How to covert the Petrol scooty to CNG?

Petrol scooty to CNG – Do you also have Activa and you feel problem due to the increase in the price of petrol, then there is nothing to worry about, a company in the market, Lovato has started the work of installing CNG cylinders in Activa. CNG vehicles are cheaper and also give more mileage than petrol, due to this, people who do not incur the cost of petrol to up-down from their Activa daily 50-100kms are converting their Activa to CNG for Rs.15,000. Also, 1,000Rs will have to be spent more for doing paperwork in RTO, so if you also want to convert your Activa from petrol to CNG then read this post completely.

How to covert the Petrol scooty to CNG?
How to covert the Petrol scooty to CNG?

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How to covert the Petrol scooty to CNG?

Benefits of installing CNG in Activa.

If you are a low-income person and cannot afford a petrol vehicle, then you can read about getting CNG installed along with petrol in your Activa bike. There are many benefits of getting it installed and some of them like the mileage of your Activa will be

Which company has made Activa CNG kit?

Lovato, an Italian component maker, has developed a CNG kit to convert Activa to CNG. This CNG kit has just been taken out in Mumbai in collaboration with the Mahanagar Gas Association of Mumbai. Apart from Mumbai, this project has also been passed in other metropolitan cities like Pune, Delhi – CNG Kit for scooty launched in Pune.

Where can I get CNG for my 2 wheeler/ Scooty in Pune. (Activa & Jupiter etc)

There are 1 or 2 dealers available in Pune for Scooty CNG Kit fitup contact them for scooty CNG Kit here.

Petrol scooty to CNG lovato Kit.
Petrol scooty to CNG lovato Kit.

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Which Scooter models can be fitted with Activa Lovato company CNG

CNG Activa Scooter – The company has made kits not only for Activa but also for 18 different models such as
Hero, Honda, Mahindra, TVS, Suzuki, Vespa and Yamaha mopeds.

CNG kit for Hero, Honda, Mahindra, TVS, Suzuki, Vespa and Yamaha mopeds.

Does CNG two wheelers runs on Petrol Too?

The scooter will run on both petrol and CNG After installing this kit, you can run your Activa in both CNG mode or petrol mode if you want. To get this kit installed, the company takes 4 hours after it has been found out through the sources. When the gas is exhausted, the switch can be changed to run in the petrol model.

Where and how is Activa CNG fitted?

The company has made 2 gas cylinders like a very good fit and it is covered with a black colored plastic cover after being installed in the front part of the scooter and by fitting the machine operating it in the right part under the seat. are given. And to make Activa look good, the company also puts some graphics on it.

Disadvantages of CNG Kits on two wheeler or Scooty?

By the way, there is no special disadvantage of installing CNG kit, but if you live in a mountainous area, then you may have difficulty in climbing because by installing CNG, the mileage goes later but the pickup is not available, so the climbers in the hilly area Your engine may be under load on the road. Gas Cylinder Being a 1.2KG cylinder, you will need to refill CNG after every 100-120KM run. While going on a long drive, you will also have to fill petrol because after the CNG is exhausted, you will get CNG again only after coming to the CNG petrol station.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked question about CNG kit for Scooty.

Can I get CNG kit installed in Activa?

Yes, due to the increase in the price of petrol, everyone is choosing to take their car, bike, CNG or electric bike. But if you have already bought a petrol vehicle, still you can get the kit installed for Rs 15,000.

What is the mileage of Activa CNG?

Activa can take 2 cylinders of 1.2Kg each and in about 1kg your Activa can go 100- 120km. It has mileage of 60 KM/KG and it will cost only 0.60 RS per KM.

You people have read this post and by now you must have known what is CNG Activa and how to get CNG cylinders installed in your bike and how much mileage CNG gives. If you liked this post and found it useful, then do share it with your friends.

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