September 28, 2023

WordPress Vs Blogger Which Is The Best?


Hello bloggies,lets start our journey of comparing WordPress vs Blogger I started my blogging career with blogger using subdomain as I didn’t had money that time in 2012.Then I have earned money on blogger using adsense, Popcash etc. Almost for 6 years I used blogger platform.

Then I switched to WordPress in 2020 and created a blog Till then I never used blogger. I am using Business plan costing me around 10000RS (122$). So lets see more about these platforms. If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably wondered which is best: WordPress vs Blogger. Both are great platforms for bloggers and have their own unique features.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open-source platform for creating websites, blogs, and online stores. WordPress, which was launched in 2003, now powers over 43 percent of all websites on the internet. You can download WordPress for free and use it on an unlimited number of websites.

To create a blog with WordPress, you must purchase a hosting plan and a domain name so that WordPress can be installed. It may sound complicated at first, but there are numerous user-friendly tutorials on WPBeginner and other websites that make it quite simple.

Wordpress vs Blogger which is best
WordPress vs Blogger which is best

What is Blogger?

Google’s Blogger is a free blogging platform. It was founded by Pyra Labs in 1999, and Google acquired it in 2003. Users can build blogs for no cost using Blogger, a free blog hosting service. Also included is a free Blogspot subdomain.

Your blog’s URL will resemble this format: You can additionally use a custom domain name with your blog. You must register a domain name with a third-party domain registrar and then connect it to your Blogger blog.

blogger vs wordpress which is best
blogger vs wordpress which is best

Ease of Use WordPress Vs Blogger

Best CMS for Blogging
Best CMS for Blogging


You only need a Google account to create a blog on Blogger, which makes it relatively simple to use. A three-step onboarding process will walk you through building your first blog after you log in.

The setup wizard requires users to input their blog’s title, Blogspot address, and display name. After completing these steps, you will gain access to the dashboard, where you can create a new post or modify the blog’s settings via the sidebar on the left.

When the blog has a substantial amount of content, the list of drafts and published posts will appear in the center of the control panel.


Comparatively, WordPress requires additional steps, as the user must already have access to web hosting services in order to use it. Once the hosting and domain name has been established, WordPress must be installed on the hosting control panel before it can be configured.

Fortunately, many web hosting companies, such as Hostinger, offer one-click WordPress installation. However, it may take some time for a beginner to become accustomed to WordPress’s crowded dashboard.

While the interface of WordPress provides more options, this results in more clutter. In addition, many of the tools that simplify blog creation require the installation of additional plugins.

Winner: Blogger since you only need a google account to get started.

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Watch on YouTube – Blogger vs WordPress which one is best choice for You?

Video blogger vs WordPress which platform is best

Ownership Blogger vs WordPress.

The ownership of your blog is another important consideration when selecting a blog site. You have complete control over your blog’s management, monetization, and shutdown options when you own it outright.


Google’s blogging platform Blogger is provided by the tech giant Google. It is free, dependable, and has enough features to make web publishing simple.

However, it is not owned by you. Google operates this service and reserves the right to terminate it or your access to it at any time.


With WordPress, your site is hosted by a WordPress hosting provider. You are free to determine the duration of your blog’s existence. It will not be terminated without notice.

Additionally, you are not bound to a specific web host. You are free to switch web hosts whenever you choose. Using Blogger, you cannot take your blog anywhere other than Blogger.

Winner: WordPress because you are the owner of your site. So if you compare WordPress vs Blogger on comparison of Ownership clearly WP is winner.

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Themes and Customizability

Because a great design can attract visitors, effectively communicate brand messages, and reduce bounce rates, having access to a vast array of customization options is essential. So lets see how WordPress vs blogger compared in terms of Themes.


There are two ways to customize blogs on Blogger: a visual editor and simple HTML snippets. There are some drag-and-drop elements in the visual editor, but the placement of layouts is limited.

As for the template options, they are likewise limited. There are twelve theme categories to choose from, the majority of which are designed for personal blogs. Advanced customization is only possible for those who are proficient in HTML and CSS.


WordPress, on the other hand, provides more options for altering a website’s appearance. Whether it’s a simple landing page or a personal blog, there are over 8500 WordPress themes in the official themes repository that are suitable for any website.

In addition, WordPress makes it simple to upload third-party themes, whether they are free or paid. If you wish to make additional template modifications, an integrated CSS editor with a live preview displays the modifications in real time.

Winner: When it comes to customization options, WordPress provides more options, as it offers an abundance of free and premium WordPress themes with which to launch a blog.

Marketing and SEO wordpress vs Blogger

Ensure that the blogging platform you select can accommodate the website expansion marketing strategy. Search engine optimization, which makes your website more visible in search results, is also crucial.

SEO comparison WordPress vs Blogger
SEO comparison WordPress vs Blogger


Although Blogger lacks many built-in marketing tools, bloggers can utilize Blogger Stats and Google Analytics. Being under the same management makes Blogger’s integration with WordPress simple.

