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5 Best reel songs for dog pets

5 best reel songs for dog pets, compiled here. Historically, there is always a great connection between humans and dogs. Probably, ever since the neolithic period, that is about 40, 000 years ago. Dogs are the best pet anyone can ever have. This is because they will not only, provide you with comfort but also with protection.

Dogs are often known for their ability to bark whenever they sense danger, therefore the owner’s household will be alerted prior, before any form of attack. If you are looking for the ideal playlist, for petting your dogs, then look no further because we have your back. This article provides, the 5 best reel songs for petting your dogs. The ones that will not only ensure that your videos are fun, but also that they are relatable.

5 best reel songs for dog pets
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I love my dog by Cat Stevens

We had to include this song in our 5 best reel songs for dog pets. I love my dog, is the ideal song that you can dedicate to your dog. Cat Stevens, through the song reveals that, people fade, you may have a friend today, but tomorrow they may be gone. Unlike humans, a dog’s love is constant, it’s one that you can always count on. Just like humans, dogs also need to be assured that they are loved, since they have the ability to hear.

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This is often seen in instances, when those who have petted their dogs long enough, can be able to send them to bring something, and shock on you, since the dog will actually bring the item. How beautiful is that? The lyrics clearly indicate this message, it states, “ I love my dog, as much as I love you but you may fade, my dog will always come through.” This words are so real, most especially in the current generation that we are in. So, you can use this song in your TikTok and Instagram reels, for the best output. It deserves to be among the 5 best reel songs for dog pets.

The Puppy Song by Harry Nilsson

What’s your definition of happiness? Well, every individual may give different answers. According to Harry Nilsson, his happiness lies in petting dogs, he says that the key to finding happiness, is through petting dogs, through this you can clearly tell he’s a dog lover just like you! In his lyrics, he states “If only I could have a puppy, I could count myself very lucky, just to have some company, to share a cup of tea with me…” in those lines, Harry brings the idea of companionship, meaning you can actually hang out with your dog pet, have a cup of tea and have fun.

With this Song, petting your dog will be way easier, as you’ll be having a song that reminds you of the great companion you have.If you’re looking for the best song, to add into your TikTok or Instagram reels, that which will symbolize Companion from your dog, then this is it! It’s a great song that deserves to be in this list of 5 best reel songs for dog pets.

I’m gonna Buy me a dog by The Monkees

This is another wonderful song to be part of our 5 best reel songs for dog pets. This magical masterpiece, was compiled by a group of teen guys, they were so popular, not only because of their talented work that they often displayed, but also because of their physical appeal, they comprised of the real meaning of cuteness, all the guys in the group are actually good looking. In the song, I’m gonna buy me a dog, the idea of one buying a dog so as to heal from a heartbreak is so evident. Since ,one will now be able to have a loyal friend who won’t leave some day, unlike humans.

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The song shows, how the singer woke up one morning, and received a call from his girlfriend, hurting his feelings through initiating a break up, such a painful ordeal indeed, thus he brings up the idea of buying himself a dog, which will never wake up and break up with him, since a pet’s love is usually raw and genuine from the start to the end. For the best output in your videos that display petting a dog, this song will be a plus for you. It is absolutely one of the 5 best reel songs for dog pets.

Like my Dog by Billy Currington

Truth be told, is that a dog’s love to it’s owner is so real. You can tell this, just by looking at their relationship. The dog, will always be present whenever it’s owner needs it, consequently, the owner will always ensure, that he/ she has provided food and shelter for the beloved pet. Therefore, with this concept in mind, Billy Currington tells his girlfriend, to love him just like his dog, since this kind of love is often, pure, loyal and constant.

The lyrics state that, “ He never tells me that he’s sick of this house, he never says why don’t you get off that couch? He doesn’t cost me nothing when he wants to go out, I want you to love me like my dog.” You should definitely consider this masterpiece,in your pet dogs TikTok and Instagram reels. It will deliver, and that’s why it’s one of the 5 best reel songs for dog pets.

The more boys I meet by Carrie Underwood

Sometimes, the guys we tend to meet are into playing games, and they end up hurting us. In this song, The more boys I meet, Carrie underwood talks about, her encounter with boys, she goes ahead to elaborate the fact that, the more boys she meets the more she loves her dog. This is due to their behavior, since each guy brings different awful experiences, she describes it as, “ they see her future as their past,” unlike them, her dog is gentle and sincere, thus with each experience she ends up loving her dog more.

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That’s a good song right there, isn’t it? I love this song, because it talks about the reality of things, this is what people go through when trying to find love, thus it’s relatable to our day to day experiences. So, if you are probably, wondering what’s the best song for your TikTok and Instagram reels, that deal with petting your dog, and prolly you’re having similar challenges, as Carrie Underwood in your relationships, then you should consider using it. It will bring out the concept so well and your viewers will relate to what you are talking about. Such an asset. We had to include this song in our 5 best reel songs for dog pets.

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