December 3, 2023

10 Best hosting plus wordpress providers 2023

10 Best hosting plus wordpress providers 2023, compiled here. A good number of people manage their websites using WordPress. If you also have a wordpress website and you are looking for a host provider. It is important to consider if the host you’ll select will provide you with WordPress.

A good number of hosting providers have wordpress but what you need is quality services at an affordable price. When we talk about quality services, they include customer service, security, and more others. Here, I have selected the 10 best hosting plus wordpress provider in 2023. You can check them out and decide on the best option for you. Below are the best hosting plus wordpress providers.


We had to open our list with this popular hosting company that has been recommended to wordpress users by official WordPress team. Bluehost is a fantastic option and you’ll be offered with a number of services at a cheaper price. The platform also gives a free domain name to their new customers in the first one year.

The platform recently introduced revamped user panel. The revamped cpanel allows you to work easily with the hosting setup. In other words, Bluehost will install wordpress for you if you are looking forward to launch your site. It is a great option we had to include in our 10 best hosting plus wordpress providers 2023. Visit Bluehost.

10 best hosting plus wordpress providers, Bluehost logo.


We had to include this platform in our 10 best hosting plus wordpress providers. Siteground is also among the few hosting providers that have been recommended by Therefore, it is also an excellent option for upcoming wordpress sites. In this hosting platform, you will enjoy a wordpress environment.

You will enjoy using this hosting provider with any site of any size and type. Some of the best services by siteground are it’s awesome tools which are easy to use. Moreover, the support of this platform is full of positive reviews. The support is always available in 24/7 via phone and live chart. Visit Siteground.

10 best hosting plus wordpress providers, siteground logo.

A2 hosting

We all need affordable services and this is one thing that separates the A2 hosting from a number of hosting providers. Many companies will force you to pay for the services covering a whole year. A2 hosting will allow you to pay in monthly basis. The platform also installs wordpress for you hence you won’t necessarily need to it by yourself. In terms of customer support, they will offer you with 24/7 call support termed as Guru Crew support. A great alternative to be included in our 10 best hosting plus wordpress providers. visit A2hosting.

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WP engine

This is another great option we had to include in our 10 best hosting plus wordpress providers. You’ll discover that the WP engine is somewhat expensive compared to a number of other wordpress providers in this list. However, the good thing about this platform is their focus on wordpress sites.

The WP team have been mastering wordpress in order to come up with parameters a server should have to offer great performance services. Apart from their excellent wordpress services, they also have a great support where you can drop your queries. Visit WPengine.

10 best hosting plus wordpress, WP engine logo.


InMotion is also a great wordpress plus hosting provider. This is site stands because of its affordable wordpress hosting services. You can get much from it when you’ll host at least two but not one website. Another reason why it’s good, the performance in US is great. However, this platform has one downside since it doesn’t pre-install wordpress for you. It terms of customer support, you will be offered a number of tutorials and articles. It also has a live support programme that’s offered 24/7. It is absolutely one of the 10 best hosting plus wordpress providers. Visit Inmotion.

10 best hosting plus wordpress providers, in motion logo.


Ionos is an experienced web hosting provider which begun it’s services in 1986. That makes it one of the oldest web hosting providers since many with such longevity don’t exist. Therefore, ionos have seen a number of trends that have come and go. We can say that they know what consumers since they’ve seen different trends. Ionos has a variety of different hosting options, including wordpress hosting.

Hosting your site here, you’ll be offered with a number of elements to your website. You will be able to secure your website with their SSL certificate and also offers website builders for regular sites and blogs. You can also request for website design service from the platform if you’ll need assistance like creating your site. What a great option if you are looking for 10 best hosting plus wordpress providers 2023. Visit Ionos.

10 best hosting plus wordpress, ionos logo.


Dreamhost is among the 10 best hosting plus wordpress providers over the years. Many consumers have been impressed when looking at its great reviews in platforms like trustpilot. The platform also offers great performance, including your site speed.

Since you want to host a wordpress site, it is also important to let you know that this platform has also been endorsed by wordpress org. In case of any queries you’ll be able to contact their US-based customer support. Since the support is situated in USA, they are only available between 5.30 am to 9.30 pm Pacific. However, you can your support tickets online, at any time you want. Visit Dreamhost.

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10 best hosting plus wordpress providers, Dreamhost logo.


Hostinger is also one of the 10 best hosting plus wordpress providers. This hosting company is full of specific features for WordPress users. The features include, site building wizard that will speed things up and also a guided wordpress installation. Moreover, the platform will perform many things for you, including plugin updates and care.

They offer Litespeed cache to ensure that your website loads faster. In terms of wordpress installation, we don’t have much to say since you’ll do it with just one click. Moreover, the platform has a great support service offered for 24/7. You can get hostinger services at a cheaper rate and it is considered as one of the cheapest wordpress hosting. Hostgator will require you to pay from $1.99 monthly. Visit Hostinger.


Kinsta is another WordPress optimized option though it’s slightly expensive. Kinsta can be a great option of WP engine if it won’t gel well with you. Kinsta has auto-scaling feature and that’s what separates it from WP engine. In case of surge in traffic that may come unexpectedly.

Kinsta servers will allocate more RAM and CPU for your site. The platform prides itself for offering great scalability and performance. The platform is a great alternative for your growing website in terms of traffic. It is among the 10 best hosting plus wordpress providers in 2023. Visit Kinsta.

10 best hosting plus wordpress providers, kinsta logo.


We had to include GoDaddy in this list of 10 best hosting plus wordpress providers. The company is popular and has good experience in the hosting industry. GoDaddy has four wordpress hosting plans namely Basic, Ultimate, Deluxe, and Ecommerce. You can pick a plan that will suite your budget. The good thing is that all those plans have free SSL certificate to secure your domain. In terms of support, users will get 24/7 chart and phone support. Visit GoDaddy.

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10 best hosting plus wordpress providers.

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