September 26, 2023

Adsterra Review – Best AdSense alternative ad network.

Today we will talk in detail about Adsterra Review which is AdSense alternative ad network to earn money on your blog by displaying ads. Adsterra has different innovative ad formats to make money on your blog. Best thing is they are very easy to get your blog or website approved. So if you are not getting approval by AdSense then Adsterra is best alternative ad network. Their Min Payment reduced to 5$. Now there are no traffic requirements for website approval only quality matters. Accepts adult and dating websites. So now you can monetize your adult blogs and websites. let’s start Adsterra ad network Review for Publishers.

Adsterra Review Publishers ad network
Adsterra Review Publishers ad network

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Adsterra Review – CPM Rates & Payment proof

Adsterra Network is a leading digital advertising company that offers performance-based solutions for advertisers and media partners worldwide.
Adsterra ad network is Growing very fast Serving 10 Billion impressions per month – Covering 190 GEO’s -have 20,000 successful Campaigns and achieving more than 6000K Leads every Month. It also accepts adult sites, dating sites & pornographic content.

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Adsterra legitimate or scam ad network?

Adsterra is legit trusted and highest paying ad network with providing quality ads to their advertisers which converted to leads actions and conversions. payment proof is attached to this post. So let’s have a look.

Making Money with adsterra

/Join using the Signup link.
/Place Ad code on Your website

How to earn money with adsterra
How to earn money with adsterra

Types of Traffic can be monetized by Adsterra.

Desktop or mobile website traffic.

Do you have got a News or Books internet site, runs a Marketing or search engine optimization blog, presenting URL Shortening or File Converting services? Then you may have concept approximately incomes from on-line advertising or affiliate advertising. Join Adsterra, the trusted ad network for publishers, and enjoy high CPMs like different 18K+ webmasters and associates do.

Social and mobile app traffic.

We partner with social entrepreneurs or associate marketers who recognise the way to monetize social media fans, whether from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat, thru associate advertising equipment. One of them is Adsterra’s smart direct link, an exceptional provide-to-site visitors matching device.

Mobile app builders and owners of messenger businesses, chats and channels can use it as well to monetize their merchandise, because it makes any changing button or image convey them money.

URL shortener, domain parking traffic.

Take all advantages of the kind-in site visitors monetization. Parked area monetization has been one of the maximum profitable categories over the years. With Adsterra, you can use diverse ad codecs to circulate you profits with out traumatic users. Owning an URL-shortening carrier? You can thrive on extraordinary ad devices mixtures like in-page push commercials and popunders, or classic banner ads mixed with short video pre-rolls.

Adsterra Ad Rates-(CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA).

Rates of adsterra network for Publishers?

 Adsterra gives 100% fill rates by monetizing every impression of your website. Now about its rates per 1000 impressions, I suggest you don’t compare rates as rates are different for different websites because of different geos and traffic quality. Maybe you will get higher rates than me. SO in this Adsterra review we have added all the ad rates along with CPM and CPC rates screenshots.

But I am sure that adsterra will pay you better than any other ad network in the industry(except AdSenseđź‘…). Rates changes every minute so rates here I am going to provide are not 100% perfect it may lower or higher as per your traffic quality.

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what are the CPM rates of Adsterra ad network?

For banners and CPM ads it pays up to 0.5$ to 2$ CPM for banner ads. Popunders/popups can make you between 1$ to 6$ per 1000 impressions.

CPM CPC rates of adsterra
CPM CPC rates of adsterra


what are the CPA/CPS rates of Adsterra ad network?

Cost per action rates depends upon  Any action done by website visitor whether it is the completion of a survey, Registering for any site or service or a sell. So CPA rates depend on Action of blog visitor.

If he completes a survey then you will get 0.5$ to 2$ per survey. If he registers on any of the advertiser’s sites then you can earn from 0.30$ to 3$ per signup. And if sell is completed then the rates are very high. from 5$ to 30$ or maybe more than that.

