December 3, 2023

Saffron as a spice for cooking information in English.

Saffron as a spice for cooking

Saffron is Most expensive spice in the world. In terms of weight its expensive than Gold. The best saffron is dark red in color.
The flavor of saffron is unique, with all experiencing a different view of its fragrance. I always notice floral & honey notes when I smell saffron.

Saffron as a spice for cooking
Saffron as a spice for cooking

It is not widely used spice because its not economical to use dailly dishes.Its used in special menus.

Taste of saffron

Saffron has a very delicate flavor and aroma — some says it’s floral, some says it’s like honey, and some will  say pungent. The flavor can be difficult to nail down and explained.

How to use saffron in Cooking?

  • Used in very small quantity usually dissolved in warm water or milk before being added to dishes.
  • Add a pinch in a soup that serves 4-5 persons.
  • Add in milk boil milk for 4-5 minutes until saffron has dissolved in milk then serve.
  • Very good for pregnant ladies


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