Foods for the functioning of your pumping heart

The heart is an organ located deep into the thick skin, ribs, and network of blood vessels whose sole responsibility is to keep us alive every second of our little life, but what if one day it stops pumping and takes rest at the corner of your fragile body? It is a fact that our human bodies are mortal, and the heart is just going by the laws of life, but what if your heart stops working even before it’s meant to stop? What if your food intake can be an underlying factor for conserving your heart’s health? What if you can prolong your heart’s health by altering the food habits you follow every day?

Let’s explore how we damaged our health through the growing evil urbanization, and let’s try to change our lives with a bit of index of intuition to be followed-

Foods for the functioning of your pumping heart
Foods for the functioning of your pumping heart

Saturated fats

Trans fats and saturated fats are linked to raising cholesterol floating levels in your circulating blood. These are binding elements present in fancy commercial foods, which are swallowed by urban elites for fun; though all the retail brands mention that there is zero percentage of trans fat in their products, still the
minute quantities of trans fat are always available in many products, which, when summed up during a period, can toll your cardiac disorder index; in simple terms, it finally will lead to disorders like a heart attack.
For example, food products available in the market like donuts, packed processed flavored cakes, packed cookies, peanut butter, fruit jam, pancakes, fruit bread all contain minute quantities of trans fat. To lower the marginal levels of your cholesterol levels, you have to consume foods with lower cholesterol levels.

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Foods with high quantities of saturated fats are as follows-

Fat dairy
Cheese and processed milk products
Poultry products


Sugar might be as sweet as something to be swallowed in an instant of its evaporation but might be as dangerous as something to trigger your heart diseases if consumed regularly with or without your conscience.
On average, an average adult consumes more than 28 teaspoons of sugar every day. At the same time, heart associations worldwide recommend only about 9-10 tablespoons per day, which means we are consuming far more than what is required for our survival.

To reduce the risk of cardiac disorders, you have to avoid few products without any hesitation-

Sweetened yogurt
Fruit bread
Fruit candies
Soft drinks
Processed flavored fruit juices

Consuming commercial products or fancy structured speckles might trigger a bit of happiness, but its long-lasting harmful effects can take a toll on your stable health. However, if you still want to consume these foods, then your graveyard is waiting for your arrival in a few days till you hit your body down the lane to a hospital for your last breath.

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You can add a little bit of tinge your the timely breakfast you eat every day.

Mixed egg scramble.

You can scramble few eggs with a tinge of Tomato garnishing, with spinach, garlic, and few slices of wheat bread, making up a perfect tiny meal for your Monday mornings.

Poha recipe

Poha or beaten rice, a term given to the traditional Indian dish by English scholars, is a highly nutritious dish with entire contents of iron, proteins, carbohydrates, antioxidants, and additional additives required for sustaining your health.
The critical ingredient of poha is flattened rice, but the add ons present in the dish make it a favorite and a fabulous dish to add to your breakfast list.

Oatmeal with loaded additives

Oats are signed in for their nutritious and easy usage by the urban civilization in recent years, but its existence dates back to many years; this dish is packed with antioxidants, protein, beneficial fiber and lowers your cholesterol levels as well.
Consuming oatmeals along with few chopped walnuts, few tablespoons of honey, and garnished cinnamon can add taste and tangible nutritious recipe to your breakfast list.

Favorite fruits and variety of vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are marked for their proper health benefits day in and out; they undoubtedly boost your circulating immune levels and protects you from invading deadly infections every day.
Leading scientists and nutritionists prescribe that filling your belly with at least half of the number of fruits and vegetables you take along with your regular foods can provide you stability in your underlying immune and gross circulating systems as well.
Consuming vegetables and fruits doesn’t include only your favorite potatoes or regular fruits you take every day, to gain the overall benefits you have to finish different types of fruits and vegetables like onions, mushrooms, cauliflower, blackberries, green apples and other ones like Carrots, Tomatoes, Asparagus, Dried sprouts, Broccoli, Spinach, Cabbage

Omega-3 fatty acids

These fatty acids help in reducing your circulating blood pressure levels, decrease cholesterol levels, and overall reduce the risk of cardiac disorders as well; people usually try to consume these Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of therapeutic capsules, but consuming them through natural foods can have further use of protecting you unrequired processed ingredients.

Some of the foods packed with omega-3 fatty acids are as follows

Flax seeds
Hemp seeds

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Consuming diets rich in meat products might increase your cholesterol levels but adding necessary intuitive can somehow be beneficial in an overall scenario of boosting your circulating systems.
For instance, you can try making baked fish or chicken by baking the product with a tablespoon of olive oil along with cooked vegetables like spinach, broccoli, etc. with a half cup of brown rice and wheat pasta can make a wholesome meal to help you gain many benefits in due time.

Maintaining your health is like a ritual you have to perform every day irrespective of what others might configure or think about it because it’s your health that will decide your mood, your survival, your way of speaking, working, understanding, or making decisions in a framework of time. Life is too tiny to waste on junk or fancy foods commercialized by market companies; choosing your style of consuming natural foods will help your long run from many cardiac problems and other prevalent reactions.

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