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how much CPC, CPI, PPI Publisher rates of Adsterra?

CPI or PPI means Pay per install or cost per install both are the same. A very good advertising campaign that let’s make you more with less traffic. You can earn very good money if you have games, apps download site.

Here are some rates of Adsterra for CPI cost per install or PPI pay per install.

CPM rates of Adsterra
CPM rates of Adsterra

Safe ads are Guaranteed.

Virus malware free ads for your traffic from ad network
Virus malware free ads for your traffic from ad network Serving malware-free and safe ads to their publishers website visitors. So like AdSense Adsterra is also safe ad network for your blog or website. Each and every ad is scanned for viruses then only served on your blog or website so don’t worry about quality of ads.

Adsterra Ad Formats.

Adsterra advertising formats
Adsterra advertising formats

Adsterra has many types of ad formats for you so you can choose whichever is best for you, Banner and contextual ads work for blogs with informative articles and Popunder ads are best for downloading and games sites. So in our Adsterra review we have explained about Available ad formats.

Adsterra Ad campaigns and formats

Ad formats of adsterra adsense alternative
Ad formats of adsterra adsense alternative
  • Display banners with various sizes 
  • Popunder ads – Popunder advertisements are displayed in a brand new browser window or tab and might stay hidden at the back of the Main browser window. The Adsterra popunder script supplies a one hundred % responsiveness.
  • Direct link ads
  • Sliders
  • Popunders for mobile advertising
  • Display banners for mobile advertising
  • Pre-Roll Video
  • Interstitial
  • Push Notification ads
  • Social Bar – Publishers attain better CPMs while advertisers reach as much as 30x better CTRs in contrast with net push commercials. Social Bar is completely customizable. Animated icons, films, custom banners, and countdowns entice many clicks and activate conversions.

Classic ad format that is perfect as an AdSense alternative 468Ă—60, 728Ă—90, 320Ă—50

Features of Adsterra advertising Network.

Three-Level Security

Adsterra utilizes an powerful aggregate of modern in-residence and reliable 1/3-birthday celebration fraud detection systems, as well as a right human test, and offers you with the safest revel in feasible.

Self-Serve Platform

Adsterra offers an easy-to-use revel in for folks that prefer to paintings without a manager. We absolutely computerized every procedure so you have the opportunity to recognize the whole lot intuitively.

Partner Care

More than just aid. In addition to the 24/7 multilingual on-line chat, we will analyze your particular case and assist you pick out the best advert format and/or settings.

Multiple Ad Formats

Make more money with our large kind of web and cellular advert codecs: Popunder, Native Banners, Banners, Social Bar, Direct Link and VAST video.

Tailored Payment Options

Become our accomplice with out problem! We incorporated onboarding materials into your account to familiarize yourself quicker. And our lightning-speedy moderation will can help you get began in no time.

Anti-Adblock Technology

With Adsterra, you’ve got three anti-adblock options that could boom your sales by means of a median of 35%. Never prevent earning: the Adsterra code continues strolling even if detected by way of ad-preventing plugins.

Adsterra Payment Details

Adsterra Payment details information
Adsterra Payment details information
Min Payment

100$ for Paypal.
Now they have reduced the minimum payment to $5 for ePayments, Webmoney & Paxum payment systems

Payment Threshold


Payment Methods
  • Paypal
  • Paxum
  • Wire transfer
  • Payza 
  • Webmoney
  • Epayments
  • Bitcoin

Adsterra Payment proof Recent.

Adsterra is trusted ad networks and always pays customers on time, So here I am attaching my recent payment proof from the adsterra ad network. So in every review having withdrawal proof is important so I have added it in our Adsterra review post.

Adsterra Payment proof
Adsterra Payment proof

Adsterra Approval Requirements

/No traffic volume requirement.
/under maintenance websites not approved.
/website having fewer posts and content rejected.

