November 28, 2023

8 Must have welding accessories during & before welding.

Important welding Accessories should have during and before welding To do a welding it is always necessary to have clean and proper place because welding is an art. Tools and kits are essential to operator and welders to achieve a clean, neat, and
quality weld, save time, money and ensure the accuracy. While making buying list don’t comprise on the quality, even though if you must pay for a premium. It is proven in the past that over the time, high quality equipment ensures always maximum cost and effectiveness.

Important welding Accessories should have during and before welding.
Important welding Accessories should have during and before welding.

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8 Must have welding accessories during & before welding.

1- Welding tables- For a good welding position.

First In the list is the place of welding, to achieve a better weld or a quality weld it is always necessary to have certain height or a good position to weld. The right position can be achieved with the best welding tables. Tables can normal one, two directional table and can be three-dimensional table. 2D and 3D tables can be used as fixtures also. Many times, during welding part gets distorted due to high heat input and to avoid it you can us 2D and 3D tables with holding clamps as an fixture.

2- Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet/ Auto Helmet

To protect the welder from high intensity light and toxic gases. Welding and arc-eye the pain only can be imagine by welders. ARC Eye can be reduced by using auto darkening helmets. Auto-Darkening Welding is one of the essential accessories for welding. The primary purpose to wear of any of welding helmet is to reduce the intensity of sparks and flames and to reduce the effect on face while welding and prevent damage to the eyes and skin. Basically, Helmets filter all the non-required ultraviolet and IR radiations and allows only the visible lights. Other than safety, some of the other benefits of auto darkening helmet is time saving and accuracy in first spot and clean welding.

3- Welding Magnets

To hold weld pieces in at different angle and to weld in different angle. Welding accessories should have welding magnet it is one of the best accessories. Welding two pieces in at certain angle it will be difficult without any holding fixture or magnet. This welding magnet will allow us to mount two pieces of metal and weld them at certain angel together. Another use of welding magnet is to hold weld pieces of metal in different places without the use of any clamps. As compared to other holding device the welding magnet are inexpensive and easily available in a different size.

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4- Work Holding Clamps

Holding clamps are necessary to avoid distortion. Distortion can be happened due to high
heat input and high current.
Work/Weld piece holding clamps help welder to simplify the job setup tasks by giving
and providing the quick clamping & secure the holding without any maximum distortion.
Holding clamps provide high holding forces in different position and can be set at different
location so that can avail good accessibility to welder.
Holding clamps can be hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatics also but pneumatic is well
known for accuracy and good pressure. Holding clamps can be avail easily available.

5- Welding Jigs

To hold the job and necessary for repeated jobs also. Welding jigs is not a mandatory part of accessories, but it depends on the application and weld seam. Most of the weld seam don’t require the welding jigs but some of the applications do require it. Just an example if welder wanted to make square or framework then repeatability is dependent on welder skill so instead of depending on welder it is better to have jigs so that we can hold it and manufacture it right way. Other example of use if welding jig is to hole big size job also, so it will be good to have welding jigs in the accessories list.

6- Welding Fume Extractor

To protect the job place from toxic gases. While welding the arc generate many toxic gases and to filter that to make the welding
area free from toxic gases, we need to have welding fume extractor. The main purpose of welding fume extractor is to filter then welding generated gases and make it breathable. Even though fume extractor having function like filtrations of welding gases, Grinding flakes, Sanding particles, Powder flakes and some chemical application too. Filtration can be individual or can be centralized.

7- Weld Cleaning Machines-

To make good aesthetic weld. Many times, after welding there are bad aesthetic because of dirt or gas or due to other
allying element of material so it becomes necessary to clean the weld. In many applications we have observed that people are using pickling past as an welding cleaning agent and hoping for the safety regulation but is it really worthy or right? do
Even though after stainless steel welding TIG brush can be best thing to clean the weld. It saves the time and makes the easier job of welder. Instead of wasting time on cleaning you can use it for many other important tasks.

8- Welding Machines

For ease of arc and parameter setting. Selecting a welding machine for your application is an important and priority task, all the
other things and accessories are secondary, but welding machine is primary, and it should be. Welding quality is majorly dependent on welder, but it can be best if he is having best welding machine.
There are many welding machine manufacturer and supplier available in the market, but we should buy only what is best suited our application. Conclusion of the blog, Welding is an art and depend on artist, but it can be best only when artist having all the
required items/accessories.

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