December 3, 2023

Top 10 creepiest things caught on camera

Top 10 creepiest things caught on camera, compiled here. It’s funny how sometimes things can be caught on camera, that we didn’t expect or even imagine they could ever be. Some of this tend to be funny, others embarrassing or even interesting.

If you are probably looking for any of such moments, then look no further because I have your back. Below are some of the top 10 creapiest things caught on camera, I hope you enjoy. They are:

Top 10 creepiest things
Image from Google.

The lady who fell even though there was no any visible ditch

The camera , captured a lady who was walking and all of a sudden she fell down, yet prior there was no any visible hole. It seems like the ground wasn’t well made and that some of the tiles were loosely attached, so when the lady stepped on it, it sunk in and she followed suit.

Luckily, there was a taxi driver who saw the incident and followed to the “lady who fell even though there was no any visible ditch. ” He checked her up if she was okay, getting no response, he followed her into the ditch to see if she was okay. The brigade came in handy also, they brought a ladder which facilitated their movement underground. It remains to be one of the top 10 creapiest things, ever to be caught on camera.

Flying camping tents

The view of how funny this was, still remains inscribed in my mind vividly. Most probably this was facilitated by the wind, where the wind might have been strong enough that it lifted almost all the camping tents in the field.

The whole field was filled with camping tents in the sky , being blown by the wind from right to left, it was a beautiful sight. It is absolutely one of the top 10 creapiest things to be caught on camera.

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The collapsed tarmac area in the middle of the road

This is also one of the top 10 creepiest things caught on camera. The camera was able to capture, how the middle of a tarmac road collapsed during daylight. Luckily there was no car on the actual area of the ordeal, but there was one that was close by, the individual escaped death by a whisker.

It occurred when the cars, had been directed by the traffic lights to stop, so when the settings were on go, the individual who was close by the area of the incident, managed to take the other lane and left the place.

Top 10 creepiest things
Collapsed tarmac


Clowns, are often seen as a joke, since they are normal people who dress in such ways, just to entertain the others. However, they have been spotted by a camera in a private household in Florida, where one of them looked into the camera. This was so creepy and it seemed as if they were terrorizing the private home, they tend to do some weird stuff then leave.

In this occasion, there were speculations that maybe the clowns were friends of the household who just wanted to prank them through the scare. We had to include it into this list of top 10 creepiest things caught on camera.

Top 10 creepiest things, image showing clowns.

Face in the doorbell.

It’s never a good sign when you receive a doorbell at 4am in the morning, since this is such an add time for someone to ring your doorbell. This one occurred when, the owner of the house heard, the doorbell but ignored it, thinking it was just some weird people who wanted to be a nuisance.

Usually, this bells are connected to cellphones and computer, so when he checked it out he was shocked with what he found, what seemed like a ghost since this individual who was at the door seemed so odd. It is absolutely one of the top 10 creepiest things caught on camera.

Cruise ship

This is also one of the top 10 creepiest things caught on camera. A rare thing was captured, in the cruise ship in Australia, this was when the ship was in between the ocean and it seemed like strong waves caused by a storm who h really hit in, furnitures and people were captured being swayed from the right to the left of the ship, so swiftly you could think they were pieces of paper.

Seems like the waves were so strong, since they were swayed as if they had no substantial weight. It left about forty five passengers injured, and customers were offered upto 25% discount on their next trip with the ship, as compensation.

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Top 10 creepiest things, image showing cruise ship.
Cruise ship

Barnsley Antique Center

Barnsley Antique center, is a shop that is mostly known because of its paranormal activities, which are usually captured by the camera and uploaded, so that those who are interested in such activities can be able to see and associate themselves with it. It’s a very popular shop, since most paranormal enthusiasts always have them in mind, numerous activities occur here.

Like when a heavy lap fell without any trace of the force or the person who made it fall. Consequently, a book has always been seen to fall from the designated glass shelf without any hint of what caused it. It is absolutely one of the top 10 creapiest things caught on camera.

Image showing Antique center
Barnsley Antique center

Missy biebers killer.

This is another top 10 creepiest things caught on camera. On the morning of April 18th 2016, Missy Biever was killed by an unknown person, she was found murdered in Church.

The crime has remained unsolved for the mother of three, however, luckily the cameras were able to capture the killer, who was seen to enter using a certain specified car. He then,went from door to door opening and was seen to carry something that seemed like a hammer.

Don’t take donuts from strangers.

This one occurred in October 2017, Rechelle experienced an incident where, as her children were playing outside a car approached them and asked if they wanted some, the camera recorded the incident so we’ll.

The eldest child, took her sibling and ran off to report the incident to the mother, Rechelle, uploaded it to other encouraging them to inform their kids not to accept donuts from strangers. It is absolutely one of the top 10 creepiest things caught on camera.

The store stand off

The store stand of is also one of top 10 creepiest things caught on camera. On June 17th 2013, something was captured by the cameras, a wanted fella named Sammy, entered into the store and captured a girl who was with her mother, she was two years old.

He took the girl as a hostage and held a knife to her stomach, then gave the mother the phone to talk to a specific police officer as if he was negotiating about something. Luckily the police managed to shoot him before he could do something dangerous both to the kids and the others at large. It deserves to make this list of top 10 creepiest things caught on camera.

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