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best color trading/prediction games websites in India.

color trading games / color prediction games are trending nowadays due to high returns in less time. I am earning daily 3000 to 4000 Indian rupees using these top color trading games. You can start investing from 100 rupees but higher you invest higher you will earn. Because lower investment slower multiplication of money.

Note – Game is not for person under 18 age & this game involves financial risk so play responsibly.

What is color prediction/guessing game to make money?

If you are looking for easy and quick way to earn money online in India where you can earn huge money in less time. Then color prediction game is perfect for you The prediction is also very less risky as you just need to bet between Red or green so probability of your winning will be 50% no any betting system gives you this much probability. Similarly if you predict number between 1-9 and if you win you will earn 10X cash. for example if you select 5 number and invest 500 rupees and if it comes in results then you will get 5000 rupees. So lets explore Best online earning apps and color prediction games.

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Top 5 best color trading games websites in India.

1- Daman games – color trading game/App.

My success story with Daman Games color/number guessing game.

When I started trading using Daman color trading app first i added 100 rupees and lost it same day. First i thought its fu***** game need to stop playing but then again i added 200 INR and played this time i invested wisely and waited for proper sequence and color trend to form then I started winning and on that day I earned 5000 INR using 200 rupees investment.

Then i started to play the game regularly for 1-2 hour’s after my regular job and i earn 1000 – 1500 profit daily and i am earning more than my job by working daily 1-2 hours. I suggest to play on colors only there are more winning chances as compared to Number. Read Hindi ReviewDaman Games online paise kamane wala App.

Daman Games payment proof.

Daman Games payment proof.
Daman Games payment proof.

Note – If you won’t play smartly and safely then there are chances of losses.

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2-Fiewin App- 30 seconds color trading app & 4+ money making games.

Today I am here with new App which let you make money by playing different kind of games online, you can make money with low investment as well you can start with as less as 20 rupees and can earn lots of money. You need to make small investment to make money with FieWin higher you invest higher profit you will make. Below are the features of FieWin earn money by gaming app.

  • More than 5 lakhs users who earned 75 crores till now.
  • Different game options available to earn money by playing games online like fast parity, Minesweeper, Dice, andar bahar game & our regular 3 minute color prediction game.
  • Trustworthy game verified by banks & UPI payment interfaces. So you can rely on this game to earn money online by playing games.

Fiewin games to make money online?

fiewin offers below games to earn money online.

  • color prediction – Fast parity & regular parity
  • Andar Bahar game.
  • Dice
  • Minesweeper
  • Crash game to make money by predicting spaceship travel duration.

Fiewin Payment proof.

fiewin payment proof

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Read detailed review of Fiewin money making app.

3- Big Daddy Game – Online casino game.

Already I am earning huge income from Daman games. Now i have come up with new casino app called Big Daddy Game. where you can earn money by playing multiple games Like Fishing, Casino like Baccarat & Dragon Tiger, Slots and also colour prediction game available to play. You can also earn money without risk using Big Daddy Promotion Scheme where you just need to refer friends to play and you will earn commission whenever your friends plays the game. So lets learn about Big Daddy Game.

Bigdaddygame has multiple games in which colour prediction game is popularly played, My favourite game is Baccarat. They also has a refer and earn promotion scheme, which has high earning potential. Not only you get commission from your direct referral but also when that referred friend refers more people you also get level 2 commission and this system works until Level 3 So you can earn lots of money with refer and earn scheme. So this way you can earn money without investment. So you can try out Big daddy game which is popular colour prediction game.

Read detailed review of Big Daddy Game.

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Big Daddy Casino withdrawal proof - Colour prediction game
Big Daddy Casino Payment proof – Colour prediction game

3 – Mantrimalls – Best color trading app in India.

Hello guyz, here we are to explain in detail about color prediction game to make money online with very less investment. you can earn 300-400 daily if you invest 100 rupees & if you can invest higher you will earn more. As whatever you invest will gets doubled. So lets see MantriMalls Color prediction game review, How to Play color prediction game?, how to earn money with number prediction? Wingo color prediction game all the details provided in this post.

Color trading game is new game in which you can predict which color will be shown next in sequence of colors. There are 2 colors only in which you need to select one and results gets declared in 2.5 minutes. If your selected color comes next then you will get double cash. That’s simple. You can make good amount of cash by this game if you play in right manner.

Example – If you select green color as your prediction & invest 500 rupees on it, you need to wait for 2.5 minutes countdown & if green color comes then you will win & you will get double Money i.e. 1000 rupees. So try playing this color prediction game & win real money.

Mantrimalls Payment proof.

WhatsApp Image 2021 11 08 at 16.48.20 best color trading/prediction games websites in India.
mantrimalls color trading game payment proof

Join Mantrimalls now.

Read detailed review of Mantrimalls – Color prediction Game – MantriMalls to earn 1K-2000Rs a day.

4 Color prediction game review

Vclub color prediction game claims that they are government approved & legal color prediction game. They have been operating stably from more than 3 years & have a legal operation certificate issued by India govt. So it is TrustWorthy Colour prediction game.

Vclub welcome bonus.

When you register to you will get 121 Rs free bonus, which you can use to play color prediction game without investment. But you cant bet more than 10 rupees per session also you need to recharge with atleast 200 to withdraw your earnings. So join get bonus and start making money with Vclub colour prediction game.

Vclub payment proof

Vclub withdrawal proof
Vclub withdrawal proof

Join Now.

Read detailed review of Vclub – Vclub Color prediction game – Earning Apk download.

5 – TC Games- colour prediction game in India.

TC games is another game similar to Daman games where you can earn real cash by playing different games like colour prediction, Casino, Sports betting, Slots etc. Hello risk takers, at start i want to tell you that all color prediction, rummy and online casino games involves risks so play responsibly. I am going to review Fiemalls color prediction game today. In color prediction game winning chances are high as probability of Win to loose ratio is 50:50 and within 2.5 minutes your money gets doubled so lets discuss about FieGame one of the best color prediction games.

You can also earn additional income without investment by referring your friends. You will earn 100 rupees friend and additional commission whenever they bet.

TC GAmes - Best color trading app to earn money
TC GAmes – Best color trading app to earn money

Join TC 9987 Now.

Read detailed review of TC GAmes.

How to Download Color trading apps?

To download apps of above color prediction games for android devices. You just click on joining link and on homepage at upper corner you will get app download link for color prediction game. Then you can start making money online.

How to earn money with color prediction games without investment?

this option also available with above best color prediction apps. You just need to join the color trading game by using links provided. Then go to promotion section (for Fiewin and Daman Games) then copy invite link and share the game with your friends. When your friends play you will get commission on every order of friend additionally you will get 100 rupees per friend.

In case of fiewin you need to go to Invite tab then click on my link and share it with your friends and earn free money. You can withdraw referral earnings directly or you can play game so you can double the cash using color trading. So here you need not to invest any money. just refer friends and play using commission you get when your friends plays the game.

Must Read – Vclub Color prediction game – Earning Apk download. (legal game & 121Rs joining bonus)

Must try Colour prediction games.

Mantrimalls – Color prediction Game – MantriMalls to earn 1K-2000Rs a day.
Vclub – Vclub Color prediction game – Earning Apk download.
Daman Games- Daman games hindi reviewgreat colour trading apk.
Fiewin – – Earn Money by playing color prediction, Dice, Andar Bahar & Fast Parity


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