December 3, 2023

Migraine Headache Relief: Remedies, Tips & Prevention

Health is a state of physical, mental, social, and behavioral well-being. The slightest derangement in your vital functions may pave the path for long-term health issues like migraine. One of the most common headaches, i.e., migraine, is a chronic neurological disorder. Also, the condition may hinder your lifestyle and make way for mental health issues like stress or anxiety. You may try out the natural remedies and tips to check migraine attacks. Here are the top ways to control migraine and herbal remedies that may help seize the attacks. 

What Is Migraine?

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Headaches may belong to several kinds, depending upon the clinical manifestations. While multiple headache disorders exist, migraine may be the most common. It is a neurological condition that can contribute to several signs and symptoms. Also, the accompanying symptoms like aura, nausea, vomiting, and difficulty speaking make the headaches even worse. Research reveals that migraine headaches might run in families and be hereditary. However, you can control the attacks through natural remedies or by avoiding possible triggers. It could be anything, ranging from acupressure to herbal relief preparations. 

Natural Remedies for Migraine Management 

If you’re wondering about the right ways of dealing with migraine, you might want to try natural remedies. Some herbal preparations and alternative therapies may alleviate pains and help recover mildly to moderate migraine attacks. 

  1. CBD 
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Another herbal preparation that you can try to alleviate different kinds of aches is CBD. It comes from cannabis. Cannabidiol supplements interact with various receptors in your body. Further, it can slow down the pain signals and may control migraine attacks in the initial phase. Some other derivatives of cannabis, such as using Delta 9 for headaches, can also be beneficial. However, ensure to check with a specialist before trying them. 

Note – Some countries don’t allow Use of CBD so this post is not for them. This post is for people Living in United states.

  1. Accupressure 

One of the best alternative therapies to consider for significant relief from migraine is acupressure. It involves applying pressure to specific areas of your body that deal with headaches. Further, it may prevent future migraine attacks and keep you away from daunting aches. All you need to do is go to a professional or stimulate the migraine-specific areas of your body on your own. 

  1. Use Lavender 

Are you aware of the pain-relieving effects of herbs like lavender? Herbal preparations containing lavender may alleviate migraine attacks due to their impact on the pain receptors. When utilizing lavender, you can try different preparations containing herbal constituents. It could be anything, ranging from edibles to aromatherapy oils or tea extracts. Studies reveal that lavender is antispasmodic, antihypertensive, and anxiolytic. Such effects make the herbal preparation ideal for managing mild to moderate pains. Along with migraine, lavender may improve your mood, reduce stress levels, and induce anxiolytic effects. Make sure to include lavender supplements in your daily routine for proper migraine management. 

  1. Massage Therapy 
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Another excellent aid for dealing with severe migraine headaches is massage therapy. The therapy involves stimulating several muscle groups to relieve tension and lower the pain signals. However, you can seek help from professional massage experts to alleviate sudden debilitating migraine attacks. Other than headaches, massage can prevent mental disorders like depression or even signs of stress and anxiety. You may include massage oils like peppermint, olive, and coconut oil for additional relief from migraine attacks. If the episodes fail to seize, you can consult an expert and conduct relevant investigations. 

Causes & Possible Triggers 

There’s no specific etiological factor when it comes to identifying the causes of migraine. It could occur due to multiple risk factors that differ in type and intensity. Some possible triggers for migraine headaches are bright light, dehydration, and excessive stress. Also, you may experience the attack after prolonged physical exercise, loud sounds, or hypoglycemia. Avoid excessive alcohol intake or smoking to keep the migraine attacks under check. Careful supervision is essential to prevent such triggers from initiating a debilitating attack in the long run. 

Clinical Features of Migraine 

Did you know that migraine could manifest in multiple ways amongst different people? Migraine symptoms might start around 2-3 before the actual headache begins. Also, the symptoms may include persistent nausea, aura, depression, and long-term fatigue. You may experience aura right after the prodromal or first stage of migraine disorder. Such auras may be related to your vision, speech, locomotion, or even auditory signs. Other than this, you may experience headaches during the attack stage of the disorder. The postdrome stage follows the attack phase and can contribute to mood-related symptoms like apathy or heightened emotions.

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Bottom Line 

Migraine is a neurological disorder that involves sudden, throbbing headaches. It may accompany several signs and symptoms like nausea, aura, or visual defects. If you experience migraine attacks, you might want to know the natural remedies that relieve the same. From utilizing the goodness of lavender oils to managing stress daily, you can adhere to multiple natural remedies. You may consider CBD supplements like capsules and edibles to manage mild to moderate pains. Try to find out effective management techniques and imply the same in your lifestyle to get rid of migraine attacks. 


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