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Best couple anniversary reels songs for Instagram & Tiktok.

We are listing out best anniversary reels songs for your short lovely videos for short videos platforms like Instagram reels and Tiktok. Anniversary day is a very special day for couples. Being together and sharing those best moments as well as tough times is worth celebrating. You may also opt to share those wonderful moments and how you feel in popular apps like tiktok, Instagram, and more.

Making a video together is also part of celebrating your anniversary. You may need to record while enjoying those classy drinks, meals, and presenting your gifts. To make the best videos, you need the best anniversary songs to use in the background. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best reel songs for your anniversary. Here are the best anniversary songs for tiktok, Instagram, and YT shorts.

Best couple anniversary reels songs for Instagram & Tiktok videos.
Best couple anniversary reels songs for Instagram & Tiktok videos.

9 Best couple anniversary reels songs for Instagram & Tiktok videos.

1- “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is a great as well as creative musician, giving his fans the best vibes. If you are celebrating that lasting love in your reels. This is the song to go for, since it will make the best background music. If you need a modern taste of this song, you will found countless covers in the market. You can try this song in your anniversary reels while celebrating that lasting relationship. This song has 34 crore views on YouTube which shows its trending reels song for anniversary short videos. Use cant help falling in love for Instagram reels.

Anniversary reels songs in English

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2- Forever and for always by Shania Twain

This is also a great anniversary song to use in your reels. If you are a fan of this Canadian popstar or not, Shania Twain made the best vibes. The lyrics talks about a childhood crush who later turned into a Life partner. Using such lyrics in your videos, you will absolutely put a smile in the faces of many. You can try it in your Instagram or tiktok videos, it won’t disappoint. So this can be a lovely anniversary reels song. Its another popular song having 11 crore views on YouTube. Use Forever and for always for Instagram reels.

Love reels songs for married couple

3- Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran

Thinking out loud is also a fantastic song you can use in your reels. The best feeling is falling in love with the right person and it’s worth celebrating. This song is about a man who fall in love with his sweetheart and looking forward to make it together till the end. The man thinks that despite them getting old in body and strength, their hearts will always be strong for each other. This song has over 348 crore views shows its popularity so it can be a trending reel song for couple videos.

The song “ thinking out loud” means how the character is thinking about their everlasting relationship. This song is absolutely great, Ed Sheeran won a granny award from it. You can also win the hearts of your viewers by using this song in your reels. Use thinking out loud for Instagram reels.

happy anniversary song for Instagram reels

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4- Look at us by Vince Gill

This song is also wonderful for couple anniversary reels. The song was written back in 1991 but it’s still great till now. Vince Gill wrote this song in order to honour their marriage with his wife Janis. Unfortunately, their marriage ended later on after releasing the song. Vince Gill decided to look for a Christian singer called Army Grand as his next wife. Vince appreciate the moments together with his lovely wife. This song has over 1.8 crore views on YouTube so this can be a trending reels song for happy anniversary short videos on TikTok.

He described her outstanding beauty, how they loved one another. Then reflected how they would go to history books and be a great example to other couples. With such an adorable message, this song will offer a great background in your video reels. Here is the best lyrics “chances are, we’ll go down in history/ when they want to see/ how true love should be/ they’ll just look at us…” Use look at us for Instagram reels.

anniversary reels songs for Tiktok videos

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5- Because you loved me by Celine Dion

This song was released in 1996 but you can use it to acknowledge your partner today. Offcose you should acknowledge the moments with your better half. He/she knows your darkest or worst days. You soulmate is your hope, strength, and motivation hence we need to appreciate. Having a supportive partner is a privilege. Therefore, you need to give them the loving shout they deserve. If you have no appropriate words, then this song has. Just be creative and use it in your reels for best output. Use because you love me for Instagram reels.

Love songs for anniversary short videos

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6- I will follow you into the dark Cab for a cutie

In many weddings their is this popular promise “ till death do us part. ” That is a promise that everyone getting married would wish. A number of people will achieve that promise while others may make a step further, that not even death can do us a part. In this song, the guy don’t know what the future holds but still pledges to follow his partner anywhere. He promises to follow the lover beyond deaths, be it He’ll, Heaven, or anywhere. That is a sign of commitment, you can also show how you are committed by including this song in your reels. Use I will follow you into the dark Cab for Instagram reels.

together forever reels songs for anniversary celebration videos

7- All of me by John Legend

We can’t talk about best anniversary song to use in your reels without including this masterpiece. Personally, I love this song especially it’s opening beats. When making a slow video reels or celebration, “all of you” is a perfect option for you. This song has a great message to your lover during this anniversary day. It talks about loving fully even during imperfections and all. As its trending having 218 crore views on YouTube. Use All of me song for Instagram reels.

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8- Unforgettable… With love by Natalie and May King Cole

Nat king Cole has been one of the greatest R&B singers in the industry. This 1951 song talks about a man who express how he loves his better half. He promises to cherish the lover and he also feel lucky to get the same devotion from his woman. Thanks to the original version of king Cole’s song being inducted to hall of fame, granny awards. Later in 1991, mark king Cole daughter released another version of “unforgettable” which was a great success. You can try this song out in those anniversary reel video’s. Use unforgettable song on Instagram reels.

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9- The rest of life by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

This is another great anniversary reel song. This 2017 country duet talks about couples who felt an instant connection when they first met. When they had time together, they had a plan for the future. The bond between the two is outstanding and will unify them throughout their lives. With the right partner by your side, you will feel more happier and younger. No worries at all as those wrinkles, grey hair won’t be a concern at all. Therefore, this song will absolutely give the best output in your reel videos. Use the rest of life song on Instagram reels.

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