September 28, 2023

6 unbelievable mysteries of Kailash Parvat

Kailash, the mighty mountain, is situated along the lanes of the lustrous mist of the Himalayas, with Sutlej on the west end and the great Brahmaputra on the East. Mount Kailash is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, which derives a place to attain the ultimate spirituality and an answer to our existence.

Mount Kailash is located at the height of about 22,028 feet above the ocean’s horizon in the western plateau of the Great Himalayan mountains. According to a local magazine and various other sources available around the globe, it is believed that those who successfully finish a round-around trip are uplifted from the sins they have committed previously in the past; this phenomenon was also explained in various traditional Vedic texts and local temples which makes it more interesting to sit and ponder around the corner.

Let’s try to unfold every mystery magically folded around the mist mended in the great Kailash Parvat.

6 unbelievable mysteries of Kailash Parvat
6 unbelievable mysteries of Kailash Parvat

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6 mysteries of Kailash Parvat you will never believe.

Mystery 1-Time Travels faster than the usual pace at Kailash Parvat.

This one is mainly a rare phenomenon, seen only at the Kailash Parvat; the time here moves quicker than the average pace we experience around the world. This phenomenon was notified to various media sources through pilgrims who came to visit the great Kailash Parvat.

Pilgrims have expressed that their nails and hair grew faster than their usual pace, which would take around two weeks if they stayed elsewhere, but the rate was rapid, according to many sources. This effect has not yet been proved and is intertwined with many questions about ultimate spirituality’s abode.

Mystery 2-The Shadow of Swastika

It’s been believed that the Sun God visits the great Kailash Parvat every day and revives his reverence to Lord Shiva through the great shadows drawn upon the terrestrial rocks. The Shadow formed here on the stones is referred to as Swastika, a story to be endorsed by all of us.

Mystery 3-The Snow humans

The local people who stay around the great Kailash Parvat firmly believe that humans referred to as snow humans or fondly called brown bears are the ones who existed and are still in existence, according to various sources and scientists working under the radar of NASA as well.

The story of these so-called snow humans is quite surprising to us, as it’s been believed that these snow humans consume human flesh and hot blood, which sounds quite scary to civilians like us. But don’t worry; a local and central protection unit is always available for your rescue if things go out of hand, which shouldn’t be a situation we would love to watch anyways.

Mystery 4-The hum of Damarukam and Om

A constant crashing sound that will gently pierce your eardrums is something you would love to listen to at the lakeside of the Lake Manasarovar; it does sound like a jetplane swirling through the clouds, but its something different, something magical, something that we call the sound of Om or Damarukam.

Scientists proposed a theory that the crashing sound at lake Manasarovar is due to the melting up of the giant ice blocks, which is quite possible, or it might be due to a swift interaction between the light and the sound swirling in the atmosphere at the lake Manasarovar. Whatever the reason, we are grateful to discover the mysteries lingering around the great Kailash Parvat.

Mystery 5-Till date Kailash Parvat has not been ascended by any.

The great Kailash Parvat stands at more than 22,000 feet which is astounding to any and an incredible sight to watch too many. There is no recorded evidence that a person has ascended to the top of the great Kailash Parvat, which sounds unsurprising to any of us.

An attached rule implies that ascending great Kailash Parvat is forbidden and is linked to presenting a bad omen to the ones who try to pursue riding the top. Still, there is a tiny source of information. In the 11th century, a Tibetan Buddhist yogi named Milarepa ascended the great Kailash Parvat, which is still surprising to believe and has non-solid evidence to be attached yet. Hence, it’s still a mystery if someone climbed over the top of the great Kailash Parvat.

Mystery 6-A constant change in its position

The terrestrial domain of the great Kailash Parvat has been tied up to is twisted magic of a constant change of its terrain positions which tends to be misleading for the trekking groups who try to pursue the mission ascending, which turns out to be an utter failure as out of nowhere there is a change in the tracks being followed by the trekking units.

The people who tried to ascend the top have never climbed to the top nor returned to their base camp, which is terrifying to any of us. A constant change in the terrain geographically can mislead any of us; this phenomenon has no scientific evidence to date and remains a mystery to all of us.

6 unbelievable mysteries of Kailash Parvat

The list of mysteries might never end, .but a creative explorer like you can take this quest ahead by searching for various sources and the secrets they imply through their texts. In the end, it’s always a never-ending list of mysteries, but yes, it’s a fun ride to the great Kailash Parvat.

A place surrounded by mist magically tied with mountains all around with people flooding to watch the serene beauty is what the great Kailash Parvat can present to you, or maybe more. Scientists, philosophers, and other creative intellectuals are determined to decode the mysteries tied to the terrains of the mount Kailash.

which is a never-ending quest as the great Kailash Parvat is something beyond our imagination, something bound to evoke your spiritual senses and might also help you in reaching your ultimate goal of moksha, whatever it is it’s up to you to decide what to realize and what to explore and what to ponder about while scrolling your screen filled with mysteries of this beautiful place.

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