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Top 10 Mysterious places in the world

Top 10 mysterious places in the world, compiled here. We have several places in our world which are strange, unique, mysterious, and somewhat special. Some of those places are man made while others came out naturally. A number of archaeologist, and other researchers have been trying to look for information. Unfortunately, some of these mysterious places are even difficult to access.

Top 10 Mysterious places in the world
Top 10 Mysterious places in the world

We have where human beings have reached but we have some where human beings don’t even know about them. Hopefully, human scientists, and other researchers will find the answers about some of the places in future. In this article, you will be able to know the top 10 mysterious places in the world.

Mysterious places in the world

Mysterious places in the world
Mysterious places in the world

Top 5 The most mysterious locations in the world

Many mysterious locations around the globe remain unexplored and under-explored. These mysterious places can offer mystery, intrigue, and sometimes even danger. These are 10 of the most mysterious locations in the world. These are Top 5 mysterious places in the world at this posts end we will see Top 10 too.

1. The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is an area in the western North Atlantic Ocean that has seen a lot of ships and aircraft disappear. The Bermuda Triangle is bound by points in Florida and Puerto Rico. There have been many theories over the years about the causes of disappearances. However, No one proved mystery of Bermuda Triangle.

2. The Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines, a group of large geoglyphs found in the Nazca Desert, southern Peru, are known as the Nazca Lines. To reveal the white ground below, the lines were made by removing dirt and rocks. These lines are thought to have been created between 500 BCE – 500 CE by the Nazca Culture. Although the purpose of these lines is not known, it is believed that they were used for ceremonial or religious purposes.

3. The Moai on Easter Island

Easter Island, an island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, is home to the Moai. This is a group of monolithic human beings. Between 1250 and 1500 CE, the Rapa Nui people built the Moai. Although the purpose of these statues is not known, it is believed that they were used for religious or ceremonial purposes.

4. Stonehenge

Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire (England), is known as Stonehenge. It consists of a large circle of standing stones. It is believed that it was built by the ancient Britons in 3000 to 2000 BCE. Although the purpose of Stonehenge’s construction is not known, it is believed to have been used religiously or for ceremonial purposes.

5. Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza is a group of ancient Egyptian pyramids that are located in Giza (Egypt). They were constructed between 2560 and 2460 BCE. Although the purpose of the pyramids remains a mystery, it is believed that they were used as tombs by the Pharaohs and consorts.

The top mysteries of the world

Many mysteries remain unsolved in the world. These are two of the most mysterious locations in the world.

The Bermuda Triangle is the first mystery. The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the Atlantic Ocean in which many planes and ships have vanished. Although many theories exist about the causes of these disappearances, they are not yet fully understood. Many believe there is a magnetic field that draws objects to the Bermuda Triangle. Some believe there are aliens living in the triangle, and they are responsible. The Bermuda Triangle remains one of the most mysterious locations in the world, regardless of its cause.

Stonehenge is the second mystery. Stonehenge is a collection of large stones that have been arranged in a circular pattern in the UK. They are not known why or how they were placed there. It was believed to have been a burial ground for ancient humans. Some believe it was a site of worship or a calendar. Stonehenge is a famous mystery worldwide. People continue to research it in their quest for its secrets.

Bermuda Triangle - Number 1 Mysterious places in the world
Bermuda Triangle – Number 1 Mysterious places in the world

The most mysterious places in the world

1. The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle (also known as the Devil’s Triangle) is a region in western North Atlantic Ocean where a number aircraft and ships have vanished under mysterious circumstances. Most reliable sources dismiss the notion that there is any mystery and attribute the losses to either piracy or equipment failures or the region’s notoriously severe weather.

2. The Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines, a group of geoglyphs that date back to ancient times, are located in Peru’s Nazca Desert. These lines were created by the Nazca culture in between 500 BCE to 500 CE. These lines can be described as straight lines, geometric figures or pictorial representations, of animals and plants.

3. Stonehenge

Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire (England), is known as. It is made up of a circle of standing stones that are approximately 13 feet (4 m) high, 7 ft (2 m) wide, and 25 tons in weight. The stones are laid in a horseshoe-shaped arrangement with the open end facing northeast.

Top 10 Mysterious places in the world

1- The Barmuda triangle – Atlantic Ocean

This is one of the Mysterious places in the world that really deserves to open up our list. We have different stories emerging from this place. The Bermuda triangle is located in the Atlantic Ocean where many people met their death in this place. This triangle in the Atlantic Ocean is known as the devil’s triangle.

