November 28, 2023

Why tyre color is black? Curious: Answered

Curious: Why tyre color is black? why not white or any other color. Why Tyre Color is Black: Why the color of tyres of vehicles is black, why not any other color? Know the reason behind it. If not, let’s explore it with us.

Why tyre color is black?
Why tyre color is black?

Why Tyre Color is Black: Different brands of vehicles are seen running on the roads of India, which have different colors & designs. But these cars of different brands have one thing in common, which is nothing but the tyres of the vehicles.

All the cars running around the world have black tyre color, while their design & model can differ. But do you know that the tyres of vehicles were not always black, but at one time there was a trend of white or beige colored tyres. Then why companies started making black colored tyres, what is the specific reason behind this.

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Why Tyre Color is Black?

It is not that the tyres of vehicles were always black in color, but before the year 1917 the color of the tyres of vehicles used to be light white or beige. In fact, natural rubber was used to make tyres at that time, whose color was light white or beige. In such a situation, the work of making tires was done without any tampering with that natural rubber, due to which there was no significant change in its color. But as the number of vehicles on the roads started increasing, the pressure of great performance on the car companies was also increasing.

In such a situation, car companies started doing new experiments to improve the quality of tires under which a special chemical called zinc oxide was first added to natural rubber to strengthen the tyre. This strengthened the tires & did not spoil for a long time, although the color of the tyre remained beige even after adding that chemical.

Why tyre color is black?
Why tyre color is black?

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Black tyres came in vogue after 1917.

In this way, companies did many experiments to improve the quality of tyres, after which carbon was added to rubber in the year 1917. Due to this carbon, the natural color of the tyre changed to black, after which the trend of black tyres instead of light white & beige color started in the market. The main purpose of adding carbon to the rubber was to give it maximum strength, as the strong & hot rays of the sun caused a lot of damage to the tyres & cracked them. In such a situation, companies thought that carbon should be used to make tyres, so that there would be minimum damage to the car tyres standing in the sun all day.

In such a situation, carbon was added to the rubber under this experiment, because carbon works to block the ultraviolet rays of the sun for a long time. Due to this, the direct sunlight does not fall on the tyre & it can run for a long time without any damage.

Making a carbon-rich tyre also reduces the risk of cracking or bursting, as the rubber is not damaged by the heat of the sun. In such a situation, keeping in mind the safety & convenience of the car driver, all the companies started using carbon to make tyres, due to which the color of the tyres of the vehicles is black.

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