Blogger is an acceptable option for non-experts seeking a search engine optimization (SEO)-optimized platform. However, as with any other platform, you must still employ SEO techniques for your content to rank well in search engines.


WordPress, in contrast, offers an abundance of marketing and SEO plugins. It is an excellent content management system for implementing sophisticated digital marketing strategies and WordPress SEO techniques.

WordPress is already equipped with a number of SEO features, including visibility settings, permalinks, meta descriptions, and redirects.

Winner: WordPress is superior for SEO and marketing in general due to the abundance of plugins and features it offers. So again in Comparison of WordPress vs Blogger WP wins.

Monetization – WordPress vs Blogger

If you wish to earn money from your blog posts, you should consider monetizing your site. Choose a platform that provides greater flexibility, allowing you to generate revenue however you see fit.


The ad network Google AdSense can be used to monetize Blogger’s website by connecting publishers and content providers with marketers.

AdSense does not impose a minimum monthly page view requirement for applicants. However, your blog must comply with Google’s terms of service for monetization to be possible.

It is also important to remember that you must earn a minimum of $100 before you can withdraw the funds. Between the 21st and 26th of each month, AdSense sends payment by electronic fund transfer and check.


WordPress blogs can be monetized in a variety of ways. Affiliate marketing, in which you receive a commission for recommending a product or service, is one of the most widely used strategies.

There are numerous affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress, including ThirstyAffiliates, AdSanity, and Ultimate Affiliate Pro. These plugins can help you track your earnings and manage your affiliate links.

If you prefer to earn money through advertising partnerships, you can also display advertisements. In general, advertising banners can be classified as static, pop-up, or native.

Winner: WordPress provides more options and tools when it comes to monetization. In addition, since it is an open-source platform, you’ll have complete control over your content and monetization. So in this WordPress vs Blogger comparison if you want free CMS platform Blogger is winner if You are comfortable with Paid plan WP is best.

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Selecting a blogging platform with dependable customer service will ensure that your questions are addressed as soon as a problem arises. So lets see WordPress vs Blogger support information.


If you have questions, you can refer to Blogger’s comprehensive documentation and user community forum. You can also access tips and tutorials via the Help option in the dashboard.


Although WordPress does not have a customer service department, the WordPress community is very active. In addition, there is a support forum where members can share advice and ask questions.

If you prefer reading manuals, WordPress’s documentation is exhaustive. It covers everything users need to know to get up and running with WordPress, from website setup to troubleshooting. It is also worth noting that if you purchase premium WordPress plugins or themes from independent developers, you can receive dedicated support.

Winner: WordPress provides superior support due to its extensive community and vast resources.

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FAQ’s of WordPress vs Blogger.

Is Blogger better than WordPress?

I used blogger for 6 years and from last 4 years I am using WordPress, and till then I did not used blogger anymore. The reason is Themes and Customization with WordPress is premium and very less options available on blogger also there are no plugins available on blogger. So if you don’t have money start with blogger make some money and then switch to WordPress as its costly.

Should I start with Blogger or WordPress?

To start with Blogger is easy to use and free platform to monetize, you can also do blogging free with WordPress but you are not able to monetize unless you switch to paid plans. If you have money to invest i recommend to directly start with WordPress platform.

Which is better for making money Blogger or WordPress?

Both are same in terms of making money, Blogger is free so you don’t need to buy hosting to monetize blogger site whereas WordPress needs paid plan to monetize your website. But WordPress offers 1000’s of themes and Plugins that will help you gain more traffic and build premium looking site. So as a newbie you can start with blogger and then switch to wordpress.

Does anyone still use Blogger?

When I need to create a website to use for short term I use blogger, if website is important and long term I use WordPress. Because of Plugins like Rankmath, Google sitekit etc.

Which is better for blogging, WordPress vs Blogger?

If you want to create a simple blog blogger is okay but if you want to create premium looking blog Then you should go for WordPress because with WordPress you can use different themes and also SEO Plugins.

Which is easier, Blogger or WordPress?

Both content management systems are easy to use. When it comes to customization comparison of WordPress vs Blogger i will recommend WordPress. for example if you want to add Table of Contents in Your blog. In case of blogger you need to use coding so its tricky.. In case of WordPress you just need to install Plugin and activate rest will be taken care automatically, So there is no intricate coding required that makes WordPress my first choice.

Conclusion on WordPress vs Blogger which is Best

Both WordPress and Blogger are popular blog platforms. However, since you must choose one, it depends on the purpose of your blog.

If your objective is to create a personal blog and share your stories, you can select a simple platform such as Blogger. However, if you intend to create a professional blog that can generate income, you will need a robust and scalable platform such as WordPress. With WordPress, you can monetize your blog by adding a store, a membership website, and a multitude of marketing tools.

I hope this WordPress vs Blogger comparison has helped you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each platform so that you can make the best selection for your blog.

Video on WordPress vs Blogger comparison on Youtube.


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  1. I find that WordPress is better than Blogger because of the SEO features built into WordPress, as well as SEO tools you can integrate with WordPress such as All In One SEO, Yoast, and Rank Math. These tools are the best, and get plenty of blog traffic.

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