monthly payments based on the activity of Medium members. Referral earnings are in addition to your existing Partner Program earnings, based on member read time. 

They have, however, entrusted Stripe as their third-part payment process for handling your commissions. Stripe will deposit your earnings directly into your bank account every month. For every member you refer who becomes a paying member and remains so, you will earn a 50% commission on their monthly membership fee. 

For instance, if your monthly membership fee is $5. As a referrer, you would earn a commission of $2.5 for each successful referral. There is a monthly payment membership of 2.9% and a $0.3 deduction from your commission amount. Considering this, your net monthly commission per qualifying referral user would be $2.27. 

Is the Medium Referral Program Worth It?

To determine whether Medium Referral Program is worth it for you or not, you can weigh the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • Commissions for Sign-Ups: You earn a commission when individuals register for a paid Medium membership using your referral link, providing a clear incentive for promoting the platform.
  • Easy Joining Process: Joining the referral program is typically simple and accessible to all Medium users.
  • Flexible Promotion Options: You can promote your referral link through various channels, like social media, personal websites, or email. This will allow you to reach a wide audience.
  • Potential for Passive Income: Once you’ve shared your referral link, it can continue generating commissions as new members sign up, requiring minimal ongoing effort from you.
  • Additional Income Potential: The referral program offers an opportunity to earn extra income alongside the revenue share from your Medium content.


  • Market saturation: As the referral program becomes more popular, there may be increased competition and saturation, making it harder to attract sign-ups.
  • Dependence on Medium’s success: Your referral earnings are tied to the success and growth of Medium as a platform. If Medium’s popularity declines or if there are significant changes to the referral program, it could impact your earnings.
  • Effort and promotion required: To maximize your earnings, you must actively promote your referral link and engage with potential members, which requires time and effort.
  • Varied earning potential: Your earnings depend on factors such as your number of sign-ups and your engagement.
  • Payment threshold: Medium has a payment threshold that needs to be reached before you can receive a payout, which means it may take time to accumulate enough earnings.


If you’re a Medium writer, joining the Medium Partner Program and exploring their generous affiliate program is highly recommended. 

To begin, visit Medium’s partner page and follow the instructions to get started. After your application is approved, you can obtain your unique referral link and promote it on Medium and other platforms.



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