December 3, 2023

10 tips to create Viral reels on Tiktok

10 Tips to create viral reels on Tiktok, compiled here. Tiktok is now taking over as one of the best video sharing platform. Many individuals have become popular via Tiktok. Impressively, Tiktok is now helping many to earn their living. You may be admiring to be like one of the most successful tiktokers. However, you may find it had to make your videos go viral. It not guarantee that your lovely video will automatically go viral. You need to play your cards well and today I’ll give you some tips to make your reels go viral. You can check on our 10 tips to create Viral reels on Tiktok.

Use high quality videos

This is one of the 10 tips to create Viral reels on Tiktok. It is very important and it had to open up our list. Using quality videos means a video with sufficient lighting. Moreover, your video should also be clear and also avoid excess sunlight to make the videos clear. The audience will love to see a content that is clear hence videos have a vital role in reels. You will notice that many of the videos performing well on Tiktok are clear and of good quality.

10 tips to create Viral reels, use high quality videos.

Use popular music or sounds

A good number of songs have been trending on Tiktok. We have also have challenges on different songs, from dance, imitation, acting, and more. You can go for some of the trending songs which may also go viral online. Adding latest music to your reels will enable your platform to be more discoverable. It is among the 10 tips to create Viral reels on Tiktok.

10 tips to create Viral reels

Be consistent

Being consistent is the key to success in almost everything. Tiktok reels also needs one to be consistent in order to succeed. Being consistent means posting videos regularly. Apparently, Tiktok makes reels trendy when one posts regularly. If you post frequently, your reels are likely to perform better. You can either be committed to share two or one reel on weekly basis.

10 tips to create Viral reels

Use attention grabbing hook

The first few minutes are very important in your reels. They can either turn on or turn of your audience, therefore consider grabbing your audience attention at that point. Your content will also be able to go viral when it’ll be engaging to your audience. You can also encourage your viewers to share, like, and follow your content. First of all, make sure that you begin your video with a compelling content.

No doubt that people come across hundreds of videos from Tiktok. Therefore, a good begin can make them stick in your content. You can also let your viewers to know what they expect in your videos. Tiktok makes a video popular when many individuals stick around on them. Then you can use that opportunity to make a wonderful beginning. No doubt on this to be one of our 10 tips to create Viral reels on Tiktok.

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Post at peak viewing times

This is another essential thing to put in consideration when you are looking forward to create Viral Tiktok reels. We have specific time when your audiences are active on Tiktok. You’ll have to research on the time when many of your audiences are active on Tiktok. You can track on the suitable time most of your audience are likely to be online. This will help you determine the best time of the day to post your reels. We have some softwares to help you in this or you can researching online and try out with different reels to determine the best time. It is also among the 10 tips to create Viral reels on Tiktok.

Use hashtags

We have to include this tip here since it is very important not only in Tiktok but other social media platforms. You may have noticed even some popular Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Twitter, and more others use hashtags. There are many types of contents in those social media channels and hashtags help to categorise your content. Using the correct hashtags will enable your reels to reach individuals who are interested in that kind of content. That will increase your potential viewers hence contribute to your reels going viral. We had to consider it in this list of 10 tips to create Viral reels on Tiktok.

IMG 20230413 223331 10 tips to create Viral reels on Tiktok

More with the latest trends

Trends have an important part in this list of 10 tips to create Viral reels on Tiktok. Trends normally come and go but you can use them before they die. You can make use of trends to make your Tiktok videos go viral. You can use them more quickly before they go since trends come and go pretty fast. Don’t wait for a week or two in order to use them and make sure you use them were relevant and be creative enough to deliver it.

Target specific Niche or topic

Every individual have a different area of interest. We have those who are interested in makeup and beauty videos, we have those who are interested in football clips and more. You can target a specific content that you are best in them focus on it. We had to include it in this list of 10 tips to create Viral reels on Tiktok. This will help you to get relevant audiences to your content. Individuals who love your kind of topic will also begin to follow your Tiktok account as they engage with your content.

When your videos get more engagements, the more the reels will be ranked higher as you get discovered. You can research on one specific topic which you’ll specialize in. The search function can also help you locate the topics that are popular on Tiktok. The popular topics and hashtags that are relevant to your business can be considered when looking for your niche.

Do not violate community guidelines

Make sure that you know Tiktok community guidelines to avoid your account being banned temporarily or even permanently. There are also some new rules and guidelines that may come up. We had once had “walking in crates” challenge which was banned in Tiktok. If you follow such rules and guidelines, you are likely to go viral without any limitations. It is a very important point to include in the list of 10 tips to create Viral reels on Tiktok.

Image to illustrate community rules on Tiktok

Keep an eye on your competitors

We had to add this one in our list of 10 tips to create Viral reels on Tiktok. Competition is almost everywhere, therefore you have to be aware of your competitors. You may have selected a topic or niche that have some competitors. Therefore, you can check on what they are doing then improve on their content.

You can follow those competitors, then check on what they are doing. Follow their reels as you take note on their strategies. I don’t mean that you copy on them but you can improve on theirs. Always focus to make yours better than what you encounter. In this marketing world, making a better and unique thing is the key to success. You can check on how they engage with their audience, and more. Therefore, this point also closes our list of 10 tips to create Viral reels on Tiktok.

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