September 23, 2023

Consciousness a key to understanding our existence.

All about Consciousness.

Consciousness in terms of literal meaning implies accounting of knowledge of all the things around us together. Have you ever wondered what makes you investigate a situation or a problem from a third or fourth person view when you strongly believe you are just made up of flesh wrapped around skeletons, organs, and a brain controlling your thought process?

What if there is something beyond these basic scientific laws mentioned in those nerdy library textbooks? What if your consciousness is a key in understanding the intelligence and other theories of physics like quantum physics, astral projection,thinkitation, time dilatation, and other ideas to prove their existence in this webbed world of wandering cosmos.

All about Consciousness.
All about Consciousness.

Consciousness is as vast as an expanding universe with galaxies on every corner; here are few concepts of consciousness based on experimentation and research done by leading psychologists, analysts, researchers, doctors, and other members of the elite human brain activities investigation department.

Study of consciousness from the angle of Visistadvaita philosophy

Visistadvaita’s philosophy lingers around the individual soul as a subject of research or evaluation and not from a worldly object. According to this theory, a human being can perceive an object or a visual image only if the consciousness is contained inside our soul, an unconscious person cannot perceive a visible object or an embodiment, the eyes may be wide open, the picture might be pushing down on the retina, but without a deep underlying consciousness of the soul, a person cannot see an object which concludes that brain itself is not responsible for perceiving an image.
This theory was dated long back in our Indian Upanishads. Anatman or an individual soul is connected with our mind, the mind is associated with the vital organ, and the organ is connected to the object for the generation of visual stimulation.

Study of Consciousness concerning cognitive sciences

Consciousness from a concrete base for understanding the advances in the cognitive sciences ranging from human behavioral actions to intermittent neuroscientific research done by the leading researchers worldwide.
To understand the role of consciousness, we have to understand the relation between consciousness and other elements of human nature; for instance, recent studies have logically proposed a theory on how attention and consciousness are related to one another, which thereby leads to our central and peripheral stimulus to be explored. Research related to our blinking unstable attention and human organ stability showcases that our attention processing unit and other temporal aspects of perception form a base of contents required to function your cognitive consciousness.

Control of consciousness through yogic integration

Yoga is like a malleable therapy invented by our ancient sages by opening the natural chakras present throughout our entire body; In contrast, yoga has its way of devising and deciding various spiritual ways of understanding consciousness, yoga is still considered as just a part of some ancient mythology by few western research firms who solely view the aspect of unfolding the elements of consciousness traditionally.
Yoga need not go against the basic science laws, nor has to disprove the theories penned down by neurologists or psychiatrists while discussing consciousness. Sciences of brain laws unfold few aspects of conditions to be addressed in a global forum, but still, it has a loose feather of facts to be attached while evolving consciousness, and that’s the logic aspect. The Nyaya school of ancient India was famous for the term logical thinking, according to which if we touch an object like a palm leaf with our tiny fingers, our visual stimulus helps our brain to process the information by connecting it with various aspects of our memory and reasoning, in accordance to which our fingers need not remember the contact we made with the palm leaf which explains how single entities like our organs do not contain the processing unit to send a signal on its own; instead, it helps in transmitting a signal through our human pathways.
Yoga has its way of exploring our consciousness; we have to wait to unify Western sciences and Indian philosophies to understand the broader aspect.

Understanding of consciousness through the eyes of a Neurologist

The leading neurologists all over the world believe that the activities in mind depend on our brain functions, but let’s try to take a look from another angle, why our brain never informs a human individual’s consciousness about an abnormality like a stroke, brain tumor, though the brain is aware of the underlying abnormality still it tries to hide the pain to the individual’s consciousness.
The brain uniquely has two critical features, the first one provides a vector for our working consciousness, and the second feature is locating the location of our consciousness within an active frame of our brain, which explains how our brain is like a processor involved in oy passing down important information in accordance to the situation once at a time.

The role of our unconscious mind on human consciousness

Our human brain is crafted into different types of consciousness, with each one related to an important function.
According to the dictionary of psychology presented by Oxford mentions the lack of Individual consciousness or understanding our mental experiences like concrete emotions and required intentions is referred to as unconsciousness.
This deliberately delivers how unconsciousness is used to explain processes, human behaviors, and ambient awareness. This unconsciousness concept was utilized to understand concepts of dissociation, trance work, and memory power.

Let’s try to understand how unconsciousness is explained from different angles of psychoanalysis and yogic integrations. The psychology of yoga doesn’t mention unconsciousness as just a refreshing system of libido. It delivers that the traditions of sanskara can be brimmed up to the surface of understanding our awareness, which can be mastered or unfolding different psycho-mental techniques.
According to yoga, our samskaras present in our minds are large storehouses of forgotten memories of this present life and our past lives as well, which now brings the concept of understanding our past lives our the cycle of reincarnation of humans through this approach.

Consciousness is as massive as the Pacific Ocean swallowing an entire colony of dark fishes swimming through the tides acting against them. Understanding consciousness is not a piece of cake, but still, it’s something that is still vile to be grabbed in our fragile hands.

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