September 23, 2023

14 Best Places to visit in summer near Pune.

Places to visit in summer near Pune – It is one of the national cities where the summer season can be enjoyed.
The heat is tolerable, and you can go out in the morning without worrying about the sun’s heat. Given the opportunity, we can all look for a bit of a weekend getaway, especially if you go to those hill stations with summer tourist attractions near Pune. Generally Beaches, water bodies and Water parks are preferable spots in summer . Before we dive into packing our bags, let’s take a quick look at what we have:

Best Places to visit in summer near Pune.
Best Places to visit in summer near Pune.

Here are 14 Best Places to visit in summer near Pune.

  1. Lavasa
  2. Lonavala
  3. Khandala
  4. Mahabaleshwar
  5. Panchgani
  6. Dam backwaters – Veer Dam Backwater, Pawana Lake, Khadakwasla dam backwater, Kasarsai Dam Backwater etc.
  7. Beaches – Alibaug Beach, Kashid Beach, Murud Beach etc.
  8. Igatpuri
  9. Bhandardara
  10. Malshej Ghat
  11. Karjat
  12. Panhala
  13. Saputara
  14. Kaas Plateau

14 Best places for summer holidays in Pune.

1- Lavasa

Lavasa is one of the most diverse, with its colorful architecture, lush greenery, beautifully carved hills, and impassable lake. In addition to enjoying the splendor of nature, visitors can also enjoy many activities such as jet skiing, pedal boating, luxury cruising, etc.

Distance from Pune: 58 km
Tourist activities: Water sports such as kayaking, jet-skiing, and more. I was walking to Temghar Dam and cycling.

2- Lonavala

Lonavala is one of the best summer weekend getaways from Pune that you can take a quick trip on. Covered under a thick blanket of green, it is the perfect place for people who want to add peace to their lives. And you may want to taste the traditional chikki in Lonavala.

Distance from Pune: 67 km
Tourist Attractions: Lonavala Lake, Dam, Kune Falls, Ryewood Par, Bushi

3- Khandala

If you are in Lonavala, you cannot miss out on going to Khandala. The green will soothe your eyes, and the weather will make your stay enjoyable. If you want to enjoy the journey, you can also choose to hike and camp.

Distance from Pune: 71 km
Shingroba temple, Sunil’s Celebrity Wax, Lion’s Point Lonavala, Visapur Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Tung Fort, and other tourist spots

4- Mahabaleshwar – Best hill station for summer vacation near Pune.

4- Mahabaleshwar – Best hill station for summer vacation near Pune.

Known as one of the few evergreen areas globally, Mahabaleshwar is a favorite spot of many peace-loving people. If you want to clear your mind, you can stay in this place for a few days and forget about the world. Words cannot do justice, and the beauty of the scenery and the beautiful weather is something you have to feel for yourself. Even in summer you will not feel hot there, You will enjoy cool weather even in Summer days. So mahabaleshwar is popular Places to visit in summer near Pune.

Mahabaleshwar best hill station for summer vacation.
Mahabaleshwar best hill station for summer vacation.

Distance from Pune: 120 km
Tourist attractions-Pratapgad, Venna Lake, Mapro Garden, and Elephant’s Head Point- are popular tourist destinations.

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Krishna river origin
waterfalls in mahabaleshwar
Tapola best place to visit in Summer.

5- Panchgani – Best hill station for summer holidays.

Summer holiday spots in Panchgani

Considered one of the marvelous beautiful places near Pune for the summer holidays, tourists visit Panchgani almost all year round. The beauty of this place is beyond anything you have ever seen. Visiting this place during the rainy season is an entirely different experience.

Distance from Pune: 101 km
Tourist attractions- Parsi Point, Devrai Art Village Devils Kitchen, Sydney Point, and other tourist places

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6- Water Bodies – Water Parks, Lakes and Dam backwaters.

There are many water bodies are available near Pune you can visit during your summer vacation, Some of popular Dam backwaters and lake to visit during peak summer are Veer dam backwater which is around 50KM from Pune, Khadakwasla Dam backwater is also best place to visit during summer heat you can enjoy street foods, swimming there, ideal time will be 6-11 am in the morning and 5pm to 7pm in the evening. you can also visit Pawana Lake – You can do night camping there there are plenty of options available. You can enjoy playing in Water & also food on Pawana lake in Lonavala. So water bodies are popular Places to visit in summer near Pune.

Veer dam backwater best place to visit during summer heat to swim and get cool.
Veer dam backwater best place to visit during summer heat to swim and get cool.
veer dam – Perfect place for summer vacation

Pawana lake is very popular spot among travelers, thousands of people do camping there in summer as well as winter and also does treks nearby. Apart from these popular places to visit near Pune in summer you can visit Kasarsai Dam & water parks like Imagica, Wet N Joy, Diamond wtaer park & Krushnai Water park in Pune.

