November 28, 2023

10+ Benefits of Hostinger plus wordpress

10+ benefits of hostinger plus wordpress, compiled here. We have a lot of web hosting companies which offer wordpress. In one of our article, we wrote about the best wordpress hosting companies. Apparently, hostinger was one of the best hosting companies for wordpress. Here, we are going deep into hostinger plus wordpress hosting.

We are going to dive on some of the benefits of using hostinger Web hosting plus wordpress. Today, hostinger is among the best web hosting providers, since it is affordable and offers a variety of great services. In other words, when we talk about great services, examples are improved technology, customer support, and offcose wordpress services. We will take you through the 10+ benefits of hostinger plus wordpress below.

10+ benefits of hostinger

Managed wordpress

This is one of the 10+ benefits of hostinger on wordpress sites. As a wordpress user, you need to save time with managed wordpress feature. Hostinger will manage some things in your wordpress site. One thing they’ll handle is updating your wordpress websites automatically into the latest versions. In addition to that, some other technical things will be done for you so that you can concentrate on your business.

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Manage several wordpress sites in one dashboard

As your wordpress site will be managed for you, therefore save a lot of time. You will also save your time since you will be able to manage things like content, themes, and plugins in one Dashboard. This feature referred to as WP-Multisite will save you from logging to different wordpress sites in order to manage. The good news is that, the feature is available in all WordPress plans.

Easy to install WordPress

Hostinger will make your work easy when it comes to wordpress installation. You will just find the wordpress icon in the platform. The good thing is that this tool can be easily found in the platform. Thereafter, click on “one click installs tools.” However you might not necessarily need to use those tools since the installation might be done for you automatically from initial hosting account setup. Hostinger will select for you the latest version of wordpress. However, you can still opt to change those options when you’ll need them. It is absolutely one of the 10+ benefits of hostinger plus wordpress.


This is also one of the 10+ benefits of hostinger web hosting. The prices offered at hostinger are not expensive. You can host your wordpress site at an affordable price. In fact, new members are given discount before the price gets back to normal. If you want to benefit highly from their rates, the longer contracts are given cheaper prices. The longest being 48 months.

Developer tools

This is another benefit of using hostinger in your wordpress website. If you are a wordpress developer, you Will tools in hostinger that will help you speed your development process. An example of developer tools for wordpress users is wordpress stagging tool. The tool mentioned will allow you to create a stagging area in your wordpress site. In other words, stagging area will enable you install new themes and plugins.

Moreover, you will be able to change code without impacting on your main website. Once you make your changes, you will be able to apply on your live website. Apart from stagging tools, we have other useful tools like SSH Access, and WP-CLI. Those tools are available in all wordpress plans in hostinger. With those tools, your life will not only be easier but also improve the wordpress development workflow.

10+ benefits of hostinger plus wordpress

Free email on your domain

This is also one great Hostinger plus wordpress benefit. When you select wordpress in hostinger. The platform offers free email address on all wordpress plans on domains. This is a very important thing when you’ll host your wordpress site hostinger. It is something crucial and useful, unlike a number of hosts which will charge you a highly in order to offer you with this service.


Security is one of the important thing to consider when picking a hosting platform for your wordpress site. Offcose this is one of the benefits of hostinger plus wordpress. Your wordpress site will get guaranteed security from hostinger servers.

The platform offers good security features including the basic ones. For instance, your visitors data will be safe since they offer free SSL certificate on some plans. Moreover, security experts are available in hostinger as they take care of the servers. Lastly, some plans will offer you with either daily or weekly backups.

Good customer support

In case you encounter problems with your wordpress, you can still contact the hostinger support team. The support team is available at web chart, for 24/7. You might also need to consult or enquire about something, just contact the hostinger support team.

We found out how their support team is friendly as well as informative. You’ll always be given relevant links depending on your queries. We can rate the hostinger support team as one of the best in the web hosting industry. What a great benefit to make our list of 10+ benefits of hostinger plus wordpress.

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Faster loading speed

This is very important thing to consider when looking for a hosting platform to your wordpress website. Slow websites will also impact your SEO performance. A slow website may be as result of a number of factors, including ad networks, Bad themes, a lot of plugins, and offcose your host provider. Hostinger have Litespeed servers to enable your wordpress site load faster.

When comparing Litespeed to Apache, Litespeed is wonderful since it is faster than Apache. You will also be offered with Litespeed plugin to all your wordpress sites for free. The Litespeed plugin will also improve your wordpress site loading speed.

Benefits of hostinger plus wordpres, one of the benefits here.

Money back guarantee

This benefit may sound simple but it is very crucial. You may have opted to a particular service in hostinger but later changed your mind. You can request for your money within a particular period of time. Your money will automatically be refunded back to your account.

Simple interface

Hostinger has a dashboard that is simple to use. You might not be having knowledge in hosting or managing websites. Luckily, you will be able to operate in hostinger interface easily. The interface will allow you to install or fix anything easily. Though the interface is easy but we can’t say it’s perfect.

Final word

Those are the 10+ benefits of hostinger plus wordpress. You can opt for hostinger in your wordpress site and enjoy the above benefits. You can get to Hostinger here

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