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Shrivardhan Rajma Fort best information in 2023


Shrivardhan Rajma Fort Information –

The well-known Shrivardhan Fort is one of the two forts Manranjan and Shrivardhan that make up the Rajma Fort. These are two forts. Shrivardhan Fort is located near the village of Rajmachi, The fort is situated at a height of about 900 meters in the Sahyadri mountain range. One of the main attractions is the fort of Shrivardhan Rajma in Lonavla-Khandala, the fort has been known since Vedic times. We will read further in this article the detailed information about Rajmachi Fort.

The name of the fort is Shrivardhan Rajmachi Fort

  • When built in the eleventh century
  • Time- The time of Satavahanas
  • Location- Near Karjat
  • Height -900 meters
  • Use- watchtower
  • Distance from Mumbai is 189 km
  • Distance from Pune is 159 km

Pre-Shiva History –

Shrivardhan Rajma Fort

Shrivardhan Rajma Fort is a famous fort from Vedic times and this fort was used as a teahouse. The mention of this fort dates back to the eleventh century. This fort is also said to have been built during the Satavahana period. Rajmachi Fort is famous as Kondhana Caves. Because there are Buddhist caves on its western slope. Excavated during the early Satavahana period, this cave is a fine specimen of exquisite stone-carved architecture.

These caves include Chaitya Griha and Seven Viharas. Srivardhan and Manranjan are two forts on Rajmachi. After 1657, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took Rajmachi, Lohgad, Tung, Tikona, and Visapur, forts on the Bor Ghat between Pune and Kalyan into Swarajya.

When did Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj conquer Rajma Fort?
Kalyan was invaded in 1657, at that time Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj brought various forts on Borghat in the Kalyan division, including Rajmachi Fort, Lohgad, Tung, Tikona, Visapur under his control.

The result of all this was that the entire region from Pune to Thane was annexed to the Maratha Empire. All these forts acquired by Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj remained in the Maratha Empire till the lifetime of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj.

Shahu Maharaj gave this fort to Kanhoji Angre in 1713. Then in 1730 this fort came to Bajirao Peshwa I. In 1776 AD, when Sadashivarao Bhau’s successor captured the Konkan region, he also established his supremacy over the fort of Rajmachi.

As Totaya’s power and empire grew, the Peshwas attacked him and captured the fort of Rajma and its surroundings. But this fort did not remain under the control of the Peshwas for long. In 1818, the British captured this fort.

Geographical Structure –

Rajmachi Shrivardhan Fort Information Marathi – Shrivardhan Rajmachi Fort is 900 meters high from the base and its height is 2710 feet from the sea level. Close to Lonavala city, Shrivardhan Rajma Fort is situated in the Sahyadri mountain ranges and is a popular tourist destination for trekking.

Kalyan-Nalasopara were known as major trading ports in ancient times. Borghat Marg, the route to Pune, was an ancient trade route for communication from these ports. This route was used extensively for communication. The fort of Rajma played an important role in controlling these trade routes and as a teahouse.

Geographically, from Rajmachi Fort, Pavana, Tung, Tikona, Lohgad, and Visapur in Maval province and on the other side, Peth, Bhimashankar, Dhakar Fort, Gorakhgad, Siddhagad, Chanderi can be seen.

Construction –

Rajmachi has a huge fortified wall around the fort boundary, still in good condition. Caves from the Buddhist period can also be seen at this fort. Traces of earlier mud structures were also found at the fort. We can see two sources of Baramahi water at the fort.

Shrivardhan Rajma Fort is a masterpiece of traditional architectural art. Manranjan and Shrivardhan child forts in this place are surrounded by green forests and there are a total 17 towers in this place. These towers were used as teahouse towers.
The fort has a palace, temple, etc. One can see the fine construction of the thing.

Special Subway in Rajmachi Fort –

The underground at Rajmachi Fort is so big that 2000 to 3,000 people can stay comfortably in this place during times of crisis. Summer is the best time to explore this subway. Water accumulates in this place during monsoon and the amount of grass is more in winter.

Distance from Main City to Rajmachi Fort –

The distance from Mumbai to Rajmachi Fort is approximately 99 kilometers and the journey may take three hours.
The distance from Pune to Rajmachi Fort is approximately 85 kilometers and the journey may take two hours.

Duration / Days –
It can take one to two days to visit Rajmachi Fort and nearby sightseeing spots.

Languages ​​Spoken –

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Attractions at Rajmachi Fort –

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Rajmachi Fort is a famous tourist destination that amazes tourists with its fascinating surroundings, history, and breathtaking beauty. Attractions at Rajmachi Fort are as follows –

Sunrise and sunset views –
Watching the sunrise and sunset from Rajmachi Fort is a different kind of fun. Rajmachi fort is the main attraction of Rajmachi fort with the sunrise accompanied by the chirping of birds and the spectacular sunset.

Bhairavanath Temple –
The fort of Rajma is spacious and the Bhairavanath temple is located on the grounds of the fort. This temple is very famous and beautiful and dedicated to Lord Shivshambu. It is believed that this temple was built during the Maratha period.

Waterfalls –
There are many waterfalls near Rajmachi Fort, which are a special attraction for tourists. Among these waterfalls, Kondeshwar is a famous waterfall, approximately four kilometers from Rajmachi Fort.

Wildlife –
Monkeys, katinders, foxes, and other bird species, as well as many types of wildlife, roam the Rajmachi Fort. It seems that Rajmachi Fort has been considered as their home by these wild animals. So you can see different types of birds and wildlife at the fort.

Udayasagar Lake –

rajmachi5 Shrivardhan Rajma Fort best information in 2023

Udayasagar Lake is one of the attractions at Rajmachi Fort. This lake overflows during monsoon. At that time, the entire Rajmachi fort blossomed with panoramic views due to the lush greenery and countless waterfalls.

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