November 28, 2023

Advantages of attending a Bootcamp for Cloud Computing Training

The traditional methods of conducting business no longer exist. It’s been replaced by cloud computing. Digital transformation has led companies of all sizes to move to cloud development.

Cloud computing is a practical solution for storing and accessing data through Internet-based servers. It improves a company’s expansion rate by making them more flexible, scalable, and profitable. 

In response to this global technological shift, IT companies are hiring professionals with expertise in computing services. Whether using a public or private cloud, a company can gain a competitive edge by employing professionals with in-depth knowledge of cloud computing services and the ability to reduce associated costs and risks. 

Therefore, cloud computing boot camps assist more students in becoming competent in the field by providing them with relevant industry-based education and experience. In addition, employees and businesses can benefit from cloud training, which offers practical knowledge on various cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform. 

A cloud computing training boot camp will help students master the core skills required for designing and deploying applications that help businesses scale. A cloud boot camp with certification offers many benefits to IT professionals. But before discussing that, let us first look at cloud computing and what to expect in a cloud boot camp. 

What is Cloud Computing?

In simple terms, the cloud refers to the internet that uses remote servers to store and access data, including files, documents, music, audio, video, etc. Cloud technology includes developing software, hardware, servers, and networks through a cloud service provider. Pay-as-you-go (or as-you-use) pricing makes these services convenient for enterprises. 

As it is the heart of every business, cloud service providers offer cloud computing services in private, public, and hybrid models. 

A cloud boot camp is ideal for an IT professional to gain the knowledge and experience needed to move up the career ladder and become a cloud engineer or architect. Let’s examine what to expect from a cloud computing boot camp course. 

What to expect from a Cloud Computing Bootcamp?

The cloud boot camp is a unique, intensive training program covered over a few weeks that aims to prepare candidates for real-world projects for organizations. Beginners with no experience in cloud computing will benefit from the training by learning the following skills and becoming proficient in the following tools:

  • Basic foundation and fundamentals in the AWS cloud
  • Cloud migration and deployment
  • A variety of programming languages like Python, Java, etc.
  • Webservices and API
  • Disaster recovery and database management
  • A wide range of tools like Amazon ELB, SQL, and Azure Container Services

Therefore, a boot camp will place you in the market by developing a well-versed strategy that will allow you to earn more than the competition, even if you have no prior experience in computing services. 

Benefits of enrolling in a Cloud Computing Bootcamp Certification

If you’re considering enrolling in a certification course, the video below will explain some of the more fundamental concepts covered in the training. Also, look at some of the advantages of a certification boot camp course:

  1. Practical knowledge

Industry experts and professionals lead a cloud development training program in the field, and the curriculum is designed by professionals working in the area. 

So, a cloud boot camp provides hands-on training and experience in designing and deploying applications based on projects applicable to various industries and professions. This practical training will give professionals the confidence to work in real-life situations. 

  1. A high-paying career

It has become an integral part of the information technology systems of many businesses throughout the globe. A certificate from an online cloud computing training program will increase your marketability and chances of getting better pay. 

According to Glassdoor, a cloud engineer in the USA is paid, on average, $152,743 annually by some top companies like eBay, Apple, Microsoft, etc. Similarly, an AWS-certified cloud architect’s salary is $163,016 annually in the United States. 

  1. High demand for Certificate holders

According to a report in Grand View Research, the U.S. computing market will grow from 2023 to 2030 at a rate of 14.1%. With this report, it is clear that there are multiple jobs in the cloud computing field, like that of a cloud engineer. Therefore, certification holders are a prerequisite for applying to large or small companies that provide integrated cloud solutions. 

  1. Credibility in the organization

Given the difficulty of completing a boot camp in such a short time frame, your success speaks volumes about your commitment to and competence in executing the project. Your employer will recognize and appreciate your potential to reduce the company’s exposure to risk and improve its operational efficiency.

  1.  Networking with experts

Since experts in the field design the curriculum, participants can network with those who share their interests and learn from one another and the instructors. In addition, professional instructors will guide you through relevant projects and share their knowledge to help you avoid making the same mistakes they did in the workplace. 

  1. Showcase required skills on the resume

A cloud development course will boost your credibility and dedication to your job and set you apart from other applicants during the interview process. A hiring manager will always give greater weight to a resume that includes a list of relevant skills and certifications than they would to one that does not. 


Investing time and money into attending a cloud computing boot camp is well justified. As you can probably guess from reading about the advantages of attending a cloud boot camp, you can advance your career by demonstrating your ability to provide your employer with more valuable solutions than your peers. 

If you want to pursue and upskill your career with the right skills and certifications, check out Simplilearn’s cloud computing training courses to strengthen your CV and job profile.

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