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Best reels songs for family videos on Instagram & TikTok.

Best reels songs for family videos on Instagram & TikTok in English. – Your family are the most important people in your life. Many of us wouldn’t be where we are without our family. Maybe it’s your mum, dad, sister, spouse, or other family members, they mean a lot to us. Family is a source of support, love, frustrations, and also embarrassment. In addition to that, they also give a shoulder to cry on during hard times. We should be grateful and feel lucky to have a family that supports us.

Thanks to the family Day for celebrating and spending time with family. We can also celebrate our families on tiktok videos while adding some lovely family songs. So, what are the best tiktok songs for family? In this article, we have your answer by listing the best songs for family reels. We’ve included, hip-hop, R&B, pop, and more other songs. Without further ado, Here are the best reels songs for family.

Best reels songs for family videos on Instagram & TikTok.
Best reels songs for family videos on Instagram & TikTok.

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Best reels songs for family videos in English for Instagram, TikTok & YouTube shorts.

1- ‘We are family’ by sister sledge.

Sister sledge, is a band of four sisters from one family. This team of four sisters are good in making world class hits. The song ‘we are family’ is one of their greatest hits you can include in your tiktok videos. The song writers are Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards. This awesome tune has been considered as the best anthem for unity as well as showing the benefits of family bonds. InIn 2001, this great masterpiece was made again for terrorist attack in America. The song has featured all time best, director spike Lee. Another best reels songs for Family slideshows & Videos Background.

This song has 1.5 crore views on YouTube & 29K users used this song for making Instagram reels. Use we are family song for Instagram reels.

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19s songs for family videos, Short videos

2- ‘My father’s eyes’ by Eric Clapton.

A good number of musicians have had a difficult upbringing, with Eric Clapton being one of them. There are others who fall on the same side, for example Dave Gilmour, Jeff Buckley, and John Lennon. For instance, Clapton never met his dad even after being popular. However, he states that his dad was always available. The lyrics “ bit by bit, I’ve realized, that he was here with me.” Surely, those are sweet words. Trending reels song for family short videos.

This song has 2.9 crore views on YouTube & 869 users used this song for making Instagram reels. Use My father’s eyes song for Instagram reels.

Best song for family video background

3- ‘Dream brother’ by Jeff Buckley.

Jeff Buckley was so unlike since the father divorced with his mum barely a month before his birth. His father’s absence was not great for him. However, the idea in this song was written to his friend(Chris Down) who wanted to break with the pregnant girlfriend. He sends a message to plea his friend Chris Down not do the same mistake that was made earlier by his father.

The sentiments are beautiful, “don’t be like the one who left behind his name, cause they’re waiting for you like i wanted for mine and nobody ever came.” This song can be a great message to family members who want to leave their own behind. It reminds us blood is thicker than water. You can use it’s tune to pass the message to the family. Moreover, it will also make a great background music for your tiktok reels on family memories videos.

This song has 11 Lakh views on YouTube & 52 users used this song for making Instagram reels. Use Dream brother song for Instagram reels.

Trending reels songs for family memories video

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4- ‘Family portrait’ by Pink.

When pink was 9 years, the father left, leading to family breakup. This song was written by pink at around that time but took additional 12 years before being recorded. This song stirs a lot of emotions, if you’ve ever experienced family breakup you’ll understand the feeling. Like many kids, normality is what they want in a family. This song has emotional message for family. You can listen to the message before incorporating in your tiktok videos. Just like many songs, this one is for a specific purpose. Best Family song for Instagram reels and TikTok, YouTube shorts. You can use this song for Family memories slideshow.

This song has 9.3 crore views on YouTube & 409 users used this song for making Instagram reels. Use Family portrait song for Instagram reels.

best reels songs for family tiktok

5- ‘Father and daughter’ by Paul Simon .

The industry has a number of songs about the father and his daughters bond. ‘Father and daughter’ is one of the greatest hits about that bonding. It has sweet message from Paul Simon to his daughter Lulu. It will impress as a background song for tiktok reels created by a father to his daughter.

Simon assures the daughter that he will always be available for her, if not by flesh but also in memory. Here is that lovely message “ I’m gonna watch you shine, gonna watch you grow, gonna paint a sign, so you always know, as long as one and one is two, ooh ooh, there could never be a father, love his daughter more than I love you” Excellent reels song for Father & Daughter family video.

This song has 58 Lakh views on YouTube & 751 users used this song for making Instagram reels. Use Father and daughter song for Instagram reels.

Best reels songs for family videos

6- ‘You raise me up ’Josh Groban .

‘You raise me up’ is a melodramatic song you can include in your list to dedicate to your family via tiktok reels. This message is uplifting and will pass awesome information to your family. Those family members who have lifted you up from your lowest moment, this is the great hit to dedicate to them. The title itself suggest the information contained in this hit. You can try this masterpiece in your tiktok videos. Good luck! One of the best Reels songs for family slideshow & Videos.

This song has 13 crore views on YouTube & 3913 users used this song for making Instagram reels. Use You raise me up song for Instagram reels.

family slideshow songs

7- ‘Mockingbird’ by Eminem.

We cannot be talking about the best reel songs for family without including this lovely song by Eminem. This song is about a love letter written by Eminem to his daughters, Hailie. Unfortunately, his ex wife had left and he decided to dedicate to daughter Hailie and adopted daughter, Alaina.

This song sends a message that he’ll be there for his daughters all the time. Eminem also feels a sense of guilt as he’s also apologetic for everything that has happened. The message “and I know you miss your dad when l’m gone, but I am tryin to give you the life that i never had.” Is a sweet message a father can pass to his daughters. No doubt that the message itself shows how this guy takes being a father and parenting seriously. Another Best English reels songs for Family shorts on Instagram reels.

This song has 60 crore views on YouTube & 7608 users used this song for making Instagram reels. Use Mockingbird song for Instagram reels.

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8- ‘just the two of us’ by Withers ft Grover Washington, jr.

Like it’s title, ‘Just two of us’ is a great dedication between two people. For instance, it can be a dedication to either a parent or child. Looking at it’s sentiments, no doubt that it’s universal hence can be a dedication to anyone. This song is great for appreciating a relationship between two individuals. Here are part of the lyrics “just the two of us, we can make it if we try. Just the two of us(just the two of us) just the two of us, building castles in the sky, just the two of us, you and I. So this is one of Best reels songs for Family videos on Instagram reels, Tiktok & YouTube shorts.

This song has 3.5 crore views on YouTube & 37K users used this song for making Instagram reels. Use just the two of us song for Instagram reels.

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