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Best Hartalika Teej 2023

Hartalika Meaning – Harita means the one taken and Lika means friend. Parvati was taken to penance by her friends to attain Shiva, hence Parvati is called Haritalika. And this penance performed by Parvati is called Haritalika Vrat.


When is Hartalika?

Auspicious time Hartalika fast is performed every year on Bhadrapada Shuddha Tritiya. This year 18 September 2023 is Monday. Shubh Muhurt – It is from 06.07 am to 08.34 am

Hartalika Teej 2023 Introduction

Our country India has a religious tradition and we celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm and joy. Haritalika Vrat is one such festival which is celebrated on Tritiya of Bhadrapada month i.e. on the third day of Bhadrapada month. Today, we have brought to you all the information about how to do this fast, and the story about the importance of this festival, through this article. So let’s see Haritalika Vrat.

Hartalika Katha History

According to a legend, after the self-immolation of Goddess Sati, Lord Shankar took Sannyas and fell into spirituality. Sati took birth as Mata-Parvati the daughter of a Himalayan king. Eventually when she became marriageable, at the behest of Narada, the Himalayan kings decided to marry Parvati to Lord Vishnu. But Parvati loved Lord Shankar.

She wanted Lord Shankar as her husband. Then her friend abducted her and hid her in the Himalayas. Performed severe penance to get Lord Shankara as her husband. Pleased by his penance, Lord Shankara decided to leave his silence, re-enter the householder’s life, and accepted Mata-Parvati as his consort. This auspicious coincidence happened on the third day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada, hence Haritalika is celebrated on this date.

  • Name of the festival – Hartalika
  • Dedicated to – Lord Shankar
  • Another name – Haritalika Vrat
  • Religion – Hinduism
  • When is – On the day before Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Marathi month – Bhadrapada
  • English Month – August/September

Where is Hartalika celebrated in India?

  • This fast is celebrated all over India. To get a good husband like Parvati, virgins in India do this fast. Also, for the long life of her husband, Suvasini women observe Haritalika Vrat with great devotion.
  • This fast is observed in the Indian states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Rajasthan.
  • In Tamil Nadu, Gauri Utsav is celebrated for three days from Bhadrapada Shuddha II. Their virgins and fortunate women observe this fast.
  • This fast is observed in Maharashtra as well as in the state of Goa.

Importance of Hartalika

This Hartalika Vrata is observed for the long life of the husband, as well as to express our goodwill and love towards him, as well as for the kumari ka to get the desired husband. One of the important reasons for performing this fast is that doing Haritalika fast removes all sins as well as family worries. This privilege of worshiping Lord Shankar and Mother Parvati is only for women. The fast of Hartalike is considered to be the longest fast in Hinduism. Like Nirjala Ekadashi, a strict fast is also observed on this Haritalika Vrat day. On the next day, the fast is broken by making an offering to the goddess.

Features of Hartalika Vrat

This fast was performed by Mother Parvati to attain Lord Shankara. This vow was performed in a dense forest, so whatever fruits, flowers, and leaves in nature were available in this forest were used for this pooja. Fruits from this forest were also used for eating. Therefore, during this fast, natural flowers, fruits, and leaves are used for worship. Similarly, this fast is done by eating fruits.

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Why celebrate Hartalika?

Mother Parvati made Lord Shankar her husband. Like Mother Parvati, Indian virgins do this to find a suitable partner, similarly, Indian Suhasinis do this fast to express their sincere love for their husbands for long life. It is believed to bring the grace of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shankar. It is also said to bring happiness, peace, and contentment to the home. Therefore, this fast is observed every year by Indian virgins and virgin women with great devotion and strict fasting.

Hartalika Puja Sahitya

Hartalika Teej Puja Vrat Katha Marathi Best Hartalika Teej 2023

White flowers, banana leaf, all kinds of leaves around us, fruits and flowers, bel patra, red cloth, white cloth, vida, Shami Patra, mango leaves, sreephal, dhotra, tulsi, nadapudi, complete auspicious things for Mata Gauri including bangles, Bindi, Kunku, Vermilion, etc. Turmeric, Tamhan, Palli, Panchapatra, Ashtagandh, Samai, Gulal, Ghee, Niranjan, Oil, Hartalike idol, Shivling, Diva, Camphor, Akshata, Abeer, Ganesha Pujan, Chandan, Shahali, Banana, Kalash.

Hartalika Teej Fast Story Pooja Ritual –

  • First, worship the God in the house.
  • Then make all the preparations for the pooja and arrange the pooja materials.
  • First of all, take a plate.
  • Rangoli should be drawn from the side of the plate.
  • After that, the idols of Harithalike should be placed on the board and installed. Also, Shivling should be kept in front.
  • Burn time on the side. Vida should be kept on the board.
  • Then do Ganesh Poojan first.
  • In the beginning, one should carry turmeric-kunku and Akshata to the idol of Haritalike.
  • After that flowers should be offered.
  • White clothes should be worn for Shivlinga and red clothes should be worn for idols of Haritalike.
  • Ashwagandha, sandalwood should be applied to Shivling.
  • After this, garlands of flowers and Nadapudi should be offered to the idols of Haritalike.
  • Leaves of all kinds of trees should be placed on the Shivlinga, and flowers should be placed on the Haritalika.
  • After this Niranjan and Agar Batti should be waved to Haritalike and Shivlinga.
  • The story of Haritalike should be read by showing the offerings of Shahale and Keli.
  • Aarti of Hartalika should be done.

Conclusion of Puja

  • Wake up early the next morning, take a clean bath, and wear clean clothes.
  • Gather and arrange the worship materials.
  • Again worship Haritalika and Shivlinga.
  • After that wave Niranjan and Agarbatti.
  • After that, an offering of Haritalike’s khichdi should be made.
  • By praying to the goddess, if something goes wrong in the worship, ask for forgiveness.
  • After that again carry the Akshata of Uttara Puja and take aside the Nirmalya on Haritalika and Shivlinga.
  • After this Haritalika and Shivlinga should be immersed in water.
  • The Nirmalya of worship should also be immersed.
  • After this everyone should share khichdi as an offering.

Rules of Hartalika Puja

  • Take a clean bath and perform a pooja.
  • Fruit should be eaten after pooja and not before.
  • Like other fasts, no food should be eaten during this fast.
  • This fast should not be left at night.
  • On the next day, the fast should be broken after the Uttara Pooja.
  • This fasting should preferably be done without water.
  • This fast cannot be stopped once started. Also, if this fast is missed for some reason, it cannot be repeated.

Hartalika Mantra

The importance of this fast is very great. By doing this vrata, the blessings of Mother Parvati and Lord Shankar are received and the husband gets a long life, fame, and prestige. This is the auspicious mantra…

Mantras to please Lord Shiva

  • Om Namah Shivaya:
  • Om Harai Namah.
  • Om Maheshwaray Namah.
  • Om Shambhava Namah.
  • Om Shulpanaye Namah.
  • Om Pinakvrishe Namah.
  • Om Pashupatye Namah.

Mantas to please Mother Parvati

  • Namah without Om.
  • Om Umayya Namah.
  • Om Parvatyaya Namah.
  • Om Jagaddhatraya Namah.
  • Om Jagatpratisthaayai Namah.
  • Om Shantirupanya Namah.

Friends, today at through this web page we will learn about Hartalika Vrat, the history of Vrat, its importance, and how to do this Vrat. This knowledge has been conveyed to you with minimal effort. Comment to let us know how you feel about this information. See you again with a new topic. Hello until then.


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