November 30, 2023

12 Best board games for Android

12 Best board games for Android, compiled here. Board games is one of the popular games that have been existing for a long time. However, new ideas have been developed in a number of modern games, including the android board games. Today, the board games are now thriving in Google play in terms of downloads and positive reviews.

The board games are thriving due to unique ideas and wonderful design by a number of games. If you are a fan of mobile games like board games. You can consider spending some time playing one of the best board games for Android. You can consider this list of 12 best board games for Android right now.

AI factory limited

Ai factory limited is one of the most popular and experienced developers on Google play. The company have specialised in card games and basic board games. They currently have an outstanding version of chess, Sudoku, checkers, go, reversi, backgammon, and more. They have a little basic design, though their games are above average in the way they function. You can enjoy their free version of games which work well for many. Alternatively, you may decide to pay some money to get the premium version.

12 best board games for Android
Image from Google.

Ticket to ride

This is also another great board game that involves claiming train routes. In order to win, players are required to claim most train routes on the map. This game will play well in androids that have wide screens, including tablets, wide screen mobile phones, and more. This game not only supports solo play but also local multiplayer. Therefore, if you are looking for a unique board game that will offer you with an engaging experience. You can go for this wonderful game.

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12 best board games for Android

Catan classic

This is game is familiar to the famous strategy game, now compatible to a number of android phones. The game allows players to gather resources, and also trade with other players. Additionally, they can develop settlements in a hexagonal map. Every settlement one creates will earn them a victory point. It is a wonderful board game with a lot of exciting features for gamers.

12 best board games for Android

Galaxy Trucker

Galaxy Trucker is a great game which is similar to FTL, if you can remember it. In this board game, players can create space vessels, thereafter they’ll be engaging with different situations as they travel through the stars. When the game ends, players who have gathered a lot of cash are regarded as the winners. You can check this game “Galaxy Trucker” by your self and you’ll absolutely smile.

Image of galaxy Trucker


To be a hero in this game, you’ll have to be ruthless in order to persuade and take control over an area. In order to gain economic success, you will have to extort, steal, murder, and more other dirty games. The game will allow you to upgrade your characters, in addition to unique functions, plus designs. This game has cool avatars, impressive aesthetic, and will encourage creativity and sneakiness.

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Image showing Antihero board game


This board game is classic and from it’s title, it talks about hyper- capitalisation. It is absolutely one of the 12 best board games for Android. The theme in this game is buying of properties, collecting of cash. Additionally, one is required to work hard to bankrupt their competitors. This game has a lot of features that are friendly even to new comers. It also has more other online features that will offer you a chance to compete with random players and friends. This game has a number of options and it’s convenient.

12 best board games for Android


This is a fantastic game whose theme revolves on territory acquisition. The players will be placing down tiles in order to make up the city. The gameplay of this game is similar to dominos. In order to progress well, the tiles placed should correspond to each other. Once you place your tiles, you will build structures that’ll earn you money. The game will be over when one won’t place more tiles. The player who will have collected more cash will emerge as the winner. No doubt it’s one of the 12 best board games for androids right now.

12 best board games for Android

Raiders of the North sea

This wonderful mobile game had to be included in our 12 best board games for Androids right now. This great art game offers you a chance to prosper in Viking settlement. The goods in the village can either be created of may also be stolen. When your turn finally ends, your opponent will also have their chance on their village settlement. In this game, you will have an option to face an AI or you may also face another online player. This game is engaging but also complex at the same time.

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Image showing Raiders of the north sea board game

Wingspan: the board game

If you are a bird lover, then have a look at wingspan board game. This board game is themed on bird care with a total of 5 players participating. Players are able to compete for greatness by breeding the bird breeds which are superior. This game is wonderful and it’s also a great alternative if you love resource management, strategy, and not leaving behind the bird lovers. No doubt it’s one of the 12 best board games for androids right now.

Image showing Wingspan board game

Lanterns: The harvest Festival

This outstanding game is themed on colour matching. The game tasks the gamer to form patterns on a lake as they earn points. There are some patterns which have more earnings compared to others. In this game you may be given a chance to compete against the AI on offline single player. Alternatively, you can also compete on online multiplayer. In order to earn the most, you can play more additional challenges and don’t forget to play smart. It is absolutely one of the 12 best board games for Android right now.

12 best board games for Android


This game is a Japanese game revolving around four characters offering unique talent and skills. The players can get some money while on their travels then exchange with food. In addition, they may get Hot spring visits, souvenirs, victory point and more.

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To gain three extra victory points, one will be required to process most food, hot spring visit, souvenirs, or victory point. During the end of the game, the player will have a chance to get three extra victory points. It is a great game that we had to include in this list of 12 best board games for Androids right now.

12 best board games for Android

Exploding kittens

This is another wonderful game but simple board game in our list of 12 best board games for androids right now. In this game, every player gets a card and then draw cards. In case one draws an exploding kitten, they will be required to diffuse the kitten or may end up loosing the game. You can check this game out as you’ll find it not difficult to play.

12 best board games for Android

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