Site content requirement and restrictions.

  • Torrent sites – Allowed
  • Hacking and phreaking sites -Not allowed
  • Pirating and warez sites-Not allowed
  • Illegal activity sites.-Not allowed

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Adsterra Review: Anti-Adblock Chrome 64 Edition.


The new Google Chrome 64 suitable version with the new ad block technology comes on January 23. All wesites using called “intrusive ads” will be restricted from opening new windows (Popup and popunders) and/or displaying some advertising formats.

/At Adsterra we stand for the publishers’ right to choose what ads to run on their own websites. We have worked hard to on the following solutions that will allow our publishers to stay in business and retain the same profits.

/Anti-Ad Block Chrome64 Edition. Many options available to bypass Google Chrome ad block feature. 

/NEW Popup Codes. New and more profitable popup scripts 

/New ad formats. Adsterra is about to release new ad formats 100% compliant with Google Ad Experience rules and Better Ads Standard.  Stay tuned. All your current ad codes were updated on our end and you do not have to change anything.
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 Adsterra Referral Program.

Adsterra refer and earn lifetime commission
Adsterra refer and earn lifetime commission

Refer new publishers to Adsterra ad network and earn lifetime 5% commission of publishers earnings and 5% of advertisers sales. So don’t leave this great opportunity to earn some extra revenue from Adsterra. For example if you refer a friend who is earning 50$ per day means 1500$ per month you will earn 5% of that for doing nothing means you will earn 75$ per month.

How to refer and earn on Adsterra?

  • Write Review articles – Write review articles about Adsterra and put your referral link into posts and articles.
  • Put comments on other blogs, forums, communities giving your referral link to join or simply provide your review link.
  • Put adsterra banners on your website. You get it from refer section from Adsterra or you can make one by yourself.
  • Friends and colleagues – Send your referral links to your blogger/webmaster friends and colleagues and make 5% extra earnings out of it.
  • Social Media– Post your experience with the ad network on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and put your referral link.

FAQ’s of Adsterra Ad network

How much does Adsterra pay per click?

The prices varies depend upon country of visitor, day of the week and time of the day in an average Adsterra pays 0.1$ to upto 2$ per click. If you want to know about CPM rates of adsterra then read our detailed Adsterra review.

Is Adsterra better than AdSense?

To be honest No one is better than AdSense, If you are not getting approval by AdSense then only I will recommend Adsterra and If you have Gambling content, Adult websites then your only option is Adsterra ad network.

What is minimum deposit in Adsterra?

The Minimum deposit for Advertisers is 100$

How does Adsterra payment work?

There are multiple payment options available like Paypal, Webmoney, Wiretransfer, Union Pay, Capitalist, Visa, Mastercard and Paxum.

What is the Adsterra minimum traffic requirement?

Previously Adsterra had minimum 3000 pageviews requirement to get approval, but now they dont have such requirement you can easily get approval on adsterra even with 0 traffic but your earnings depends on quality of your traffic.

What are the Adsterra publisher requirements?

/No traffic volume requirement.
/under maintenance websites not approved.
/website having fewer posts and content rejected.

Who are the typical users of Adsterra Ad Network?

Urls shortening services, website and Apps, Social marketers and Affiliates.

What level of support does Adsterra Ad Network offer?

Adsterra offers 24/7 multilingual chat support. So you will get quick resolution of your queries.

Where is Adsterra’s headquarters?

Adsterra HQ is located in Cyprus which is Island country, Below is detailed address.
2nd floor, 17, Karaiskaki Street,
Agia Triada, Limassol CY-3032,

Who are Adsterra’s competitors?

The major competitor of Adsterra is Google AdSense and also other online ad networks like Propellers ads, Eroadvertising, Exoclick, Taboola are competitors of this ad network.

I hope you enjoyed reading Adsterra review in detail for publishers Enough, Now let’s enjoy earnings!.!!!!

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