In Bermuda triangle, we have ships, mariners, aircrafts, and more have disappeared in the place. People claim that the triangle is as a result of tropical cyclones, others say there are magnetic anomalies. I don’t advise anyone to visit the place, you can imagine a place that takes down a plane that’ll never be seen again. I am not scaring you but it’s good to know about the place.

2- Door to hell, Turkmenistan

This is another Mysterious place that is also astonishing. In 1971, a natural field of gas collapsed down to form some depression. The field contained methane gas which spread over the place. When geologist set the place on fire during that time, it has continuously been burning throughout since that time. Read more about door to hell.

3- San Luis valley – Colorado

The San Luis valley is situated in a state called Colorado, USA. The valley extends to some parts of New Mexico. This 8000 square miles valley have been hosting some Mysterious figures. One story behind the abnormal creatures is said to come as a result of aliens. A woman known as Judy Mesoline claimed that she has witnessed at least 50 UFOs landing in the place. Maybe there are aliens other creatures behind those events, however it’s still a mystery.

4- The Skirrid Mountain Inn, Wales

This place has ghost stories that have been existing for a very long time. People claim that the ghost are as a result of rebel fighters who used to gather in this place. The rebel fighters were led by Glyndwr, who were against Henry IV. Another story claim that the place served as a courthouse that condemned criminals to deaths. Additionally, they claim that criminals were Hung under the command of a judge called George Jeffrey’s. Its another real most haunted place in the world.

5- Crooked forest, Poland

This is a pine forest situated to the south of Szczecin city, Poland. The forest has over 400 pine trees which are not normal. The trees in the forest have bend over for about 90° of its trunk and a straight top vertically to the sky. We have had different stories for this unusual bending. Some say claim it’s terrestrial snowstorms, while others claim on the lumberjack technique. See mystery of crooked forest here.

6- Danakil, Ethiopia

This is another place considered mysterious. It is situated in Ethiopia bordering Eritrea. The Danakil is different from other places in the world. Once you arrive to Danakil, you might think that you’ve arrived to a new world. The place is considered as the hottest in the world as well as the lowest and driest. This place known as Danakil depression has an average temperature of 35° annually.

7- Bhangarh fort, India

Watch Bhangarh fort video proof - Top Mysterious places in the world
Watch Bhangarh fort video proof – Top Mysterious places in the world

This is another Mysterious place in the world. This fort in India has haunting stories behind it. The place is out of bounds between sunset and sunrise. People living around claim how one will never be seen again if they spend an overnight in this fort. People claim that the haunting nature came as a result of a witch who tried to love the Princes. The love affair didn’t go through but ended in tears and bitterness. This is places on earth haunted ghosts. So also added in our Most haunted places in the world blog article.

8- Suicide forest, Aokigahara Japan

This is also one of the mysterious places that deserves to be in this list. This famous forest known as “suicide forest” is situated on mount Fuji, Japan. The locals in Japan normally refer this forest as Zukari. The name suicide forest is derived from what has been happening in the forest. The local police data have estimated a lot of suicide which have been occurring annually. However, the number of suicide collected on their data have never been disclosed. It’s unfortunate that people come to this forest to commit suicides, what a mystery.

Suicide forest - Top mysteries in the world
Suicide forest – Top mysterious places in the world

Some stories suggest that some individual were unable to maintain themselves in ancient times. Therefore, they were left in the forest and they end up dying due to starvation. People believe that the spirits of those who die are in Hunt of new souls every day. It is also believed that those who committed suicide reside in this forest. According to Japanese astrologers, we have strange forces responsible for those incidents residing on trees. Therefore, once a person enters the forest and don’t let those powers to come out of them, they’ll end up killing themselves.

9- The tower of London, England

We have a lot of bad happenings that have been experienced in the tower of London during the past. They range from, the incarceration of the state enemies, plotting of political machinations, beheading of the king, and more other shady deeds. The tower of London have some haunting creatures witnesses by some who visited the place.

One of the first creatures to be witnessed is the body of Thomas becket who is believed to have stymied the construction of the extension of the palace to the grave. Another creature that caused a stir is the body of one queen called Anne Boleyn. Her headless Body have been witnessed were she was killed. Her death occurred during the era of Henry VII, 1530’s. This is another mysterious places on earth haunted. There is movie made based on story of towers of london. The Haunting of the Tower of London.

Tower of london horror stories.

10- Reed flute cave, Guangxi China

The Reed flute cave is a cave consisting of natural limestone. The cave has multicoloured lighting with different colours that cannot be explained where they come from. This is not normal and deserves to make into one of the Mysterious places in the world.

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