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List of (EV) Electric Vehicle and parts manufacturer in India year 2022

List of (EV) Electric Vehicle and parts manufacturer in India year 2022- The EV industry in India is less than 1% of the total sales of vehicle and we all know that it will be the major stake holder of total sales. To promote the sales of Electric vehicle government also taking big steps like subsidy and many other positive points. But in India the total sales of EV is not at up to the mark but will be 5 percent in coming years.

To support the sales of electric vehicle it is necessary to have good manufacturing plant in India and who will be that so In this blog we will talking about list of manufacturer in India with the item description. If we see and notice till date the total number of EV manufacturer and part manufacturer are more than 100 one hundred. If the infrastructure raised the fund from governed
or garment increase subsidy, it will be boast and will go to the next step.

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List of (EV) Electric Vehicle and parts manufacturer in India year 2022
List of (EV) Electric Vehicle and parts manufacturer in India year 2022

Recently Big players of car industry or car manufacturer has started to launch EV in the market for an example Tata has launch successfully Nexon EV and TATA tigor and Hyundai has launched KONA similarly MG EV also launched so we can say that in upcoming days EV will be time changer.

All we know that there many manufacturers like Hero Motor with the model of Eco, Ather Motor, Electrotherm Bike, Avon EV, Lohia manufacturer, Ampere from greaves and cotton, etc but apart from them many are the tier one and tier two as listed below, S.NO Company / ORGANISATION MANUFACTURER PROFILE with details

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List of (EV) Electric Vehicle and parts manufacturer in India year 2022

with details
1Hero ElectricElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler
2ElectrothermElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/ Three Wheeler
3Avon CyclesElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler
4Ather EnergyElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler
5Ampere Vehicles Private Ltd.Electric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/Three Wheeler
6Lohia Auto IndustriesElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/Three Wheeler
7Ajanta Manufacturing Ltd.(E-Bike Division)Electric Vehicle-Two Wheeler
8Tork Motors Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler
9Kinetic Green Energy & Power SolutionsElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/Three Wheeler
10Smart Dreams Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/4W/Buses
11NDSEco Motors Private LimitedElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler
12Bosch Group of companiesElectric Vehicle-Component
13Infineon Technologies India Pvt. LtElectric Vehicle-Component
EV & Electric vehicle parts manufacturers in india
14Terra Motors India Pvt. LtdElectric Vehicle-Three Wheeler/Two Wheeler
15Minda Corporation LtdElectric Vehicle-Component
16SUN MobilityElectric Vehicle- Services
17Shigan Electric Vehicleoltz LtdElectric Vehicle-4W/Three Wheeler/Component
18BASF Catalysts India Pvt LimitedElectric Vehicle-Component
19Avan Motors Pvt ltdElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler
20Indian Oil CorporationElectric Vehicle- Services
21Greaves Cotton LimitedElectric Vehicle- Component
22Exicom Tele-Systems LtdElectric Vehicle- Component
23Atul Auto LimitedElectric Vehicle- Three Wheeler/4W
24YC Electric VehicleElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/Three Wheeler
25Champion Poly PlastElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/Three Wheeler
26OKAYA POWERElectric Vehicle- Component
27TATACHEMICALS LTDElectric Vehicle- Component
28GAIL (India LtdElectric Vehicle- Component
29Kalyani Powertrain LtdElectric Vehicle- Component
30Sehgal Elmoto LtdElectric Vehicle-Component
31Fusion Power SystemElectric Vehicle-Component
32Tunwal ElectronicsElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler
33Electrie-One Auto Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/Three Wheeler/4W
34Okinawa Autotech Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler
35Trontek GroupElectric Vehicle-Component
36ACME CleantechSolutions Private LimitedElectric Vehicle-Component
37Nitto Denko India Private LimitedElectric Vehicle-Component
38Shema E-Vehicle & Solar Pvt. LtdElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/Three Wheeler
39Pixy Electric Cars Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle-4W
40LORD India Pvt. LtdElectric Vehicle-Component
41SuperEco AutomotiveElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/Three Wheeler
42Napino Auto & Electronics LtdElectric Vehicle-Component
43Trinity Energy Systems (P) LtdElectric Vehicle-Component
44Roots Industries India LimiteElectric Vehicle-Component
45Versatile Auto Components Private LimitedElectric Vehicle-Component
46MIRAKLE-5 Automobiles pvt ltdElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/ Three Wheeler
47Advance Cable Technologies (P) LtdElectric Vehicle-Component
48Greenfuel Energy Solution Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle-Component
49Jitendra new Electric Vehicle tech pvt ltd.Electric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/ Three Wheeler
50SUNBEAM Auto Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle- Component
51Delta Electronics (India Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle- Component
list of EV manufacturing companies in India
52Marsilli India Pvt. Ltd.Electric Vehicle- Component
53Sundram fasteners ltdElectric Vehicle- Component
54MICROMAX Electric Pvt Ltd.Electric Vehicle- ETwo Wheeler
55Lucas-TVS LimitedElectric Vehicle- Component
56PPAP Automotive LtdElectric Vehicle- Component
57Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedElectric Vehicle- Component
58LPS Bossard Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle- Component
59Global Powersource India Pvt. LtdElectric Vehicle- Component
60Kabra Extrusiontechnik LimitedElectric Vehicle- Component
61Elektrisola India Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle- Component
62SEG Automotive India Private LimitedElectric Vehicle- Component
63J S Auto Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/Three Wheeler
64Etron Electric Motor Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/Three Wheeler
65Henkel Adhesives Technologies India Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle- Component
66PIAGGIO Vehicles Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/Three Wheeler
67VelElectric Vehicle Motors India Pvt LtdETwo Wheeler
68Lectro E-mobility Pvt. Ltd.ETwo Wheeler
69Electric Vehicle Techo Electra Motors Pvt LtdETwo Wheeler
70Schaltbau India Pvt LtdElectric Vehicle- Component
71Omjay Electric Vehicle LimitedElectric Vehicle-Two Wheeler/Three Wheeler
72Livguard EnergyElectric Vehicle- Component
73KETO Motors Pvt LtdEThree Wheeler
74Olectra Greenteech LtdE-Bus
Electric Vehicles manufacturers in India

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