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Rajmachi Fort Trek guide and information

Rajmachi Fort

Shrivardhan Rajmachi Fort Information –

Rajmachi Fort is a famous destination for nature lovers and trekking lovers and attracts many tourists. It usually takes two to three hours to complete the journey. People of different ages can easily trek this fort. Even beginners can climb this trek easily.

Rajmachi Fort Trek is in the middle of two popular hill stations Karjat and Lonavla, You can start trekking from Lonavla or Karjat for the trek. Manranjan Fort is at an altitude of 2510 feet and this fort is a west-facing fort. While Shrivardhan Fort is 2710 feet, it is an east-facing fort.

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On the way to Rajmachi Fort
One can reach Rajmachi village from Lonavla via Tungali – Lonavla – Tungali. This path is approximately 19 kilometers long. It takes four to five hours to climb the fort through this route.

Karjat to Kondivede route – Kondivede village can be reached by bus from Karjat. It may take three to four hours to reach the fort through this route.

Do not go for trekking during heavy rains. Trekking should be done after predicting the weather.
Proper shoes should be used, slippers should not be worn.
Trekking should be done with friends or family. Do not trek alone.
Keep a map of the area you intend to explore on foot.
Trekking should be done carefully to prevent environmental damage.

Things to carry while trekking –

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  • Carry a good trekking pole.
  • The time required for trekking can be two to three hours. carry water with you.
  • Dry fruits should be kept with it. when you feel hungry then you can eat it also.
  • Keep an energy drink with you.
  • Carry more pairs of shoes.
  • Carry your identity proof with you.
  • Keep the whistle with you. So if you get lost while trekking, it will help you to call other companions.

Best time to visit Rajmachi Fort –

Shrivardhan Rajma Fort is open to tourists throughout the year. But to enjoy the scenic, supernatural views of this fort, November to April is the best time. During this period, the Rajma Fort is surrounded by greenery, and the atmosphere has a distinct calmness. So tourists can enjoy seeing the Rajma Fort very closely and in a pleasant way.

Important Tips for Visiting Rajmachi Fort –

  • The fort is open from 6.00 am to 6.30 pm.
  • There is no entry fee to visit Shrivardhan Rajmachi Fort.
  • Trekking to the fort is easy.
  • You can visit the fort at any time of the year. But between November and April, you can see the fort of Srivardhan Rajma, which is completely untouched by nature.

How to visit Rajmachi Fort?

Road Route –
Shrivardhan Rajma Fort is well connected to major cities, you can visit the fort by Maharashtra State Transport Corporation bus or by your own car.

Railway Line –
There is no railway station in Srivardhan Rajmachi. But Mangaon is the nearest railway station near Shrivardhan Rajma Fort. It is approximately 45 km. Alighting at this railway station, you can travel from Mangaon to Srivardhan by bus or taxi.

By Air –
Pune International Airport is available for coming from Pune, and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is also available for coming from Mumbai.

Places of interest near the fort –

Harihareshwar Beach
Kalabhairav ​​Temple –
Ganesh Galli –
Diveagar Beach –
Bagmandala –
Somjadevi Temple –
Kandivali Beach –
Shankar Temple –
Kushmeshwar Temple –

Accommodation Near Rajmachi Fort –

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Srivardhan offers you the best accommodation according to your budget. At the same time, you can enjoy various seafood due to the beach that Srivardhan enjoys. Udhewadi village near Rajmachi fort offers good accommodation. The rooms built by the Rajmachi Ruler Aid and Development Program also have good accommodation facilities. Likewise, your food is also well catered for.

  • Hotel Shrivardhan
  • Hotel Atul
  • Parsi Dhaba
  • Cream Della
  • Nisarga Garden Family Restaurant

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Is the trek to Rajma difficult?
Rajmachi trek is easy for trekking. Even beginners can complete this trek very easily. This trek is not that difficult for any age group.

rajmachi fort is how long ?
Rajma Fort is very beautiful, and glorious, surrounded by greenery, and Manranjan and Shrivardhan are the two forts of this fort. It usually takes two to three hours to climb Rajmachi Fort.

What can we see from Rajmachi Point?
From Rajmachi point, we can see the surroundings of Rajmachi fort, waterfalls, valleys and Pavana, Tung, Tikona, Lohgad, Visapur in Maval region and Peth, Bhimashankar, Dhakar Fort, Gorakhgad, Siddhagad, Chanderi on the other side.

What is the distance between Pune and Rajmachi Fort? And how long will it take?
The distance from Pune to Rajmachi Fort is approximately 85 kilometers and the journey can take approximately two hours.
What is the time to visit Rajma fort?
Rajmachi Fort is open for tourism from 6.00 am to 6.30 pm.


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