September 27, 2023


power of women

A WO’nder that stands ahead of a MEN. There are a lot of memes we can see nowadays on women, I don’t know what the actual point is that they want to show. I can see in one part that they are laughing at women for doing stupid things and stuff; in another, I can see that they are proud of their MOM……… Then do they really have the right to laugh at another woman? Just because they saw some stuff online not knowing what she’s going through, what she’s been facing.

                                 No matter what and how hard we try, we’ve pictured a woman who has to cook with her husband’s money. It doesn’t matter if she’s working too, It doesn’t matter if she’s working more than him, doesn’t matter if she’s strong, secular, or independent.

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We are just WOMEN another name of SACRIFICE ….we have to do it that’s what society taught us since our childhood, and now it’s like a habit. No one even has to ask us to sacrifice something, we’ll just do it out of habit

                                      He is tired, he worked all day so ….laugh in front of him so that he can feel better, don’t let him down, don’t raise your voice, don’t cry in front of him, obey what he asks for …what if you are in pain, what if you are sad and want to cry just laugh! Keep smiling keep on going because he is a MAN.

He did something wrong, he’s been cheating on you, he doesn’t respect you, and your dreams don’t matter to him but who cares not even you! A woman gets every lesson in her life but not only one “how to take care of herself “If a man is not ready to change his behavior, a woman should not either. It’s Okay let’s be as we are. We are a match anyway! I’m adjusting things with you, you can adjust me too.

women empowerment

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Embracing Women’s Many Roles: Going Beyond Motherhood

Okay I can understand MOM’S should get the respect of course she deserves it but other women’s are moms too, they are too someone’s mom, sister, wife etc. From what I’ve learned from being a women is that you just have to think about others, keep everyone ahead of you that’s all we have to do to get praised to be a good and nice women .

In a world of jokes and memes all around,
Women shine as wonders, with strength unbound.
Confused by messages, hidden and unclear,
Judging without knowing, causing pain and fear.

Society's mold, confined and set,
Women tied to the kitchen, dreams unmet.
Working hard, unnoticed and unseen,
Strength and independence, shattered, it seems.

We're the women of sacrifice, taught from the start,
Giving endlessly, with love in our heart.
We uplift him when he's weary and tired,
With laughter and smiles, our own needs retired.

Even when he errs, cheats, and disrespects,
We turn a blind eye, neglecting self-respects.
But why should we change if he won't grow,
Love should be equal, a two-way flow.

Mothers hold respect, that's absolutely true,
But other women are moms too, it's not just a few.
Our roles go beyond, reaching wide,
Putting others first, with hearts open wide.

But amidst this collective, a pause we must take,
Questioning ourselves, for our own sake.
Reclaiming our identities, finding our worth,
Nurturing our souls, breaking free from the earth.

Within us resides a power, strong and pure,
Defying stereotypes, challenges we endure.
Unveiling our strength, united as one,
Championing our dreams, until victory is won.

Together we forge a path, bold and bright,
Where every woman stands tall, in her own light.
Unleashing our true selves, breaking free,
Embracing our individuality, we are she.

                                         But what about herself, what about me, what about her, what about us?


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