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5 Most haunted places in United States of America

5 Most haunted places in the united states of america, compiled here. We all have heard about ghosts and the haunted stories, prolly we thought that it’s only a joke, however, it has been stated by numerous people that this places actually exist. The fun fact about it is that, most of this places are open for visiting and a weekend getaway.

The haunted places, are all over the world, however in this article we are going to solely focus on the haunted places in the United States of America. People might think that in America, it’s all about good Infrastructure and clear skies, everything going on smoothly. But it can also been identified to have some of this haunted places and spaces. If you are looking for the 5 most haunted places in United States of America, then look no further. Here’s a list of them:

Bodie, California

Bodie, is one of the 5 most haunted places in California, America. It’s history it’s traced from 1870’s and 80’s, where it was first a home to about ten thousand people. In this area, there’s a lake known as Mono lake, it has hills surrounding it, it is in this hills where gold was found. For now, the place is owned by the state, as a State’s historic park.

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There have been various reports of supernatural activities that happen at this place, from strange sounds to ghosts. It is also said that, whoever takes anything from Bodie, however little it is even if it’s a stone or stick, they will be haunted and cursed. In most occasions, they’ll experience health problems. You can explore it this one of our 5 most haunted places in United States of America.

5 most haunted places in United States of America
Image showing Bodie, Carlifonia

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah Georgia

Bonaventure cemetery, is located in Georgia. It was featured in the novel of Midnight in the garden of good and evil, during the 90s era. It’s a place where people are burried, some of the people who have been buried here are poet Conrad Aiken, and singer Johnny Mercer. A distinguished figure who actually contributes to, makes this place to be reknown is Gracie Watson.

She died at the age of six years old, such a young age. Her grave has been observed to have, her hand resting on a tree stump which symbolizes how her life was cut short. As a normal, people often bring toys to her grave, most times they claim that they saw Gracie’s ghost. The place is haunted as you can hear strange sounds, children crying , barking dogs among others, furthermore you can see strange things like statues suddenly smiling at you.

5 most haunted places in the world, Bonaventure cemetery.
Image showing Bonaventure cemetery

Cahawba, Alabama

Cahawba, had to make it to this list of 5 most haunted places in USA. It is regarded as Alabama’s first capital and the most famous city when it comes to ghosts. It obtained it’s name, from the longest river in the city, it is located at the confluence of Alabama and Cahaba. After the civil war, it was abandoned and the slave burial ground is known for paranormal activities and ghost scenes.

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It attracts a massive of tourists, who are always curios to know what goes on there and how they operate. An example of the tales they get is that, of a luminous flouting orb, which appears in the former garden of colonel C.C. You can always check them out, they are open for visits. During the visits, ensure you comply with the policies that are given, observe all the rules and measures so as to be on the safer side.

Violating the terms and conditions, might put you in some great danger. It really won’t hurt, if you just follow the protocols given by the guides in the place. It really deserves to be included in the 5 most haunted places in America.

5 most haunted places in the world, image showing Cahawba, Alabama.
Image showing Cahawba, Alabama

Calcasieu courthouse, lake charles , louisiana.

This is also one of the 5 Most haunted places in USA. Calcasieu courthouse, it’s history traces to a lady named as Toni Jo Henry, who was a sex worker. She however, killed a man in cold blood in 1940, after three trials her fate was determined.

She became the first, and only woman in Louisiana to be executed by an electric chair. Her spirit has been said to still wonder all over the place, to the extent that workers feel her presence and tend to smell her burning hair. She makes life there quiet difficult to live, since she keeps disturbing the workers through slamming of doors, making of strange voices, fiddling with the equipments in offices among others.

If you are thrilled with ghosts then you can pay this place a visit for more exposure, and ghost experiences. To add the cherry on the cake, you can decide to even go with a group of friends, such experiences when felt with our friends usually bring the best memories. The ones that you will always reminisce about, plus it’s also for safety, at least with the group you can be sure that you are all together in it and you’ll be safe. It is absolutely one of the 5 most haunted places in United States of America.

The calcasieu courthouse image.
Image from Google showing Calcasieu courthouse

Dark street theater, Charleston, South Carolina

We had to include this into our list of 5 most haunted places in USA. Dark street theater Charleston, is located in South Carolina. This theatre, is one of the oldest theatres in time, it’s history is one of a kind. One that gives us a good view point on haunted places. It is located in the downtown Charleston. It occurred that fire burnt out the entire original theatre, so planter’s inn built another theatre on that spot, which was converted in 1930.

The popularly known ghost of this place is, Nettie Dickerson, who apparently history has it that he was struck by lightening when he was literally at the balcony. It is her shadow that has been spotted quite often, which tends to glide on the second floor of the theatre when , she is dressed in a beautiful red gown. The gown brings out the very best in her, it’s one of a kind. Furthermore, another reknown ghost that haunts the area is, Junius Brutus Booth.

He is a popularly known actor of the nineteenth century, he is actually the father of John Wilkes. The dark street theater, is a place that you can not miss out, if you want to experience the crazy ghosts experiences. You can check them out, and identify the days that they are open for visits. All the best as you explore this one of our 5 most haunted places in United States of America.

5 most haunted places in United States of America. Image showing Dark street theater.
Image from Google showing Dark street theater

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