November 28, 2023

How to reduce the Electricity bill Legally? 6 Easy ways.

How to reduce the Electricity bill ? – Month’s electricity bill will be less, to make it possible, follow these important tips quickly, you will save a lot of money.

Tips to Reduce Electricity Bill: As soon as the summer season comes, everyone starts worrying about the electricity bill, because the consumption of electricity is very high due to running electric items like fan, cooler & AC. In such a situation, if you are also looking for a way to reduce the electricity bill, then for this you will have to flow through some easy tips & tricks. Tips to
Reduce Electricity Bill Here we will not advise you to run the cooler or AC less, but will tell you some such measures, which can reduce the electricity bill by up to 50 percent. So what’s the delay, let’s know

How to reduce the Electricity bill Legally?
How to reduce the Electricity bill Legally?

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How to reduce the Electricity bill Legal way?

1- Use solar panels – Best way to reduce electricity bill.

solar panels - Best way to reduce electricity bill.
solar panels – Best way to reduce electricity bill.

If you want to enjoy the cool air of AC & cooler in the summer season, then for this you should install solar panels on the roof of the house. With the electricity generated through solar panels, you can easily run the electric items used in the house. Due to this, the electricity bill also does not increase & the summer season passes easily in a cool environment. In India, there is strong sunlight during the summer season, so installing solar panels can prove to be a good option, which only costs one time.

2- Use of led lights – Easy way to reduce electricity bill.

Bulbs & lights also contribute a lot in increasing the electricity bill of the house, which most people do not pay attention to. If you have high-wattage bulbs installed in your house, then they will consume a lot of electricity & due to that the electricity bill will be high. In such a situation, you should use LED lights or bulbs at home, which consume very little electricity & last for a long time. LED bulbs with 5 star rating are available in the market, using which the electricity bill comes down.

3- Avoid using tube light – one of the Most electricity consuming device

If you have a tube light in your house, try to keep it lit as little as possible. Actually tube light also consumes more electricity, so you can use CFL bulb instead which gives light like tube light & consumes less power.

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4- Use of ceiling & table fans – Save electricity.

The use of ceiling & table fans in the summer season reduces the electricity bill to a great extent, as these appliances consume less electricity than ACs or coolers. In such a situation, instead of using AC & cooler in the morning & evening, you can run ceiling & table fan, which reduces the electricity bill.

5- Run AC at regular temperature – Simple electricity bill reduction technique.

If you try to get relief by running the AC in the summer season, then during this time keep in mind that the temperature of the AC should be saved at a regular degree. The erratic temperature of AC works to increase the electricity bill, because its temperature keeps going up & down again & again. In such a situation, if you set the AC to 25 degrees, then due to that the power consumption is less.

Apart from this, after running the AC for a few hours, if you turn it off & then turn on the table fan, then the room remains cool for a long time. However, do not forget to close the windows & doors of the room during this time, otherwise all the coolness will go out.

6- Keep the fridge away from other appliances – Easy power saving techniques.

If a fridge is used in your home, make sure that there should not be any other electric items around it. Many people put microwaves or other electric items on top of the fridge, due to which the fridge starts consuming more electricity than usual Apart from this, the refrigerator should be protected from exposure to direct sunlight, while avoiding keeping hot food inside it. Actually, due to these things, the compressor of the fridge works faster, due to which the power consumption is more & the bill increases.

If you take care of these small things (Tips to Reduce Electricity Bill), then during the summer season the electricity bill can come down by 50 percent. Apart from this, avoid lighting the house lights in daylight, while do not forget to turn off the switch after charging the mobile phone.

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