How to add H1 tag in blogger Post Easy guide?

Why it is Important to add h1 tag in blogger post?

<h1>, <h2>,<h3>, <h4>,<h5>, <h6> tags used to give heading to your content, in which <h1> has high Importance and <h6> has relatively least Importance, These tags are also important while writing blog post content, you must use 1 <h1> tag and 2 or more times <h2> & <h3> tags, You should atleast use <h1> <h2> & <h3> for good SEO of blog page, for lengthier content you can further use h4, h5, h6 to give heading. this way search engine will know which area has higher importance in your page.

HTML basics for bloggers
add h1 tag in blogspot posts

(Note-Don’t overload blog with excess h1 tags for ranking higher it may result in blacklisting only 1 H1 tag is recommended per post 2 or more can be used only in case of longer articles) Recommended count for <h2> is 10 max remaining tags you can use many times.

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Heading tags Recommendation for SEO.

How many h1 tags per page?

It is recommended to use only one h1 tag per page, you can use multiple h1 tags only in-case of longer articles with rich content. Keeping h1 heading tag at top of page will be better in terms of SEO.

How many h2 tags per page?

It is recommended to use max 10 h2 tags per page ,which i think enough to make a post, alternatively you can use h3 tags for instance. There is no limit for using h3 and h4, h5 and h6 tags.

What is h1, h2, h3 tags means in webpage or blog?

h1 is main heading of post/page, h2 will be sub-heading, h3 will be Minor heading and h4, h5 and h6 are susequent minor headings.

How to use h1, h2 and h3 tags blogger and wordpress?

  1. Use one h1 tag at top of page.
  2. Upto 10 h2 tags can be used after h1.
  3. Then you can use h3 tags subsequently below h2 tags for minor headings if required.

Method 1- Automatically add <h1> tag.

how to add H1 tag in blogger post title automatically?

1 Make blogger title h1 How to add H1 tag in blogger Post Easy guide?
Before – When you inspect your title you will find its <h3> | to inspect right click and select inspect element
2 make blogger title h1 inspect How to add H1 tag in blogger Post Easy guide?
After – following below steps you will convert <h3> title of post title into <h1>

To convert all blogger post titles in h1 heading automatically you need to make changes in your blogs html follow below step by step guide to add <h1> in blogger post title.

Step 1 – Copy this- ‘post-title entry-title’ then go to blogger > Theme > edit HTML and find copied text as shown in image > Then replace <h3> with <h1> & Also closing </h3> with </h1>. You will find ‘post-title entry-title’ text 2-3 times make these changes at all instances of this text.

add h1 tag in blogger post title html
Before -found h3 tag replaced with h1
add h1 tag in blogger post title html
After – save theme after replacing h3 into h1

Step 2Save theme & test it by opening any of your blog post> select title>Right click> Inspect element > here you can see its now h1.

Watch Youtube Video on How to add h1 tag in blogger post title.

Add h1 tag in blogger post title

Method 2 – manually add h1 tag in blogger post.

2 simple steps to add H1 tag in blogger Post editor.

In blogger post editor there is know option to add H1 tag, when you select option heading in blogger editor by default it starts with <h2>, So for proper SEO you should have one <h1> tag this you can include manual by going into HTML of your post as i will show in below tutorial its very simple to do.

  • Step 1 – Got to blogger Post Editor > New Post > Select Heading and add your heading text as shown in below image. Doing it will automatically create H2 tag. as shown in below image.
  • Step 2 – Click on HTML tab you see above compose tag > Then Replace h2 with h1 tag > Done you have successfully made <h1> tag for your blog post that will boost your SEO in some manner.

Now after this you can use your normal headings i.e. h2 many times recommended max 10 times. So here we successfully completed our tutorial add h1 tag in blogger post. so below is guide to add h1 tag in wordpress.

How to Add h1 tag in wordpress?

In case of wordpress you need not to play with HTML as inbuilt option is available in post editor, Just add heading block then in righ side bar in heading setting select H1 as shown in below image.

How to add h1 in wordpress page?
How to add h1 in wordpress page?

In case you want to add h1 in wordpress homepage, then go to widgets, Then add html widget and type heading using h1 tags as per below format.

<h1>Your heading here</h1> then save. Now your homepage have a H1 tag.

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