Kasarsai Dam – Places to visit near pune in Summer holidays

7- Beaches near Pune to visit in summer holidays.

Beaches are all time favorite of all, So you can visit beaches in any season but summer is perfect season for beach party as there are no plenty of options available for travel in summer as treks becomes hectic in summer and also the natures beauty will be less in summer days as greener hills will be yellowish during summer heat.

So Beach is ideal place to visit in summer, and There are plenty of options available near pune like, Alibaug beach which is around 120 KM from pune and its very clean beach to enjoy with friends and family. Night camping is also available there to have barbeque parties, drinks and all. Similar to Alibaug beach there are many beaches around it like Kashid Beach, Aksa Beach, Juhu Beach, Dive Agar Beach, Velas Beach, Murud Beach, Kihim Beach, Velas beach (where turtle festival is held during summer) etc. So these are Best Places to visit in summer near Pune.

beaches near pune to visit during May peak of summer

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8 – Igatpuri – Green places to visit in Summer near Pune & Nashik.

Igatpuri is one place where you can admire the beauty of nature and participate in certain activities full of things. You can also play pilgrim and visit other Hindu temples.

Distance from Pune: 248 km
Vihigaon Falls, Dhamma Giri Vipassana glob Academy, Thal G Bhavani Dam, and other tourist attractions

9- Bhandardara – Most popular place to visit near Pune.

This resort is a favorite of newlyweds. A peaceful place, beautiful mountains, and a green-covered town would be best for a weekend getaway during the summer.

Distance from Pune: 172 km
Tourist sites include Arthur Hill Lake, Bhandardara’s Umbrella Fall, Kalsubai, Wilson Dam, and Amruteshwar Temple.

10 – Malshej Ghat

If you are in a position to experience hiking or exploring mountains and waterfalls, you should choose Malshej Ghat as your next stop for a short trek. You will be thrilled to see so many waterfalls and thousands of birds in this area.

Distance from Pune: 139 km
Tourist attractions: Darkoba Peak, Pimpalgaon Joga Dam, Ajoba Hill Fort, Harishchandragad Fort, Pushpavati river, etc.

11- Karjat

One of the lively destinations to visit near the radius of Pune in the summer is Karjat, especially if you want to speed up the adrenaline rush into river rafting. Those who want to spend days sleeping here can arrange a picnic at a nature park in Karjat. So it is another popular & Best Places to visit in summer near Pune.

Distance from Pune: 180 km
Irshalgad, Sendai Fort, Morbe Dam, Bhimgad Fort, and Mahalakshmi Temple are a few of the tourist attractions in the area.

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12 – Panhala – Not very near but worth visiting.

The smallest city in Maharashtra, Panhala, can be your weekend getaway. If you like history, you will cheer this place well. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the renowned Maratha emperor, built the city. The pleasant climate and natural beauty of this area are commendable.

Distance from Pune: 240 km
Attractions: Panhala Fort, Jyotiba Temple, Sajja Kothi, Teen Darwaza

13- Saputara – best place to summer vacations near Pune, Mumbai & Gujrat.

Located at 1000 meters, Saputara is an unknown hill station near Pune. You can take a boat ride on the Saputara lake or see the rare birds and animals in Vansda National Park.

Distance from Pune: 288 km
Tourist attractions: Vansda National Park, Saputara lake, step garden, Sunset point, etc.

14 – Kaas Plateau

My blog author added this place in this list but I recommend to visit this place in September to November. Even if you are in the worst situation, this place will make you happy. Covered under the beds of 850 flowering plants, the Kaas Plateau does not look under the sky. Try visiting this area after the monsoon is over to see the flowers in full bloom between September and October.

Distance from Pune: 141 km
Tourist attractions: Vajarai Falls, Kaas Lake, etc.

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Conclusion on Places to visit in summer near Pune.

So our list of 14 Best Places to visit in summer near Pune is completed time to conclude – Summer resorts in Pune and the suburbs are numerous. But if you find yourself wearing out of time, you can still look at the things you can see in Pune this summer. Areas to visit within Pune include Shaniwar Wada, Aga Khan Palace, Sinhagad Fort, and Nebula, to name a few. Don’t forget to enjoy Shrewsbury Biscuits from Kayani Bakery, and if you feel patriotic enough, the National Defense Academy in Khadakwasla is not far away for a short tour.

Touring such destinations always gives excellent pleasure while winding through the weary roads. Pune is one of the best near destinations to visit economically and tour the local streets. So yes, get your bags packed and go for a trip with the ones you adore the most.

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