September 23, 2023

what are the major barriers of online learning during covid-19 pandemic

what are the major barriers of online learning during covid-19 pandemic?

what are the major barriers of online learning during covid-19 pandemic
what are the major barriers of online learning during covid-19 pandemic


 Learning the words of wisdom by carving a fine stroke of fluid words across the fragile white pages while a stiff teacher teaches it on the greasy blackboard is not the scenario. Virtual pixels persuading students to learn the concepts of science and reality have been into play under suffocating pandemic situations.

But do students grasp the beauty of nurturing wisdom through these handy virtual screens? Do you think students pay their absolute passion for learning new things through these virtual screens? Can a little push create an ignition in them to learn new things like coding, soft skills, web design, or creative writing? Are these online exams worth assessing the students when they pen down the answers from a faded screen right behind them during an online exam?

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 The Insights to be acknowledged

 It’s been over a year since educational institutes across the country changed the curriculum to online courses, and the education system, as we’d known, changed drastically. Experts warning about the third wave in an uncertain time would be a good bet to place that online education is here to stay.

So how can we, as guardians and parents, ensure that it does not affect the students and turn this lockdown into a productive affair. It is no secret that the online education system is full of flaws and has a plethora of demerits .online lectures cannot hook students in place as offline classes do, and frankly speaking, online examinations have been turned into a joke. Unfair means and mass cheating are rampant.  Since slacking is not a solution, parents turning vigilant becomes our only option. As a guiding force, parents should be personally involved in a child’s study schedule. For who else would students look up to, if not their idols?

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Words of wisdom to be welded into the student’s mind

 A word of caution _being involved is essential; being overbearing is a folly. It is also necessary to give children space to take a breath.

As the lockdown has provided us with a lot of free time, the liberty we did not earlier have, it is high time to hone extracurricular skills that shall act as a crutch in the competitive future. Whatever be the folly of online courses, nobody can deny that it has opened up many opportunities that were not available earlier. From coding to languages, everything is just a click away. It is imperative to pick a skill set and walk out of the lockdown brighter than before.  So, besides preparing for cutthroat competition, relaxation and hobbies are also essential and should not be forgotten. How about enrolling for classes like music or dance as per interest? Not only shall it provide relaxation but also keep energies roped in a positive course.

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Marking the friendly boundaries of interests by parents on their children  and tips for parents

Necessity is the due cause of any invention or creation of anything new or, in simple words carving yourself out of the box. But let’s analyze how it’s challenging to carve out a student from the comforts provided to him.

 A pre-occupied student with dozens of virtual online classes, plus the availability of unlimited internet usage and social applications, can drag him away from the concept of developmental reality and can land him quickly into a vicious cycle of irrelevant internet technologies. It’s obvious when he/she is immersed entirely into the cushions of heavenly comfort.

To make them realize the actual reality, maybe we can make him realize the options available to prove himself as a unique identity in the world and how he can hone his skills and escalate his visions of success in no time, maybe pulling him out gradually out of the box of comfort and exposing him to the hardships of reality by allowing them to do more activities closer to the scale of development.

Like helping them carry out some science experiments or take them on a private nature tour or find them their interest, like playing piano or singing out musical notes.

Playing the piano is scientifically proven to be enhancing your memory skills and connecting you closer to the beauty of the delicate musical notes; it’s like swimming across those beautiful, fragile strings attached to the voices of the mother earth, every note, every sound, every line everything makes sense. Thereby it’s a way to find your enlightenment as well.

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Internet as a web of virtual reality has its colony of different sectors about different concepts beneficial to humankind. Sadly, people worldwide only know about social applications like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter.

 But to your conscience, there is a lot more to this beautiful internet; a few insightful websites here can help students to find their way of visual treats-

 1-Khan Academy

 Khan Academy has its own set of online pioneered video classes in various niches to make anyone worldwide learn new skills and escalate their success in their lives.

 What’s more grateful is this famous yet advanced Academy never asks for a single dollar and provides education free of cost to every human.


Learning new languages is always fun and can be helpful in the long run if you might be interacting with the people of the local land. This insightful featured website is helpful for everyone.

 Some more websites to be explored for your comfort as follows-





Learning new things is always fun if you remembered to live up to your aspirations, not merely for some grades; after all, it’s the beauty of education when you focus on the flow of word through your vessel of interests. You can carve your own visionary way through education.

As parents, you can progress or upgrade your children’s lives by simply showcasing to them what exactly education is and what might happen if they don’t crawl out of their tiny comfort zone.

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